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Self Haircut Fail to Barbershop Fail by Mark McKarty

It was 2010. I was way over due for a haircut. My hair was about to touch my shoulders and I was sick of of it! I knew it was time to invest in clippers and cut my own hair! I went to my local drug store and bought a pair of nice clippers. I couldn't wait to attempt at a self haircut. I was going to try to give myself a faux hawk. I watched a tutorial on the Internet on how to do it and had a pretty good idea on how to do it. My first mistake was a took the clippers with no blade and chopped off all my sideburns on accident! I looked like an idiot. I tried to fix it with making a good square hairline.I epically failed and clipped all the hair on the back to my earlobe. I knew I had to stop and go to a barber.

When I arrived at my local barbershop. It was super old-fashioned which made me quite nervous. He gave me a book of hairstyles that were all super short except there was one that looked pretty close to a faux hawk so I pointed to it., and he nodded. My hair was about 6 inches long with no sideburns and a horrendous hairline. I was so hopeful he could fix it though. Without seeing the clippers he took a no guard clipper all the way up my crown, And I freaked inside. He started taking a no guard clipper all around the sides and back of my head. Then he took a number 3 and buzzed my beautiful hair off the top making it less than an inch. Finally he blended it all in. He gave me a military cut! I was so confused and saw the military cut picture was right next to the faux hawk, and I must've accidentally pointed to the military cut. After getting home my parents were shocked, but said I finally looked like a man. Soon I eventually learned to love my military look even though I was 13, and by 2011 I knew how to give it myself. I also loved the no sideburns look! The first thing I do every time I cut my hair is the best feeling ever. Chopping off those girly sideburns.

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