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Three Wise Men [2] by Writer

Simon was actually enjoying his evening quite well. The cohesion of these three boys slowly self-destructed, as was demonstrated by Sam refusing to get his hair cut and just now by Danny, who seemed so willing to avenge Gabe for the situation he got them into. Simon stepped back, now standing behind the barberchair Sam was in – caped up and ready to get his unwanted haircut.

,,You have undoubtedly the nicest hair,’’ Simon whispered in Sam’s ear. ,,That’s why I’ll keep you for dessert. I am going to enjoy cutting it all off, especially since you put up such a struggle to escape the situation you are in right now.’’

,,F*** off…’’ Sam muttered, powerless. ,,If you know what we did, why don’t you just turn us in…’’

,,You know,’’ Simon said. ,,All day long, customers ask for boring cuts and I’ll do their bidding. Guys with Justin Bieber hair, asking for a slight trim, or, a little of the top. You see, I’m bored. I need some excitement too. This is fun, Sammy. We, we are going to have fun together.’’ Simon pinched Sam’s cheek. ,,I’m sure you’re going to love it too, just like your friend in the chair over there…’’

In the meanwhile, in the backroom, the display of Simon’s phone lit up. He got another text. It was the other shop owner who had texted him before: “Simon? I just heard something very concerning. Please call me as soon as possible”.


Danny had put on the roaring clippers and visually enjoyed the displeased look on Gabe’s face. He got rid of the guard on the clippers and brought the clippers to Gabe’s forehead, right at the baseline of Gabe’s hair.

,,Danny, please bro…’’ Gabe said. A drop of sweat ran down from his temple.

,,No man. You asked for me to get this Mohawk!’’ Danny pointed at his haircut with his free hand. He then put that hand on the back of Gabe’s head. ,,You’re going to lose it all.’’ Without mercy, Danny thrust the clippers right into the mighty pomp.

,,With all that pomade, that’s going to hurt,’’ the barber observed.

Slowly but steady, the clippers found their way from the front of Gabe’s head to the back. Danny pushed firmly and Gabe shrieked. A few black locks came falling across his face on to his lap. Gabe observed them sorrowful. Danny reached the back and watched the result. Gabe now had the exact opposite of the Mohawk Danny had: where Danny had hair, Gabe hadn’t any. It looked as if a lawnmower had been pushed just once over a field of too long, wet grass. Danny continued the clippers’ crusade of Gabe’s hair. Again, he put the clippers on Gabe’s sweaty forehead, placing them a little bit more on the left side. Again, Danny went from the front of Gabe’s head to the back, shaving of more greasy locks of Gabe’s once perfect pompadour. Gabe had a dubious feeling: he loved seeing haircuts and occasionally searched for haircutting action on the internet. However, he also loved his pompadour – his beautiful well groomed hair. The clippers of his head felt good and bad at the same time. It felt bad in his head, but good in his pants, in which his member hardened.

Danny continued his quest of vengeance on the right side. Again, the clippers went slowly over Gabe’s head and Gabe himself looked as if he was in pain. His black-and-white barbercape was covered with the greasy black locks that had been on his head just a few moments ago. Now Gabe looked like a clown: there was black stubble in the middle, and long, slicked back hair above his ears.

,,I want to get rid of the stubble too,’’ Danny said to the barber. ,,Can you lather him up, just like you did with me?’’ Danny pointed at the completely bald sides of his head.

,,Sure,’’ the barber said, stepping from behind the chair Sam sat in reluctantly. Sam’s eyes went to the backpockets of the pants the barber wore. Perhaps the keys of the door were in there…

First of all, the barber turned back Gabe towards the mirror. Gabe gasped at the sight of his head. How awful it looked. He had loved his pompadour. However, underneath the cape, he almost ejaculated. ,,No s**t…’’ Gabe muttered.

Gabe’s head was further taken care of with the razor blade. It took a while before all of the stubble was reduced to a pale white nothingness – a shiny dome between two slicked back remnants of the pompadour. The barber put his sweaty hands on Gabe’s bald head. ,,Too bad that you don’t really have a nice head for this cut,’’ he observed with an evil grin.

,,…Shut up…’’ Gabe muttered. Not being the cocky guy he was when he entered the shop any longer. He felt ashamed that the barber had noticed that the haircutting had made him excited, and that he was in this chair now – while he had won the bet. He was the one that had thrown a brick through the window of the nastiest school teacher from the school they just graduated from.


