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the stupid mistake after work by Germon

Type your story Cort had a long run as service life quard at baywatch. It was customary for the men and women were showering their service had ended. Cort did so after his service. After he was finished with it there and then clean clothes had he sat on the terrace of the main office. al fresco He took a newspaper and a drink with it and read the newspaper while. Half an hour later now well dried his wet hair. Because of the beautiful weather that went very quickly noticed Cort. Cort put the paper back and walked towards the parking lot where he had parked his car. From the parking lot you had view of a building on the other side of the street what looked neglected. Cort knew there was a barber shop in located. During the breaks the young men of baywatch that generally speaking a wild forest had ever walked past her. She then laughed and joked what. By including in their hands by their wild hair to go. The men who visited the salon were often older, balding men. it was said. the barber shop was run by an older, scruffy looking man. With short spiky gray hair. He usually wore a light shirt with a tie. It was a real barbershop as did Cort. Cort thought to himself, I let it take a long walk. I do not yet decided to go home. He ran across the street and walked to the salon along. On the veranda, the barber was reading a newspaper. Cort greeted him and there was an almost uninterested greeting back. Cort paused and then walked back. Curiosity made over him. He walked to one of the large windows of the building and looked inside. There were no customers there so it was completely empty. Cort asked the man who was still on the porch. Can I have a look inside? I wonder how it looks. Yeah said the man while he just looked up at Cort go ahead. It is still quiet. Cort while the barber stepped the man read further in his paper. Cort was already in the room and looked around. It was indeed a bit of a messy thing he thought to himself. and there were two large black chairs for two large mirrors. Cort has not figured out and sat down in one of the chairs. He saw himself and his luxuriant hair. At the table next to the chair where cort in it was a black comb he saw. He picked it up and began to comb. His own hair It might be sometimes combed model he thought. The barber had now risen from the porch and entered the room made up. Cort asked him where he always hung his apron. The man walked to a hook where a few aprons hanging. He picked one and ran with it to Cort. do you want him arise me said Cort. the barber looked first surprised but then waved the apron for Cort long he buttoned it back tightly. Corts lush something billowing behind her there was something between him and freed his fingers. Therefore hung nicely on the apron. The barber walked back to the counter. He hit the scene watched. Only then did well to him! He thought to himself that this boy with beautiful thick head of hair could use a haircut. Cort who did not know what the barber thought. Was still under the skirt and stroked his hair. The barber walked on Cort and said when you have beautiful thick hair boy he said. As he picked up the black comb. He went behind Cort and began to comb. His hair The blonde hair slipped quietly through the comb and Cort liked. The hairdresser combed a strand of hair up top so a bit stuck before Cort knew it, her fingers are, the barber from his belt barber scissors caught. He flipped the blonde hair that hung over his fingers away. The hair fell Cort on the apron. Cort wanted to scream it should not. But he sat under an apron and felt trapped he could not go back. Now run away would also mean that his kooky saw her out there. He decided to sit and wait what would happen. The barber was the hair combing and cutting. There was increasing blond wavy hair on the apron and ground. Cort left until half an hour later with an embarrassed the main salon. He had short spines and in the neck are cut up her ears were cut completely free and there it was cut up. He regretted his own stupid action. He was also terribly teased a while when he was told what had happenedhere

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