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The First Snip by BaldSurfer

At 25, Jerry couldn't even remember a time when his hair wasn't long. Thick, nearly jet black and impossibly straight, his hair never held any style other than hanging straight down, so when he was a young kid, his parents decided that it was easiest to leave it at one length, long enough to tie back when needed. Nowadays, Jerry liked it best when it was an inch below his shoulders, so every few months, he'd usually get a trim. But work had been crazy busy and he'd been on the road a lot, and it was a good 3 inches longer than his ideal.

Sunday morning started as usual - a 3 mile run followed by a nice long shower. He shampooed his long black hair, combed in the conditioner and let it set for a few minutes before rinsing it all out, combing through his hair and finally stepping out of the shower. He carefully towel dried his hair, so as not to cause knots, dried off the rest of himself and wrapped the damp towel around his waist. He often wondered why he automatically covered himself up although he lived alone, but habits die hard.

Still following his routine, he stood in front of the sink, grabbed a hair tie and loosely tied his hair back so he could shave. With his hair tied back, he clearly saw his thick sideburns had gotten a bit too bushy and had crept too far below his ears. So before he shaved, he took out his beard trimmer. With a number 2 guard, he ran them up his left sideburn, leaving a clean 1/4 inch behind. Then he did the same on the right. After that, he took off the guard so he could trim the bottoms back to ear level. He carefully did the left, so that it was level with the bottom of his ear, as he always did. But suddenly he decided to see what it would look like with shorter sideburns. And it was no big deal, since he hardly ever tied his hair back and nobody would really see. So he carved a line even with the middle of his ear and then shaved up to that line. He stood in the corner where the front and side mirrors met to check how that looked. He just didn't like that middle length and impulsively shaved right up to the top of his ear. That looked so different than the long sideburns but a nice clean look. The right sideburn vanished in one long stroke of the trimmer. Then he lathered up and shaved his face clean, with a crisp straight line where his ear met his head. He thought it was a cool change, even though nobody else would see or notice. And shearing away that whole right sideburn felt oddly empowering.

As he shook his hair loose from the pony tail and it fell long and damp over his shoulders, here was no sign that he'd changed anything. But as he ran a brush through his hair, he couldn't believe how long it had gotten. He really needed a good 3 inches taken off. And no hair stylist or barber was open on Sunday in his town. He'd be out of town all next week, and would have to wait until at least next Saturday for a cut. Suddenly he had an idea. How hard could it be to just cut a straight line by himself? He ran to his computer desk and grabbed the sharp scissors from the drawer.

Jerry stood back in front of the mirror. He parted his hair straight down the middle and pulled it forward, so that each side hung in front of his shoulders. He put in hair ties in each side, about 2 inches from the bottom, marking what he'd cut off.Jerry held right side of his hair in his left hand and he felt no hesitation as he opened the scissors in his right hand and took a snip, taking off a chunk of the hair right below the elastic. Wow, he thought, as a clump of his wet hair fell into the sink. That felt good! It took a few more snips to finish taking off all the hair below the tie, each cut more empowering than the last. Finally he let go of the right side, leaving it bound at the very bottom as it hung just touching his shoulder. Feeling more confident about the process, he grabbed the left side, opened the scissors wide, and squeezed tightly and cut off the entire chunk of hair below the tie in one strong snip. Still damp and clinging together, the hank of hair landed in the sink with an audible thud.

With that, he grabbed the hair ties with each hand, pulled them both out and shook his hair free. Instead of the sharp even cut he'd expected, the hair was completely uneven. He looked terrible. He couldn't go out on the road like that and had nowhere to go to get it fixed. Maybe the method he'd devised was the problem, so he tied all his hair into a tight ponytail in the back, and then placed a tie an inch above the shortest parts. With nothing to lose, he strained to get the scissors through in one stroke. another heavy chunk of hair thudded into the sink. Looking at it in the sink, it looked like a much longer piece than he thought he was cutting. Now Jerry was really nervous as he undid the ponytail and let his hair fall free. Now not only was it still choppy and uneven, but most of the front now hung more than an inch above his shoulders. Oh no! It hadn't been this short in years - and it still needed to be cleaned up.

