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Backed Out by Phil

I am traveling to Asia on vacation and I stumbled upon an Indian Barbershop called: Shave Bald Barbershop. I have only shaved my head once and have always wanted to do so again. The first, and last, time I shaved my head, it was about 5 years ago in high school. All of my friends and family were shocked at my new look and people made funny comments. Ever since then, I have only buzzed my head, but never completely shaved it.

At this Indian Barbershop, they were giving out straight razor head shaves. I was tempted to become a baldy again, but ended up only getting a slight trim. If I do shave my head, I am not sure how I will respond when others ask why I decided to have such an extreme haircut (I have thick black hair). I hope to build up the courage to shave my head again one day.

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