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4 Haircuts. 1 Day by Mark McKarty

Ever Since 5th grade I wanted a short haircut, but I loved my long hair and so did many people. It wasn't until Senior year, I had too. I was on the varsity soccer team in high school, and for the state championships, coach said we all had to get buzz cuts. At first, I was extremely sad to get rid of my extremely long hair, but then I was relieved that t was an excuse to get many haircuts in one day.

I took $100 from my bank account for a day of fun haircuts. For my first stop I went to super cuts. I told them to give me a clean up. Meaning cut the hair around the ear, and cut about half of my 4 inch bangs. When the hairdresser made diagonal cuts across my bangs, making them above my eyebrows for the first time, I was so excited. Next when she cut around the ear, it was a thrill! I could see my ear! The haircut was done, and it was off to the next!

Next I went to Sports Clips. I asked for a #5 on the sides and back blended with a scissor cut on top. The barber took out clippers, and this was the first time clippers we're ever used on my head. I was amazing feeling the metal clippers go up my head, turning my hair into bristles. When it was time to outline, he asked how long I wanted my sideburns. I though what the hack, and told him he could take all my sideburns off. I loved the look! Time for my 3rd haircut,

I walked into my local barbershop, and asked for a #2 all over. I couldn't wait to see what it would look like. He took the guard up my whole head, and I felt great. It was a life-changing experience.
I left feeling great. Now, it is time for my last haircut. I bought clippers at Target, and gave myself a #1 haircut all around. It looked spectacular! All day I had the greatest excitment getting all my hair chopped off, and I kept it that way with a #2 buzz to this day.

Questions of the story (Please reply, it helps me become a better writer :)

1. Do you like the no sideburn look? // if you chop your own sideburns do you get a rush like me?

2. Which haircut was your favorite to read? (#1,#2.#3.or #4)

3. Do you cut your own hair? If yes, what's your favorite part of it?

Thanks, Mark

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