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When Curiosity Goes too Far by Anonymous

I moved into my friend zach's flat half a year ago, we were best friends in college and have been ever since. He’s tall and slender. With shaggy black hair that hung about his face and neck. I myself have long blond hair… rippling waves that fall to my neck.

And in that half a year, it had become a surprisingly habitual outing for me to accompany him to the local barber shop. There he usually had his shaggy hair trimmed. I sometimes even had the ends of my long hair trimmed as well. There was something different about being in a barbershop as opposed to being in a salon, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

It was one lazy afternoon that zach and I were off to the barber’s again. He hung up his coat and smiled to me. I smiled back as I sat in the waiting area. zach sat back in one of the barber chairs, as the barber there smiled to us. We were some of his favorite customers.

“The usual today, zach?” he asked as she got a comb and began running the teeth through his dark hair.

“Actually… not this time, greg.” he admitted, glancing to the barber. The barber quirked a brow. “What do you have in mind then?” he asked.

Pulling a folded up piece of magazine paper, zach handed it to the barber, who looked at the picture. I simply stared… intrigued that zach was going to be changing his style… but curious as to what kind of style. Why had he not informed me of it? … I rested my hands in my lap, waiting patiently.
greg looked at the picture, then a smile came to his face. “A big change then” he beamed… and laid the picture to the side. zach smiled confidently, apparently unbothered at the prospect of changing her style.
greg threw the cape about my zach’s neck. I watched the dark nylon fall across his form., leaving his head poking out from the top. greg tied it tight about his neck, after having wrapped a familiar neck strip about his neck first of course.
I watched as greg worked at the counter, seeming to be preparing a few things. I saw greg come up behind zach, with a pair of hair clippers. Wow… I’d never seen him use those on zach except for cleaning up his hairline and neck on the occasion. They were flicked on with a loud pop then a low humming sound.

greg’s hand was pressed atop zach’s head.. and he leaned his head down, extending his neck. My eyes widened as the clippers were placed at the center base of zach’s neck. They were then pushed on up, buzzing sound changing as the chattering blades entered his hair. Already a steady stream of black hair was falling across the back of the cape and down to the tile floor behind zach’s chair.

I sat there, awe struck, watching a strip of pale skin make itself appear between the shaggy dark hair. The clippers emerged at the top of zach’s crown… then once more greg placed them at zach’s neck, and buzzed them on up. Wow… zach was losing so much hair! It was amazing… Watching all his hair fall. Another path of white skin was left in the wake of the clippers.

greg tipped zach’s head to the left, pressing the clippers on up and around his right ear… denuding it of hair. More pale flesh was left behind. greg kept a firm grip on zach’s hair, running the clippers up and down the side of his head. he nuzzled the clippers into his flesh, buzzing down the dark hairs to the skin. A shiver passed over me…
The clippers were soon placed at zach’s sideburn, and buzzed on up, shaving away the dark hairs in front of his ear. Nothing but pale skin left behind. greg soon tilted zach’s head to the right… once more pressing the clippers behind zach’s ear and buzzing around it thoroughly. Gods how I loved when those clippers seemed to press into his flesh. greg was so precise… tedious and intent on buzzing all those hairs off as close to the scalp as possible.

Who knew I would enjoy watching my friend get such a drastically short cut. My eyes widened as the clippers were pressed in front of this other side burn, and nuzzled on up till they reached his temple. Was he enjoying this? …

His sides and back were nearly bald… only a close shave could get them even balder. I stared at this image of my friend… Amazed at how much hair he’d just lost. greg changed the guard on the clippers… a longer one now. She pressed it at zach’s forehead, and then drew the buzzing clippers up and over the top of his head. zach smiled slowly, feeling the shaggy hairs brush his cheeks as they were cut off so brutally. It looked like no more than 1 inch was left on the top of his head.
Removing the clipper guard, greg began to blend the longer hairs ontop with the nearly nonexistent stubble on the rest of zach’s head.

Putting down the clippers, greg goes to the sink… and then comes back shortly, with a can of shaving foam and a straight razor. he begins to apply the fluffy cream all over the sides and back of zach’s head. Flicking out the razor, he rested his fingertips upon zach’s head. Placing the blade at his sideburn, he pulled it up, and a soft scraping sound filled the shop. It made me shudder with a strange sensation… and I watched contently as greg scraped the sharp blade all over zach’s head, leaving smooth skin behind.

