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Nikki and Me by Jim

Last Month my girl Nikki and I, had her parents house all to our selves one weekend. The frist night we were laying on the couch having fun. As she was running her hands through my hair she asked me if I would ever shave my head.

I have given it thought but never done it. With that she asked if I would let her shave it .

I did not know what to say , I really loved her and would do anything for her so , I said ok.

Well that was the greatest weekend of my life. Her Father has been shaving his head for years and had a pair of clippers in the bathroom so as Nikki set off to get the clippers I started to undress. I met her in the kitchen when she said " what are you doing"? If you want to shave my head we are going to have some fun doing it. " Ok but I want you to leave you boxes on". I will but you have to strip down. "You are to much". So as she is striping I take a set on a kitchen chair and waited for her to come at me, with the clippers.

Naked she is kneeling on my thighs . I put my hands at her waist holding her tight.

The clippers come to life as she puts them rihgt at the front of my head, and runs them down the top, all the way to the crown pass after pass the top of my head turns to stubble. I could not beleve the feeling as I look at her body, my woody woodpecker braking through my shorts.

My Hair is falling all over us , I touch her as she shaves my head bald. The shaving stops, she takes her hands and rubs down my now bald head. " I can not believe how it feels you look so hard , I just want to feel your head down below".

Next we were in the tub. I think we should do somemore I said to her. " like what". Skin it with a razor. So I laid back between her thighs so she could lather up my head for the scraping. Once my head was coved with cream she got out the razor. Starting at the front she pulled the razor back over my head scraping off the cream like skining a grape.

I was in heaven, I had her shave my head two times more.

Then I told her it was her turn now, so I had her stand up as I shaved her from the waist down. You have to love a women who loves a shaved head. Try it some time.

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