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So Much Fun by Mark McKarty

(Chapter 1: Thoughts)

1 year ago, my hair was currently the same length of Justin Bieber's old hair. My bangs swooped perfectly, and I took a lot of pride in my hair. I put hairspray in it, and shampooed it very well. I loved my hair, until one night. I had a dream, where I took scissors and chopped off all my bangs. When I woke up, I was oddly upset that I still had bangs. I now was having thoughts about big changes.

(Chapter 2: It happened)

I now needed to cut my hair. The urge was insane. Since my dad balds, he has his own clipper set. One night, I took them, and sneaked into my closet. I plugged it in, and the sound of the razor was amazing. I put on a 5 all over except my bangs. Then i chopped half my bang length. It looked like the 5th guy from the left in this website's banner. I hated it though. I needed shorter

(Chapter 3: I kept going)

I now needed my sideburns to be gone. i took no blade and chopped them off. It was the best feeling in the whole world. I did it. I just started shaving all over my head. It was so much fun.

(Chapter 4: Clients)

Next, I invited my friend over. I offered him $10 for a head shave and he agreed. I did the same thing. no sideburns randomly intrigued me. When my dad came home, he heard the sound of the clippers. He walked into my closet, and saw two shaved heads. He wasn't mad. He was actually happy because he had been begging me to get a haircut forever. From now on, he took me to the barbershop all the time for a skinhead, and I loved it!

Question of the Story: Do you love the no sideburn look, and why?

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