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Buzz Buddies by jackfromdfw

Type yourBuzz buddies: Kevin and Kyle

Kyle grew up admiring his older brother Kevin. There wasn’t anything that Kevin would not do for his baby brother, including getting his first job working construction when they were teenagers
Being a very hot summer, Kevin suggested that they get short summer haircuts.
“How short?” Kyle asked.
“Just follow my lead baby bro.” answered Kevin.
Kyle was nervous as they walked into the old fashioned shop. Kyle’s hair was not long at all. Off the ears, blocked in the back with bangs falling to mid- forehead. Kevin had a grown out crew cut.
The 60ish barber put out his cigar and asked “haircuts?”
“Yes sir my little brother and I need short summer haircuts.” Said Kevin.
“You came into the right place, I specialized in burrs, buzz cuts and crew cuts. Who’s first?”
Kevin sat in the chair and the barber placed a cape, towel and tissue around his neck.
“How short?”
“A number two all over, sir please”
A number one would be better for the summer, son”
“Okay, just buzz it all over,”
Kyle felt a little sick in his stomach. The barber grabbed the largest clipper Kyle had ever seen and fired them up. Kyle closed his eyes as he heard the sound of the Oster clippers, Please don’t let let this happened to me he thought.
Kevin’s hair was buzzed to the skin, Kyle watched with apprehension and excitement.
“Next, Victim.
Kyle walked to the chair as if he was walking to the electric chair, knees knocking and wobbly. The clippers tore through his hair leaving stubble behind. Kyle almost cried as he saw the result but laughed as he felt the buzzed hair.
When they got home, their father approved of the new look and the rest of the summer felt a lot cooler to them.
"WE are buzz buddies" laughed Kyle.

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