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It was gonna happen by CollegeFlat

Growing up I had always wanted to have short hair, but was always too afraid to go short because of what my classmates would think and I wasn't fully sure how to go about getting one. I found this site in my freshman year of high school and kept thinking that getting a short haircut would be amazing to have. While online I came across a post about horseshoe flattops and I instantly became obsessed over them, and like many people, started fantasizing about getting one. Graduation from high school came and my hair had been grown out to a business man's style length.

Starting college I kept thinking, now is the time to go short, reinvent my look and show up to college with a brand new attitude. But freshman year came and went with the shortest I ever went was a number 8 buzz done by one of my dorm mates. Summer proved to only let my hair grown out again, but working outside most of the summer I kept thinking that short hair would be so much better for the heat. Sophomore year went by quickly with my hair starting to shorten as the year went on, going from number 8 buzzes, down to a 4 on the top and 2 on the sides. One weekend while getting my haircut, an unlucky sneeze came and resulted in me having to go to a number 2 on the top and 1 on the sides. I was loving it, and the best part was that my girlfriend loved it too.

I let my hair grow out some, still keeping it buzzed around a 3 and 2, but at the end of the year I decided that this summer was going to be the summer that it happened. I was determined to get that horseshoe flat that I have always wanted. The end of school cam and getting a house with friends for the summer meant staying around and working on campus for whatever needed done. The month of may went by and my hair growing out to almost an inch on top, I decided that today, my day off was finally going to be the day. I had researched barbershops in the area finding on that advertised flattops for only $7. I figured that if they are that low, the amount of people getting them must be coming back for more.

I began doing errands around town that needed to be done, and when they were all done I headed straight for the shop. I walked in with only a couple of people ahead of me, one waiting in the chairs and one finishing up his cut. The man ahead of me went and it was finally my turn. It was gonna happen finally.

The barber said "Next," and i was right up there ready to go. "What kind of cut are we looking for today sir?" I answered kinda uncertain, "I'm thinking about a flattop today." "Alright, well lets get you caped up and going." The barber placed a camo cape over me and tied the tissue around my neck and it was time.

"How short are we looking at going today?" as the barber got his clippers ready to go.

"I'm not quite sure, what do you think would be best?"

"Well how about we start with a 1 on the sides and we can always go short from there," he said as he placed the guard on the clippers and turned me away from the mirror.

"Sounds good to me."

I sat in the chair loving the feeling of the clippers being run up the back and sides of my head. He started the top and then did something that I wasn't expecting at first. He ran the clippers down the center of my head and proceeded to flatten out the top. He turn me to the mirror asking me how it looked.

"It looks great, do you think I should go shorter?" I said while my friend under the cape got excited.

He looked at me and picked up his edgers and said to me "Might as well go for it, its summer and it'll keep you cooler and its worth the experience at least once. I looked and him and just nodded giving him to look that said do it.

The edgers fired up and away we went. The number 1 length hair which I thought was pretty short already began coming off in clumps. I though to myself I didn't think that much hair was still there. Around the barber went finishing up the sides and back, and then clipping the landing strip down to nothing. He turned me around and asked again.

"It looks amazing, thank you." Thinking I was done, I got ready for the cape to come off when the barber spun me around again and went over to a machine that I hadn't noticed before. I then felt a warm sensation over my head and realized that he was about to scrape my sides clean of any hair left. The barber started sharpening the straight blade on the chair and I was ready for it.

I had figured that he would start on the sides like before, but oh was I wrong. He took the first swipe straight down the center, leaving me shocked and loving it, along with my friend who exploded with excitement. I loved the feeling and fell into a trance. A few minutes later he wiped my head and said to me, "All done my friend. One high and tight shaved horseshoe flattop ready to go."

He spun the chair around again and I was shocked. It looked amazing. I loved it. He told me that it would be $10 with the haircut and shave, I took out my wallet and handed him a $20 bill saying keep the change for the great work.

I walked out of the shop running my head the entire time, crossing the street to get back to my car. I took out my can of Grizzly wide cut and threw in a huge horseshoe dip and looked in the mirror at how I looked. I began to think if it was a mistake getting the haircut, but I quickly threw that thought out of my mind with a spit of my dip juice. I thought screw it, it looks amazing and this is what I have always wanted, this was one of the greatest things to happen this summer. I drove home, and kept looking in the mirror and kept thinking how good it looked. I got home, and went straight to my room and examined myself in the mirror. This haircut was amazing and I couldn't believe at first that it actually happened. I hopped in the shower and loved the feeling of the water running on my shaved sides.

The haircut that I have always wanted was finally on me and I loved it. I think that this might become my regular cut from now on. Still wondering how shocked my friends will be once they see the change.

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