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Haircut History by Barber Mike

Here is the history of my haircuts over the past two years as recorded in 'Notes to Self'.
It's really kind of long, and may be perhaps a bit boring. But there it is...
There's been a lotta snipping of my hair recorded during the last month. Wanting to keep it short again now and I like cutting hair!

Crewcut again 11/7/11 #3 1/2 9.5 mm 3/8"
Trimmed/shaved high up the nape #00000 blade 11/21
Crewcut trim down #3 3/4 blade 13 mm 1/2" 11/23
Nape trim 000 & 0000 blades, 0.5/0.25 mm 12/5
Trim sideburns, around ears, & nape 000 blade 12/19
Nape trim 000 blade 1/5/12
2/15 Routine nape trim (000 blade) every 2-3 or 4 weeks now. Sometimes trim sideburns too.
Haircut 3/19. Short regular/Ivy league.
Cut some more hair. 3/21
Trimmed/shaved up the nape 3/31
Shaved nape up, blade # 00000 4/17
Nape shave: Wahl Balding Clipper w/ 'closer cutting 000000 blade' 5/2
5/23 Snipped bangs, trimmed sideburns, around ears and up the nape 00000 Oster blade
Haircut today 6/6. Short regular/Ivy league again. 00000 Blade @ nape & sideburns, #1,2,3 &1/2 up the sides and back. Left longish on top 1"-2" @ front. Just enough to comb. Hope it looks OK.
Shaved nape, #00000 Oster blade 6/22
Shaved nape, #000000 Wahl Balding Clipper 7/9 Really wanted to just shave it all!
7/26 Nape shave/sideburns trim 00000 Oster blade
8/1 Snipped bangs. Slight trim 'little off the top' 8/6
8/9 Haircut, sort of a 'bowlcut'. Yeah, so no crewcut!
8/25 Shaved nape, 00000 Oster blade
9/18 Sideburns trim/nape shave 000000 Blade- Wahl Balding Clipper
10/8 Trimmed up the bowlcut. Crewcut soon?!
11/3 Snipped bangs a little. Trimmed/shaved up nape,sideburns & around ears. Can't get a haircut/the crewcut. Oster clipper is broken.
Shaved nape today. 12/01 Wahl Balding Clipper 000000 Blade.
Got new Wahl clipper (home haircut kit), ready for the crewcut! 12/28
1/04 Trimmed some hair up around the edges, at nape, sideburns, & ears. Blade # 000 May have adjusted the Oster clipper so it can be used. For a crewcut?! Soon!
1/31 Shaved nape Oster clipper/00000 blade. Really want/need a haircut!
Haircut 2/27 (finally!) Reguar short tapered angled bangs cut. Used the Wahl home haircut kit. Yeah, so not a crewcut.
3/16 Snipped a little more hair. Even up the 'regular' cut as it grows in.
4/10 Shaved up nape & sideburns Oster #00000 blade. 'Snippet' of hair off the bangs. 4/13
4/20 Hair is at about 4" (10 cm) on top. :-)
'Snippets' of hair off top/side.
5/4 Bit of a trim up. Oster 00000 blade, and shears.
5/5 OK, finished the cut. Short "regular" haircut again. 6/3 A month after the 'unanticipated' short "regular" haircut, shaved up nape with 00000 Oster blade and trimmed up sideburns, around ears.
6/11 Had the shears in my hair again. Snipping the bangs (a little), keeping them 'angled'. Like cutting my hair, keeping it short!
6/22 Trimmed/shaved up nape using Oster 00000 blade.
7/5 Ate some hair! :-) I snipped a considerable lock out of my hair with the barber shears, put it in my mouth, culled and then swallowed it.
7/13 Shaved nape, Oster 00000 blade.
7/22 Short 'regular' man's haircut with Wahl Home Haircut clipper kit.
8/15/13 Crewcut
8/27 Shaved up the nape Oster 00000
9/14 Shaved up the nape, trimmed down the crewcut
9/26 Trimmed/shaved nape Wahl Balding Clipper 6X0
10/4 Been snippin' hair with the shears.
10/5 Snipped some more hair, shaved up nape Oster 00000 blade. 10/11 A little more 'snipping'.
10/15 Still snipping hair! 10/17 Snip! Snip! Snip! 10/19 Snip!
10/20 Shaved sideburns and nape Oster 00000 blade
10/22 Snip! Snip! 10/26 Still snipping hair!
10/28 Snipped a little curl/lock out with the shears.
10/29 Had the shears in my hair again. Snipped the bangs up. Keepin' em short. Trimmed a little off the sides too.

Cut/snipped yet a little more hair on 10/31.
11/5 Shaved up the nape with Oster 00000 blade. Keepin' it lookin' neatly trimmed.

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