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in need of money by buzz cutter

I was driving though town one afternoon. i had stopped to get fuel and a man approached me and ask if i could get him a tank of gas and that he would take my address and send me the money. Then explained he lost his job and was headed home to dallas with his wife and two kids. I ask if he knew that dallas was a thousand miles away. He said yes but he figured three hundred was to much to ask a single person for and thats what he figured he could make the trip for. I seen his wife and daughter had very long hair past thier waist. The little boy looked looked in need of a haircut as well not to mention that mess he had growing long, curly, greasy looking. So I made him an offer. If i could get all four of them a haircut of my chooseing i would pay him four hundred dollars.
He talked it over with his wife and she returned the answer only the adults. Explaining his wife would not allow him to have the kids hair cut at home much less on the road. I said ok and turned away to leave when the man said ok he was tired of begging at gas stations it was a deal.
I gave them ten dollars to get gas and lead them to my barber shop. When we got there she ask if I was going to do the cutting and I said of coarse it's my place.
I'll be first the man said. I said no the boy is first. I ask his age he said tweleve. when was your last naircut I ask. he didn't know it had been so long ago. So I reached behind me and got the clippers off the shelf and his mom said no not that short. His dad said go ahead it will grow back. I turned the clippers on. The boy and his mom started to cry as I started with a strip in the middle then over each ear. Piece by piece I burred his long hair off to a bald head.
Ok you next i said to the man. Are going to do the same to me he ask? No i replied cut off all that hippie curly hair? Yours will be a bit shorter.
snapped on the 000 blade as he waited. I could tell he was nervous about what was going to happen so I started the clippers and went up over each ear. He ask with respect if I would please leave some hair on top. I said thought you were tired of begging. Then he demanded i leave hair on top. So i said no and ran the clippers right down the middle. asking if he needed the money or not. As I finished shaving his head he got up from the chair and said he would be outside.
I said ok its the little girls turn. The daughter siad I'm not little I'm fifteen and she did not want a haircut. Her mom ask if i would just give them two hundred for the boys and forget the girls. No I said. all or nothing. She thought for a moment and told the girl to get in the chair she did
think i would give her the same cut. Looked at me and said please. Wouldn't dream of it I said. Snapped on the number three clipper guard and started the clippers again they started crying and begging me not to cut it short. The long blonde hair started falling as i buzzed up the nape and over each ear to a nice bowl cut. Then I pull the sissors from the drawer and trimmed the top down to an inch. Then i removed the guard and said just have to clean up the back and your through. She got up and ran outside. I could see her though the window crying to her dad that made the arrangement.
The lady said guess it is my turn and I siad yes down to the last and you can get on your way. She sat down and ask if she was getting a bowl all so. Haven't decided what do you think i ask She said how about a bob. I said ok thinking what a bitch after seeing two head shaves and a super short bowl cut done on her family she wants a trim. Ok i said as I pulled out the sissors. I told her it would be a short one though. Ok she replied no clippers please. I started across the back cutting it to a chin lenth. as they watched from out side the window the long blond hair fell to the floor mounding up on the hair that was already there i trimmed the top slowly as i could tell the family was feeling cheated cause she was left with so much and was growing restless. I finished up and grabed the clippers as before said just going to cleanup your nape here then your done. making sure i grabbed the clippers with the 000 blade I started cleaning up her nape and to her surprise i pushed them up and over the top down the middle sending hair cascadeing down her face she sat in shock as I made another pass and another till she was copletely bald. Hows that for a bob I ask he got the same haircut last weeK I laughed. she got up crying and ran outside to her husband.
I could see the girl and her dad was comming in to get the money or I thought he put her in the chair and said you didn't finish her as we discussed. I eold you she would not let me get thier hair cut for the last eight years and i wanted them all shaved the the trip. what could i do? So i finished the girls shave, paid the man and wished him well in Texas.

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