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Survey! by Mark McKarty

Hey, so this isn't much of a story, but please answer in the comments so I can have good content for future stories Answer as many as you'd like :)

1: If you had long hair, and wanted to go short, but you we're afraid it would look bad you would...

A: Wait until your semester abroad at college, and do it because no one will know you.
B: Buy clippers from a store, and go for it
C: First go for the short sideburn look, and see how you like it, then go progressively shorter each haircut until you like it

2. Would you rather...

A: Shave off all your hair RIGHT now
B: have to get a mullet in one year

3.You invest in a clipper set for no reason at all, so you decide to...

A: Take off your sideburns.
B. Give yourself a buzz.
C. Tell a friend that you'll give them a haircut for free
D.Wait and think about it

4. What would be the phrase you would most likely say when you walked into your local barbershop?

A. "The Usual"
B. "Take it all off"
C. "Just a trim"
D. "Surprise me"

5. Your dad gives you money, and the car keys, and demands to go get a haircut. You..

A. Go to the barbershop gladly to get a clean up
B. Tell him you want him to cut barely anything off, but still go
C. Not go, and get grounded by your father

6. You really want to become a barber when you grow up. To practice you..

A. Cut tour own hair
B. Cut your body hair
C. Cut a friends hair
D. Cut a doll or manequins hair

7. You have to get a buzz. The guard you would most likely pick is..

A. 0
B. 1-2
C. 3-4
D. 6-8

8. Do you dream of being a barber?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe

9. Your in the middle of a self cut, and your clippers break.

A. You ask a friend to come over, and buy new clippers to even it out.
B. You attempt to even it out by using scissors
C. You decide to get a razor, and just go bald

10. Would you rather?

A. Not get enough cut off
B. To much cut off

11. What is your favorite part of a haircut

A. The first swipe of the clipper
B. The fading
C. The clean up

12. When is the best time to go from long to short?

A. Ist day of summer
B. Winter break
C. First day of school

13. At what age did you get your first clipper cut?
A. age 1-10
B. Age 11-20
C. Age 21-30
D. 31+

14. When/If you we're to give yourself a haircut, you start with the..

A. Front
B. Back
C. Sides

15. What kind of haircut do you have?

Thanks for doing the survey! If you iked this, please let me know in the comments, and i'll do more!

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