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Truth or Dare? Haircut Edition by Mark McKarty

It was like every usual Thursday at school. Brian was bored out of his mind in math class. He started thinking about having a party at his house Friday night. In between classes, he texted bout the party to his mom, and his mom let him have it. Brian started texting all his best mates to come to houses house on Friday. Daniel, Ryan, Mark, and Peter we're all coming. Brian thought of some things to do at this get together, and couldn't wait!

It was the night of the party. First, Ryan came with his 1960's like pompadour. Then Mark came, with his cleanly shaved skin fade. Following Mark, was Daniel with his shoulder length straight hair. Lastly, Peter came with his scruffy shag haircut. When they all arrived, they went down to the basement. When they got down, they decided they we're going to play group truth or dare. It's were one person assigns the whole group a dare.

They all did rock, paper scissors to decide who gets to go first. After the game, Brian had won, so it was his turn to give the dare. Before hand, the 5 of them agreed to not back down to any dare, so there was no limits. Brian said,"You all have to get my haircut." Everyone's mouth dropped because Brian was a skinhead. A baldie. NO HAIR ON HIS HEAD. Daniel even started to tear up, but he knew he promised no to back down, and he always kept his word. Brian went upstairs, and successfully sneaked his clippers he uses to shave his head from his parents bathroom. When Brian got back to the basement, the four boys waited in fear. Here was their experiences.

Mark: Mark wasn't to worried because he basically gets his head shaved almost every two weeks. Brian started with the back and sides which was practically stubble. Mark loved the feeling of the clippers against his head. Soon Brian got to his top of the head which was about 1/4 of an inch. Mark felt as the tiny pieces came onto his shirt. After it was all gone, Mark loved it! He felt fresh and Clean!

Ryan: Ryan was very scared because he took so much pride in his pompadour. He styled it and put gel in every morning. Brian went straight into it without saying anything. Brian took scissors and chopped off all of Ryan's bangs right to the hairline. Followed by shaving the rest of the top, and short sides and back. Ryan actually didn't mind the finished bald look, but didn't love it either.

Peter: Peter was actually very excited. Shaving his head has been on his life bucket list for his whole life. Brian was bored, so first cut a classic business cut. For a 15 year old, Brian didn't do half bad. Next, Brian turned it into what somewhat looked like a military cut. It was time for the finish, Brian finished it off. Peter actually hated how it looked, but was happy he marked it off his bucket list.

Daniel: Since Daniel was balling, Brian was somewhat considerate and said he'll use a #8 guard, but only if he could do some other things along the way. Daniel didn't know what that meant but just agreed. Brian buzzed all the hair down to an inch in length, and we could tell Daniel was extremely sad. Brian then next took the guard off, and completely took off his who sideburn, taking it up to his crown. Daniel was so shocked. Next, Brin took the clipper to the back and made his hair line about 1/4 up the ear. Daniel was horrified, but glad he still had some hair. Brian said he was just going to go over it one more time with a #8. He took the clippers to go over the top. After Brian lifted the clippers, we saw that the top had a strip of baldness. The guard fell off ,and was on the ground. Daniel was balling, and ran outside of Brian's house, and sprinted to his house. Soon after, everyone left the party extremely sad that their luscious locks were taken, and they felt bad for Daniel.

The four friends never talked to or hung out with Brian again. I would know because I am Mark from the story. This whole story is true, and happened very recently. my hair is till growing back. One month later due to guilt, Brian confessed that he took off the guard on purpose, but he said we we're being overdramatic and ruined his party. Sadly, that's the last day we even talked to Brian, and Daniel's hair has only grown 1/4 of an inch since the happening.

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