The short hair atop was lightly gelled… making spikes all over the top of zach’s head. Whisking the cape away, zach smiled and ran his hand up and down the back of his nape. he let out a content sigh… then slowly stood from the chair. he paid greg handsomely… then approached me, grinning. ‘Well… how do I look?…” zach admitted.

Standing from my seat, I grin and nod. “yeah, looks cool man” This new style of zach’s required a lot of upkeep. But I hardly minded. I loved going with him and watching the clippers buzz away a week’s worth of growth from his head, leaving it bare and smooth all over.

Eventually, it got to were zach bought his own set of clippers, to help ease the barbering bills. And much to my glee, he let me work them, buzzing his nape and sides bare. I always take my time, making sure every hair is buzzed down tot nothing. Though… part of me was curious. How did it feel, to have those buzzing clippers eat through my hair and leave me with bald, smooth skin. But surely I couldn't do that, I doubted I could carry such a drastic and radical look like zach.

But my curiousity remained. One evening after zach had headed to bed, I picked up the clippers and began buzzing the little fuzzies from my neck. finding it tickled… then put the clippers down. I examined my reflection..

I grabbed a lock of my blond hair, and held it taut from my head. Picking up the clippers, I flicked them on… then watched with wide eyes as I pressed the humming blades to the middle of the lock. It was cut in half almost instantly… I dropped the half cut lock in the sink… then picked up the short lock once more. Holding it tight again, I lowered the blade down the lock… till it hummed near my scalp. Eyes wide, I slowly pressed the buzzing blades against the hairs… watching in the mirror as the lock came free. I had my first shaved spot on my head. I let the lock drop. Then curiously, I pressed my finger to the buzzed hairs.

A gasp escaped me, feeling the strange sensation of stroking the little buzzed area with my finger. My eyes soon darted about, landing on my razor. I picked it up, and gingerly began stroking it across the little bald spot. I shivered as I heard that scraping feeling… and soon I placed my finger to the bald patch, gasping as smooth skin met my fingertip. I pet the sacred patch lovingly… gasping at the strange alien sensation.
Chewing my lip, I pulled some of my top curls over the hidden spot. It wasn’t visible. My eyes seemed to shimmer. Maybe… Just maybe…

I grabbed up another lock, and pulled it taut. Picking up the clippers, I buzzed it down to my scalp, and once more religiously shaved it with my razor. Two bald spots, each hand now having a spot to caress. I closed my eyes. Maybe just one more…

More blond locks fell into the sink. Soon enough I had 7 bald spots hidden within my thick blond hair. 4 were the size of quarters. 2 a bit bigger than that… and the last, well…

I had buzzed down another quarter sized patch, and then had curiously begun to buzz a little around the circle. It grew to the size of a half dollar. I picked up a few surrounding locks, buzzing them off too. Till soon enough the spot was as large as my fist. I picked up the razor like a man possessed, and shaved the stubble off, leaving more smooth skin behind. I closed my eyes and stroked my new bald patches fondly…
In the morning, after having cleaned up my mess, I groggily got up, and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I then brushed out my hair… finding that the patches were hidden. All except one. It was mostly hidden, but the hair atop it was so thin, it almost let my naked fist sized bald spot peek through. S**t! … I combed it in various directions, trying my best to hide it.

I heard zach waking up. I bit my lip, hoping he wouldn’t notice…

“Hey” zach beckoned to me, standing in the doorway. I jerked as I spun about, and put on a nervous smile. “Morning, zach” I said, “It’s been a while since I’ve had my hair done at the barber… care to come with me?” he offered. “We can get some coffee afterward” he grinned.

“Oh… sure” I admitted. I felt a bit at ease. After all it was only zach going for his hair cut. I pulled on a pair of jeanes and a top, then headed with him out to the car…

At the shop, zach headed on toward the chair and sat down. I smiled, sitting in my chair, hands in my lap. Praying to god my bald spots were still hidden. I watched greg brandish his clippers, and begin buzzing off the week of growth from zach’s head.