Simon grinned evilly, looking at Gabe in the barberchair and Danny with his Mohawk. These guys would pay for assaulting that innocent girl. And the best had yet to come: the shearing of Sam, who had resisted the cutting of his beautiful hair so much. Sam had been sitting in that classic barberchair for a while now – and he was probably feeling very much out of place there. The boy probably visited female hairdressers to take care of his beautiful, wavy locks that graciously decorated his head, slightly curling at the tip of the locks. Furthermore, Simon had considered Sam to be – probably – the smartest of the three guys in his shop. He would not have betted Gabe to rape a girl – it had more likely been the idea of the much more temperate Danny. Sam probably thought it was a joke and had consented to his hair being cut – never assuming that Gabe would actually assault the poor girl. Sam was the victim here. Sam would get a haircut he knew he did not deserve. And for Simon, that was the biggest appeal in shaving of Sam’s hair and making it a real drama for him.

,,You two,’’ Simon said, referring to Gabe and Danny. ,,Get in the room in the back.’’

Gabe and Danny frowned, hesitated, but then followed Simon’s orders. They went to the room back and Simon followed them. As Gabe and Danny got in, Simon closed the door, locking them in there. When he turned around, Sam had gotten out of his chair and had sprinted towards the door, pulling the handle, kicking the door, trying to get out. Sam cursed.

,,There is no way out, Sammy,’’ Simon said, as he walked up to the still caped up Sam. ,,Get back in the chair. You’ll love it, I’m convinced of that…’’

,,F*** you man! You’re not cutting my hair!’’

Simon grinded his teeth. He walked up to Sam, grabbed him by his hair and pulled him of his feet. Sam cursed and tried to get up, but Simon was too quick for him. He grabbed his hair again and dragged him towards the chair

,,Let me go dude, this is so not cool…!’’ Sam protested again. But soon enough, Simon installed Sam back in the chair.

,,Now remain seated,’’ Simon warned Sam. ,,Or I’ll tie you up to that big barber chair.’’

Sam gave Simon a nasty look.

,,Now for the grand finale,’’ Simon said, gasping for air for a moment. He grabbed a pair of steel scissors from his cart. Firmly, Simon gave Sam’s chair a spin, so that he faced the mirror in which he could see himself: his pretty face, his full head of hair. Simon put one of his hands under Sam’s chin, holding it with his thumb and his index finger, clamping it. He then caressed Sam’s cheek with the cold steel of the scissors. Provoking the boy. Making him wait anxiously for the inevitable. ,,You look so good with that cape draped around you,’’ Simon whispered in Sam’s ear, pressing the flat side of the scissors on Sam’s cheek now. The cold steel made the boy shiver. His face expressed repulsion – repulsion of Simon, repulsion of the barberchair he sat in, repulsion of the barbercape which reeked of sweat and was so tightly around his neck, repulsion of the haircut he was going to get.

Simon wetted Sam’s hair thoroughly, making it even darker then it was. He then got a comb and combed out Sam’s hair. Simon decided to Sam’s trip to baldness in the back. Het put the comb close to the skin and opened up the scissors with an iron reverberation. ,,There we go,’’ he said, grinning evilly. A drop of sweat fell from his nose, right on Sam’s head of hair.


Sam was powerless. His hands tightened on the end of the armchairs as his barber started his craftsmanship. ‘Snip’ did the scissors, and a chunk of Sam’s dark hair dropped on the ground. ‘Snip’ – another chunk. ‘Snip’, ‘snip’, ‘snip’, ‘snip’. Each ‘snip’ came faster than the one before. The barber cut away the hair at the back of Sam’s head rapidly. And Sam had not a clue what it looked like at this point. The comb went in again and the barber butchered off more and more hair. Sam now noticed his black, slightly curly hair on his shoulders.

,,You have such beautifully thick hair,’’ the barber observed, looking at the back of Sam’s head like he was obsessed by it. The barber put the scissors and the comb back on his cart and grabbed a pair of clippers – the clippers which Danny had just used to shave off Gabe’s pomp. However, the barber put on a #1 guard on the clippers. He placed his hand on Sam’s head, spreading his fingers and then pushing it forwards, making it so that Sam’s chin was on his chest.

,,Sicko…’’ Sam sputtered. His eyes got watery and he clamped his teeth together.

The machine went on raging loudly. The barber forced it at the hairs in Sam’s neck and pushed heavily. Sam groaned silently, not wanting the barber to know how awful this was for him. The barber pushed the clippers up to the part which he had just been cutting short. He went higher, and higher and ended at the crown of Sam’s head. It rained wavy hair everywhere around Sam. Thick, curly locks fell on Sam’s lap. A single tear escaped Sam’s left eye. The barber released his grip on Sam’s head, allowing Sam to look at himself in the mirror. There was still nothing much to see for him; the barber had mainly been working on his back.

