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Athletic Buzz by Buzzed Bald

This story includes explicit male-male activities. Your standard disclaimer should suffice.

Athletic Buzz

Shortly after I relocated to a medium sized town in the Midwest I fell victim to winter. I mean that literally. Having grown up in sunnier climates I didn’t really understand how dangerous snow and ice could be. And there it was. The morning after the first snow storm I was shoveling my walk and I fell. My feet went up in front of me and I fell backwards. Hurt myself good.
By early spring I was feeling relatively normal but still had some aches and pains. I decided I should join a gym. In addition to helping my aching body perhaps I would meet some new people.
I looked through the local paper and saw an ad for a free introductory workout at a placed called Magic Muscles. Didn’t care for the name but decided to try it out. The minute I walked in I knew this wasn’t for me. Everyone was color coordinated. The trainers were nice enough but no one seemed to be sweating. It just didn’t seem the right place for me.
A few days later I was at the supermarket and on my way out I saw a poster advertising a new fitness program at the local community center. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose so I went to check it out.

Nice equipment and the people seemed more down to earth. That included the trainers. I changed for my introductory workout and actually enjoyed myself. I joined.

Over the next few weeks I went regularly. I had explained to the trainers about my accident and they were very supportive in helping me increase my strength without overdoing it.

The two main trainers were both great guys. As you might expect they were both well built. Ok, they were hot. Mark was in his mid-20s and had biceps the size of some people’s thighs. Jerry wasn’t quite so large but he was very well proportioned. Mark sported a relatively short buzz with a bumper while Jerry wore a baseball cap at work. It took several more weeks before I saw Jerry without his cap. What a head of hair. You don’t normally see such long hair on body builders. What’s more, they both had interesting mannerisms. Mark frequently rubbed his hand from the front to the back of his head whenever he was the slightest bit sweaty. It was almost as if he was checking to make sure his hair was still short. As for Jerry, whenever he didn’t wear his hat, he would wet his long dark locks about every half hour.

It was now early summer and I had become one of the regulars. I enjoyed my time with both Mark and Jerry helping me learn about muscle building and general fitness. They were both great guys and were friends outside of work as well.

One evening I was the last one in the gym. As I headed for the showers Mark asked if he could ask me a personal question.

“Of course,” I said. After all, this guy introduced me to all types of exercises. “I was wondering if you cut your own hair,” he asked looking at my almost bald head. In fact I clipper shave it myself twice a week.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” I said, and then added, “and I have been known to buzz some of my friends as well.” “How did you know what I was going to ask,” he said.

“Had a feeling that’s what you wanted to know.”

“I hope you won’t think I’m weird but I’d really like to get a short buzz. The thing is I can’t go to a barber shop because whenever I try to get a really short buzz from a barber I end up tenting my shorts which is really embarrassing.”

This was quite a confession for a trainer but I was definitely up to the challenge. “I could definitely give it a try,” I said, “and you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself.”

“I figured that we know each other well enough at this point that you’d either understand – or just tell me you aren’t interested.”

“I’m definitely interested,” I said.

And that was when Mark and I decided I would buzz his hair the next time he worked at night which was two days later.

I have to admit that the next two days didn’t exactly fly by. I couldn’t think of much more than buzzing Mark’s hair. At this point I wasn’t sure if he had anything else in mind but I shouldn’t have been concerned. After all, he started off by making a bit of a confession about wanting a short buzz.

Two nights later I went through the longest workout of my life. Or so it seemed. In fact I was in the gym for a little over an hour. The few other people finally left so it was only Mark and me.

“Do you still want to do this for me,” Mark asked.

“Absolutely,” I said. “I’ll go out to my car and get my clippers.”

“Sounds good to me,” he said.

A few minutes later we met in the locker room. I was still quite sweaty from my workout so I took off my t-shirt as did Mark. And then he said, “I hope you don’t mind but I think I’ll take my shorts off as well.”

Did I mind? Not exactly!

So there we were. I was about to give him a short buzz and we both had our workout clothes hanging on a nearby hook. “I don’t guess there’s any point to putting a towel around my shoulders,” he said with a nervous laugh as he sat down near one of the mirrors.

“Let’s do it,” I said. “So tell me what you have in mind.”

“I haven’t had my hair cut for about a month,” he said. “How about a #2 on the sides and back and a bit longer on top. And leave the bumper.”

“Got it,” I said, hoping that I wasn’t betraying the nervousness I was beginning to feel. The fact is I really hadn’t cut anyone else’s hair but my own. But how different could it be.
Trying to be as professional as possible I started in the back and moved up to the crown. I worked around to the left and then continued to the left side of his head.

I was about to buzz his sideburns when his hand rubbed the back of his skull. “Feels great,” he said, “but I guess you already knew that.” Had he been wearing anything he would have been tenting his shorts. But since he wasn’t it was very clear that he was on his way to sporting a raging hard on.

“Actually I think you could go shorter. How about taking it down to a #1,” he said.

“I could do that, or . . .”

“I guess you’re right,” he said. “Just take it all the way down to 0.”

I have to admit that up until now I was functioning pretty well but when he suggested going all the way my adrenalin starting pumping.

“Just leave it a bit longer on top,” he said.

“Got it.”

Considering this was the first haircut I had ever given, I must admit – in all modesty – that when I finished he looked great. Actually he looked hot.

I knew it. He knew it. And both of our rods knew it.

The question was what was next?

