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Shorter than expected by Ryan

I was sitting in the barbershop, waiting for the man before me to finish getting a haircut. It was a old-fasioned barbershop, just two chairs, one was manned by a barber with very short blonde hair who looks in his thirties and one by a man in his fourties with dark brown hair slicked in a side part.

I've never been in a barbershop before, but for some reason i had the urge to go to one today. At the time I'm a college student, 19, with medium rather long chestnut brown hair, not really styled.

"Next!" The barber with the dark brown side part said as the man he had before paid and exited. As I sat down more people were coming in the shop and it got louder as they argued over things like what baseball team would get to the world series among other things. "What would it be today?" The barber asked.

"Give him something like yours, Mike!" One of the guys said over me as i said 'just a trim' and a few agreed with him.

"Do you want an side part? It's a pretty big change." He asked me. A million voices in my head screamed no, but curiosity got the best of me.

"Yes, sir." Is what I said and a bomb went off inside of me. Could I really do this? No, i need to back out. But i already said yes, I can't just back out. Then he turned me away from the mirror, and then the clippers roared to life, and i knew it was too late as he began taking off the back and sides.

"Now I know my back and sides are a number two, but i'm bringing yours down a little more, young guy like you looks better with less on the sides." he said and I gulped. Even shorter than his?

"H-how much shorter?" I asked nervously.

"Oh, down to a one, but no worries, you'll still have hair on the top." He said as he begain taking off the right side. Soon he was done with that and finished the left side too. The clippers were then turned of and he cut all my hair down to two inches in length. Right when I thought he was done cutting, he took out his thinning shears and heavily thinned what was left of my hair, which he then used pomade to slick to the right side. He then turned me around so i saw myself in the mirror. The sides were little more than stubble, and the top, thanks to the product, severely parted to the right and slicked in place. My hair was significantly thinner than it was before.

"How do you like it?" He asked, slightly nervous as i got up from the chair.

"I...like it." I lied and paid him, and paid more for pomade for my hair.

"Good, see you in two weeks for a trim?" He asked.

I nodded and left the shop. When I got back to the dorm I took a greater look at it. I kinda liked it, maybe i'll keep it.

And I did, for the next two years I kept the same haircut.

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