Jerry decided to abandon the ponytail method entirely. He remembered the girl who usually cut his hair, and how she'd hold a section of hair between her fingers and cut evenly along her fingers. He held the front section of the left between his fingers, adjusting until he was sure that he was cutting evenly at the level of the shortest hairs, so everything would be one length again. To his dismay, that meant taking off at least another inch all the way around. The empowerment he'd felt when he'd started to cut his own hair vanished as he struggled to fix the mess he'd made. Slowly and methodically he cut along the edge of his fingers, short black hairs raining down on the counter. He let go of that first section, now only halfway down his neck. He'd lost at least 5 inches since he started. Before he even took a second section between his fingers, Jerry again positioned himself in the corner of the mirrors, pulled away the longer remaining hair, to get an idea of what this new cut would look like.It wasn't "long" hair anymore! Then he grabbed that short section in a bunch and pulled it toward the back of his head. "Oh my god!" he thought. "I won't even be able to pull it back into a decent ponytail anymore." Jerry cursed himself for having messed up his prized hair.

Staring at himself, with that side pulled back, Jerry remembered how just a few minutes ago, when he went from long sideburn to medium that he'd hated going halfway and how great it felt when he followed his impulse to "go all in" and take them all off. But sideburns would grow back in a week. His hair would take months, maybe years. Still, he hated what he'd already done to his hair, and even a pro couldn't save it now that a chunk had been cut so short. Instinct must have taken over because without another conscious thought, Jerry grabbed that shortened section of hair and sliced it nearly to the scalp.

His pulse raced as the remaining 8 inches fell. then he placed the scissors on the other, longer side and again sliced through it, cutting it almost to the skin. He felt his heart beating faster and the towel around his waist rose up as he felt the sexual charge of what he was doing. He'd never felt so powerful, as he continued to chop away the long hair. He felt the throbbing of his loins as the towel, no longer able to contain him fell away. He chopped away the back. Hair rained down as he hacked away the top, his body seemingly covered in shorn hair. He looked in the mirror, naked and erect, his hair a mess of choppy stubs. But Jerry had no fear now. He knew what had to happen. He grabbed the trimmer. He snapped on the #1 guard, almost sure that that it it wouldn't get the job done. He pushed the humming trimmer down the middle of his head, taking the remaining hair down to barely 1/8 inch of black stubble. But as Jerry bent his head down, he saw what he already knew in his heart - that there were spots where he'd cut to bare skin. Still feeling powerful and aroused, there was no going back. Off came the guard and Jerry nearly growled like a bear as he shaved away all that was left of his thick black mane.

Who was that guy in the mirror? That tough looking beast stared back at Jerry, running his hand of the sandpapery scalp.
Jerry had never even considered a slightly shorter haircut, and now only the slightest hint of stubble remained on his head. What made him do this? And why had it felt so good? Why did it feel so sensual? His throbbing arousal had not yet abated.

"I came this far," Jerry thought as he rubbed shaving cream all over his head. His Mach 3 Turbo razor vibrated in his hand as he pulled it from front to back down the middle of his head. His scalp seemed to tingle with an almost electric energy as he carefully shaved it clean. His entire body tensed up - not from fright but in a pulsating feeling of sexual arousal. With every humming stroke of the vibrating razor, the arousal grew to near frenzy as the new Jerry, bald and shining emerged. Jerry wiped away the remaining lather and was impressed with how smooth he'd gotten his head on his first try. The sink and counter were covered with an insane amount of hair. His head was pale but as red and flushed as his face. He knew he had to take advantage of this feeling. He reached down to satisfy his urges but the merest touch of his hand made him explode in pent up sexual frenzy.

Relieved, feeling powerful and still amazed and surprised at what he had done, Jerry went back into the shower. The warm water streamed onto his tingling bare scalp, a feeling Jerry'd never experienced before. As he raised his hand and ran it across his bare wet scalp, he felt a stirring from below yet again. Startled by how this made him feel, powerful, confident and sexy, Jerry knew his hair was gone for good.

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