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Survey 2! by Mark McKarty

Since, it was requested he is another survey! I like doing these so expect one every so often! here are some conclusional results from last survey.
~Most people would go to a barbershop and just get a trim
~most people are afraid of peoples reactions if they we;re to get a short haircut
~Most people got their first haircut short from ages 1-10.

Since I'm going to be doing the surveys more often, they will only be 5-10 questions..

1. You could get any haircut, with no judgement or reactions. You'd get a...
A. Complete Baldy
B. Short Buzzcut
C. Just a trim

2. You have shaggy hair, and your dad demands you get a complete shave. He gives you the option of..
A. Going to the Barber
B. Do it Yourseld
C. Have Dad do it

3. How often do you watch haircutting videos?
A. Everyday
B. 2-5 times a week
C. Never
If A or B do you have any youtube channels that posts great videos?

4. Would you rather have..
A. No sideburns
B. Bangs cut straight across

5. Would your dad make you get super short haircuts as a kid?
A. Yes
B. No

6. Do you like when barber's cut off to much
A. Yes
B. I dont mind
C. No

7. Do you have any stories from your life where the haircutter took off way to much? If yes, share!

Please let me know if you liked this survey, and how often you want them!

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