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real headshave for college by skinhead

I have always been turned on when someone gave me a haircut in the past the truth is i always wanted to shave it all off but i was always to paranoid about what everyone else would say if they saw me with no hair even though am an adult at 20 years old i never had it really short , the shortest was when my dad cut it with a number 2, which was nice and i always asked him to cut it for me regularly so never having long hair , maybe i just idolised bald men when i was younger. but i always felt to embarrassed to tell anyone about my feelings, so when i got rejected from my home town college and ended up in the north of Scotland I was gutted at first but then thought i have the perfect chance to shave my hair and no one would be able to tell that i just had it done as it wouldn’t cause such a fuss, when i got there i went to my digs and unpacked and slept on the thought and when morning came i had breakfast and left to see what all barbers there were, however most were like gents stylists and i wanted a rough looking old style barber to shave it with no messing about , so i wandered down a few side streets looking out for barber poles when i came across this little shop which looked quite grotty but had a sense of masculinity about it. i walked quite slowly as i sort of thought how i would be able to say what i wanted. When i got there, there was a tall guy standing outside smoking, he had tattoos up his arms and short dark grey hair, and about 45 years old, he looked like a guy who was from the army. He stopped me and said are you coming in and i tried to say yes in a deep voice to sound as if i was a guy rather than some grown up school boy - he followed me in to the barber and i took off my jumper and sat in the seat, he put a cape around me and said what do you want me to do, i replied i want it short about a 1 and maybe shorter if i can see first he replied yeah no problem. he plugged in the clippers and i noticed that there were a few so i asked what all the different clipper used for he said that they can cut hair better than others and some are for styling and tapering and pointed to a Wahl clippers and it said balding clippers on it. he smiled and said you sure you want a 1 and winked again , i said i have always wanted to go real short and he said it’s no problem we'll start with 1/2 on the guard and he combed my hair down sprayed it with water and started on the left hand side going right up in front of my ear he continued around the side of my head and it felt amazing the sound of the buzz and the metal clippers shaving the side of my head felt cool he started shaving the top of my hair, going over it a lot to make sure it was even he said i have a nice head shape for any haircut so you’ll be fine with any cut, he shaved up the back of my head and down below i felt so hard and nearly came in my boxers he could see i was enjoying it and he said that he’s not cut someone’s hair like that for a long time , nice for a change , i replied well i always wanted it shaved - he passed by the right side and continued shaving the side of my hair , he switched them off and asked if it was short enough - by anyone’s standard you could see my scalp through my closely shorn hair but half me wanted to stop , and the other half thought about the barber shaving all the hair all over again i wanted to keep going and said what do you think - he said well you wanted it all aff before we started so this looks fine but you’ll look good too if you want me to take it all off i said your right why not am here anyways may as well get the rest of it all shaved - he switched blades and turned them on as i watched the clippers mow a white path of scalp down my head it felt great and he managed to take it so unbelievably short that i did come in my pants , he said i looked great with the cut and he finished my neck and sides of the neck and he rubbed my scalp with some oil based liquid and used the blow-dryer to remove the hairs. he walked away from me and went through the back and he was gone for a few minutes i wondered what he was doing until he came back with a towel which was really hot i knew that he hadn’t finished with me just yet - he lay the towel over my head and told me it’s to soften up the hairs and we can start again in a 5 or so minutes, i thanked him and he told me that not many young guys pass through and that am always welcome even just for a chat or a coffee i felt amazing like some guy was pleasuring me and i never felt like that before. after he removed the hot towel and reclined my chair a little and we talked about him being a barber and how long he has been doing it , then he started to shave the rest of my hair with a razor - he went against the grain for a shorter cut and when he removed the rest of the shaving oil i was done i used both hands a rubbed my bald head - i never planned to go bald but i must say if anyone out there want to shave their head just do it - it’s your hair not your mums, dads, teachers or anyone else’s its yours !! I thanked the barber and paid with a tip on top - i was certainly going to be back for a skin shave in a few weeks’ time

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