Now the barber switched off the clippers and took off the #1 guard. Then he seized Sam’s head again, switched the clippers back on and repeated what he had just done.

,,As I thought,’’ the barber said. ,,Much better.’’ He let go again, put away the clippers, and got a hand mirror. He slightly turned the barber chair, allowing Sam to see the back of his head in the hand mirror. There was barely any stubble left there – just a lot of slightly lighter skin than the skin in his neck.

,,You’re sick…!’’ Sam cried out, looking at the barber through the mirror facing him. The tear on Sam’s check started to dry. His face expressed anger and disgust. ,,You’re f***ing sick! We only threw a brick through someone’s window! That’s all…!’’

The barber looked at Sam surprised. ,,Oh,’’ he said. However, soon, the evil grin came back on his face. ,,Well, it happened to be my girlfriend’s window.’’

Sam gasped. His eyes grew bigger. ,,You’re girlfriend was our teacher…?’’

The barber placed the hand mirror aside and got the scissors and the comb again. He moved to Sam’s right and combed the hair up, so that his ear became free. ,,Yeah,’’ he told Sam. ,,And we happen to live together.’’ Then the snipping continued. Sam looked at the locks which fell of – just a few minutes ago, they had covered his ear up. Now, the area above his ear had been cut short. The clippers followed. Going up from his temple, eliminating every inch of hair there was left on the right side. Then came the left side. The barber cut everything away with the scissors, and then shaved it bald with the clippers. Now only the top of the head remained covered up with hair, plus Sam’s wavy fringe in the front.

The barber then put some shaving cream in his hands and lathered up the sides and the back of the head. With a razor blade, he shaved off the last remnants that proved Sam once had a head of beautiful wavy hair.

After that, the barber wetted Sam’s hair again and then combed his fringe high up. From the right side, the barber approached with his scissors. Opening them up slowly. Sam gazed at what was about to happen. With a ‘Snip’ his fringe was history. The beautiful thick hair rained down in Sam’s face. The clippers followed. The barber now put his hand under Sam’s skin, again, clenching it between his index finger and his thumb. He pressed Sam’s head back, placed the clippers at his hairline, and sheared off the hair on top. Firmly: pushing hard, hurting Sam. And he went over it again. And again. And again. And again – and a countless times more. Finally, the barber released his grip, allowing Sam to see the result. His sweaty, shiny, bald head. The barber held Sam's head in both his hands, approaching it with his own head and rubbing his cheeck on it.

,,Lovely...'' he remarked.

Another tear flowed from Sam’s right eye.


Then, the door of the barbershop got kicked in. Two man in police uniform stepped into the barbershop, pointing a gun at Simon. One looked at Sam and his face showed surprise.

,,Put your hands where I can see them, get on the ground,’’ one shouted at Simon. Simon did as he was told, getting on the floor were all the hair of the boys was. The officer handcuffed Simon and then ordered him to stand up. The other policeman opened up the door to the backroom, discovering Gabe and Danny, still with their capes around them. ,,Jesus…’’ the policeman uttered, disgusted by his thoughts of what probably happened in the barbershop that evening.

,,Simon Westwick,’’ the officer addressed Simon. ,,You are arrested on the charge of assaulting and raping Ellie Brown. You have the right to remain silent…’’ the policeman continued to explain to Simon what his rights were. Simon just gazed maniacally at Sam.

,,I loved to shear it off, Sammy,’’ he said. The policeman frowned. ,,You really had amazing hair…’’

,,Get him in the car!’’ the officer commanded. Other policemen had gotten into the barbershop and brought Simon with them out of there.

,,Please, let me take a few of those locks...!'' Simon cried out as he was being dragged to the car.

,,What about the boys, sir?’’ one of the policemen asked.

The officer looked at Danny’s Mohawk, Gabe’s bald spot and Sam’s shiny head. ,,I think they’ve had enough punishment for what they did. Bring ‘m home. We’ll hear later what they have to say about everything that happened tonight.’’

The policemen nodded. ,,Common boys, let’s get out of this place.’’

Leaving the shop, Gabe gazed at Sam, who had a traumatized expression on his face – not saying anything, not making any sounds. He then looked at the barbershop and imagined what the barber had done to his friend while he and Danny had been locked up in the backroom. Maybe there were camera’s in the shop. Maybe he could watch back what had happened tonight.

The member in Gabe’s pants swell up as Gabe became sexually aroused by that thought. Obsessed by that thought. Gabe grinned maliciously.


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