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Strip Poker by E.C.

This story takes me back to late high school years.
We were three very good friends: Jon, Ryan and I, Dean.
It was a hot, boring afternoon. We were situated at Jon's house. His parents went abroad, so we had all the house for ourselves.
Jon loved his shoulder length wavey, coal black hair. He took good care of it and even shampooed it twice aday.
Ryan also had shoulder length blond curly hair. He also loved his hair very much but did not groom it as exreemely as Jon.
I, Dean, the last of the threesome also had long hair styled as long EMO style and straight brown.I loved the style and went to the hair salon every week to maintain the style.
The day I'm telling you about took place in the Summer vacation As I mentioned we were very bored until Ryan came with an idea: "Ledt's play Strip Poker" the one who's naked first gets his hair completely buzzed.
The other boys (especially Jon, of course) hesitated, but after Ryan agreed, the peer pressure worked and Jon, very reluctantly, agreed to take the chance. He was bored as all of us!
I took out the deck of cards and the game began.
Toward the end I had my t-shirt and boxers on. Ryan and Jon, however wore each just their boxers.
Ryan took it easy, but Jon was in panic!!!
The last round came and it was the crucial round! The cards were dealt. I didn't need any extra card, Ryan took one card and seemed disappointed, Jon swept three cards and had a triumphant smile glued to his lips.
Well guys, let's see the cards. I won with full house but between Ryan and Jon it was almost tied. However we found our loser: Ryan had a pair of kings and tens and Jon had a pair of just Queens and nines.
He shook all over as he realized he lost the bet. He took off the boxers mechanically.
Ryan and I told him it was a bet and he must take the results as a man! We added he would like the coolness of his head in such hot days.
Now sit down, jon and take it as a man!!!
Jon was terrified and tried again and again to beg us not to take off his long beatiful black hait.
Sorry bro, a bet is a bet!!!
We placed a large towel around his neck and pulled the long hair from under it.
Well Jonny, say bye bye to your long hair!!! He had tears in his eyes.
He was in a shock and didn't even move!
We took large scisors and each one of us cut long black chunks of hair from both sides. the strands of hair fell to jon's lap and onto the floor. Only then he realized what's happening, but it was too late. He just sat there pale with fear.
Then we took out two electric clippers and turned them on.
When Jon heard the loud buzz he mumbled: "Oh they're going to really make me baldie! We heard this, laughed and confirmed that this will be the end result of Jon's haircut. He was too tired mentally and devestated to defy.
We started at both sides. First we buzzed to zero the side burns and the sides. So much coal black hair tumbled on Jon's towel and onto the floor.
Now Ryan lifted the long bangs, that reached to jon's cheeks, and I mowed them to the hair line.
Now we attacked the thick beautiful Top. So much hair fell down after many passes of the clippers.
Jon now was almost bald with black stubble/
We passed again with #000000 on the entire head.
Let me see! he demanded We gave him a mirror and he looked at himself for a long time...then smiled (to our surprise) and said: WOW, I'm a MAN now. Not a girly boy!
Needless to say, the rest of us (myself & Ryan), fascinated by the results of Jon's haircut and his reaction after the haircut, performed the same cut (Zero Cut)on our shoulder length hair.
We loved our cut very much and kept it all the time in High School and College.
Our girl friends were not that enthusiastic about the transformatios, but who listens to a girl when such good friends decided to buzz their heads short?
When we came back to school after the vacation we were ridiculed, at first, by our peers, but very soon, most of the boys at school wore the baldie style.
I love to remember those haircuts until now, when I'm married. I got three boys and the eldest (16), already wears the Zero buzz Got it from his dad, ha?)
I hope you enjoyed reading my story!

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