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Solving the Fetish by Mark McKarty

All my life I had a haircut fetish. I would watch videos and read stories about haircuts. It was just such a pleasure. When it was time to go to college, I almost decided to follow my dream and become a barber, but decided not too. 10 years later, My urge had gone down a little but all I wanted to do was clip someone so badly. I eventually decided I'll just clip my own hair!

I had shaggy medium length hair that I didn't much care about, so I said what the heck. I went to Walmart to but a cheap pair of clippers. When I got come, it was so exciting. I went into the bathroom and started contemplating what I should do first. I decide to give myself a nice buzz first. I put a #4 on. I took the cold metals clipper a sheared straight down the middle of my scalp. I look amazing! I kept shearing and shearing UNTILL I had a buzz, but the urge was even bigger now. I took the guard off and removed both my sideburns! It was such a rush! Then I just strted shaving myself bald. When I was all done I wants to do more and more.

I looked online and it turns out there's a sign up website of people who let you shave their heads for them. I went through the profiles and picked the longest haired guy. The next week he arrived at my house. I told him I'd do different styles before bald. He came into my bathroom, and I decided to just get into it I was snipping and shaving everywhere! It felt amazing! Soon enough he was bald! He left, and I finally felt like my fetish was no longer. I managed a buzzcut for the next ten years, and soon enough my fetish came back. I kept going on the website and shaving so many men. It was great!

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