It did not take long, before greg was whisking the cape from zach’s body. Zach stood, and I stood as well… ready to exit. But before I could, zach said to me. “Why don’t you have your ends trimmed up, mate? It’s been a while for you too” he added. I felt my heart sink into my chest. Oh no… if I got into that chair, the barber would find my incriminating bald spots…

I felt my chest tighten. “Um… maybe not today…” I began. greg laughed. “Oh nonsense…. Come on it won’t take long.” he spoke. zach smiled at me encouragingly.

I winced. God dammit, of all the times for this to happen. Worried, I slowly approached the chair, and sat down. greg threw the dark cape around me, while zach took a seat in a nearby chair. Greg began to brush out my hair. And I watched in the mirror as his expression changed from happy to… concerned. I saw him flip some of my hair to the side, exposing the large bald spot on the side of my head. “What in the world…?”

I bit my lip, eyes going to Gwen… who looked as dumbfounded as the barber. “what have you done to your hair?” he asked jokingly… and stood. I looked up at him meekly, cheeks red with embarrassment. “I was… um…” I stammered.

zach lifted his hand, and stroked her fingertips over the bald spot. A shiver passed over me. My mate glanced down at me… as a knowing expression came over his face. She then looked back to greg. “… Shave it all off greg might as well start from scratch” he spoke. My eyes widened. W-what!? … my friend was asking the barber to shave my head. I simply stared up at him like he was crazy. “you've brought this upon yourself fella” he stated.

greg quirked a brow, then shrugged, as I gave no resistance to these orders. he pulled the guard from the clippers, and flicked them on. I stared at the image in the mirror. My small head, with my long hair above the cape… and greg behind me, clippers in hand.

Without a word, greg rested his hand atop my head, and pushed my chin down to my chest. My breathing had grown uneven… practically freaking out at my impending haircut.

I felt the buzzing blade pressed to my neck, and slowly start to climb. Their pitch changed upon entering my hair. greg slowly moved them up the back of my head… yards of blond hair falling to the ground. My eyes were wide, gasping at the sensation. Another slow swipe, it moved up the back of my head. More hair fell to the floor. he began to tilt my head, buzzing the clippers up the side of my head… much like I’d seen him do to zach. My eyes closed, shivering as she nuzzled the buzzing blades into my flesh. Getting it down as close as possible…

Cleaning about both my ears… all that was left was my hair ontop. I stared, eyes hazy as the clippers were pressed to the center of my forehead, and slowly pulled back over the top of my head. More blond hair slithered down the cape, pooling in my lap. And there was a pale streak of skin amidst what was left of my hair. greg placed the clippers next to the hairless part, and pulled them back once more, buzzing more of my hair off. I shivered with each pass of the clippers… so much of my blond hair sat around me and In my lap!

The last few locks of my former crowning glory fell from my head. greg then began moving clippers about, buzzing away the strays.

Turning off the clippers, he walked off… to return shortly with shaving cream and a razor. I swallowed thickly, feeling the fluffy cream as it was placed all over my head. I panted hotly, as that scraping feeling overwhelmed my system. Each stroke of the razor was slow… shaving every last bit of stubble from my head. Shaving me to perfection.

I glanced toward zach, to find my friend gazing at me with heavy grin. Gasping, I closed my eyes, feeling the last few slow strokes of that razor. With the last stroke, I felt greg wipe off my head with a towel. he then worked some oil into it… followed by a little talc.

zach stood… and he walked over, his warm hand pressing to my head. I gasped, and gazed up at zach. “I think this look suits you mate… don’t you agree greg?’ he asked. The barber smiled. “Mmhmm” he mused.

Zach payed greg and we set off home. It seemed like forever till we got home. We got home and sat on the sofa, as he sat beside me, he rubbed my scalp. “Why did you buzz those little bald patches, mate?” he asked, curiously. I flushed as he mentioned those… I lifted my eyes to his. “I wanted to know what it felt like…” he admitted.

zach chuckled, “I’ve been trying to get you to shave your head for months…” he joked. I raised my hand and rubbed his head. “Let’s get rid of the rest of that hair off your head then… shall we?” I laughed… then we would be two bald roommates . How interesting..

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