Mark didn’t seem to be the least bit taken aback. “See what I mean about what happens when I get a buzzcut,” he said. He cast a rather sly glance at his tool and then at mine. “At least I’m with a friend,” he said, “and there’s a shower nearby.”

So we headed to the showers. We didn’t make any pretense of taking separate showers. We turned the water on and soaped each other all over. Several times. We started giving each other hand jobs but that didn’t last long. Very quickly I took him into my mouth and he returned the favor. Each time one of us shot his load, the other one caught it and rubbed it all over his body.

We must have done this five or six times until I finally said, “If we don’t get out of here soon I’m going to fall asleep here.”

He chuckled and we rinsed off and toweled off.

As we were leaving the building, he asked if I was up for a regular weekly buzzing.

“I think I could handle it,” I said. “And next time I’ll let you buzz me as well.”

We went our own separate ways with our own thoughts.

* * * * *

The following week progressed very slowly. Fortunately I was busy at work because every time I had a minute I found myself daydreaming about Mark. I didn’t see him on Monday so on Tuesday I asked Jerry if he knew where Mark was.

“He had to go out of town for a few days. Some family thing. But he told me to tell you that he’ll be back on Thursday.” He said all this rather nonchalantly, not realizing that he just told me what I was dying to know.

On Wednesday I couldn’t get to the gym so by Thursday I really needed a workout. When I got there I saw Mark helping one of the new members. Did he really need a haircut so soon? I was willing to see what he had to say. That’s the thing about a short buzz. It needs to be tightened up every week or so. I was ready if he was.

During the last hour before closing the other people left one by one. Mark had barely had time to say hello. And then it was just him and me.
“So are we still on for tonight,” he asked.

“Sure. And this time I’ll let you buzz me if you want . . .”

“I definitely want,” Mark said. “And I also have some other ideas. How about you go get your stuff out of the car. I’ll be waiting.”

He didn’t have to ask twice. I was back in a flash. When I got to the shower room, he was already naked. He was gently rubbing his dick and then his head.
“Did you ever feel cum on your head,” he asked. “No, can’t say that I have.”

“Well that’s going to change.” Mark was definitely in a take charge mood. “How about if I start by giving you a buzz?”

“Fine with me.” I sat on the chair and he got to work. He started with the sides and back. By the time he got to my forehead I was hot and hard. “Time for a break,” he said facing me. He took me in his hand and caressed by dick and my balls. But I didn't cum yet. He turned the clippers back on and did some more buzzing. This time when he stopped buzzing my precum was flowing nicely. He rubbed it up and down my shaft and had enough on his fingers to rub the remainder on my head.

The effect was amazing. I came in no time. Actually I shot my load at least four times. My hips were bucking and I was breathing so deeply I almost started to cough. I didn’t seem to be able to stop. But Mark caught it all. This time he rubbed my hot, milky cum all over his own head. Instant hardon. Seeing him rub my seed all over his head was totally hot. My cock was reaching to new lengths and my mouth was dry.

He finished my buzz and said, “Now I have a surprise for you. I’m going to do a little manscaping on you.”

He had me stand up with one foot on the bench so that he could clip as much as possible in the vicinity of my throbbing dick. This wasn’t easy because I was so hard. He kept having to move my dick out of the way of the clippers. I couldn’t believe how draining this was. Just when I thought I couldn't be more turned on he said, “I think I’ll stop for now.” I really didn’t know what he had in mind but I was hoping he would continue.

“Let me sit down,” he said. “If you don’t buzz me soon you’ll be too far gone to be productive.” And so I calmed down enough to give him a zero buzz on the back and sides and about a #1 on top. I left a bit of a bumper. His hair is dirty blonde and very short so I could be forgiven if the transition between the sides and the top wasn't the greatest. After all I did the best I could under the circumstances.

And here are the circumstances: Before I knew it he was facing me with one leg on the chair so that I could buzz his crotch. He explained that the thing about manscaping is that it works best if you don’t have a hardon. As if that was possible.

Once we were both buzzed on top and bottom he said, "Let’s hit the showers.” I was hoping for something a bit more gratifying but was willing to follow his instructions. After all, he was the trainer.

You have to picture this. I am naked and totally buzzed with a really hot body builder who is in the same condition. He stopped rubbing my dick just short of ecstasy. We head to the shower and as we turn on the shower jets he pulls out some shaving cream and a razor. “I changed the blade in your honor,” he said.
He got me nice and wet and then took his time spreading the shaving cream all over my crotch. “Try not to make any sudden moves,” he said with a smile. He started to shave the buzzed pubes to the left of my dick and then moved methodically to the pubes above and on the other side. When he checked to see how smooth I was I thought I was going to lose it.

“Let’s take a break,” he said. No sooner had he put the razor down than he had my throbbing cock in his mouth. He licked me up and down and just as I was about to cum, he stopped. I looked down and saw his sly smile. “I have other plans for your cum,” he said. He took my engorged member in his hand and played me like a violin. Soft and sweet. No rush. I was in heaven. And then all of a sudden I started to erupt.

Mark caught all of my semen in his ample hands and then rubbed it all over my crotch, my balls and my dick. “Wait till I mix it with some shaving cream,” he said. His hands felt like magic. He massaged the combination for a minute or two and then took up the razor again. This time my flaccid cock didn’t get in the way. He was able to finish shaving all of me. Not just my pubes, but my dick and balls as well. When he checked his handiwork I was as smooth as a 10 year old. And it's really true: My dick looked bigger. Of course right at that moment it was pulsing and growing with a mind of its own.

Rinsing off in cold water had the desired effect. I calmed down long enough to be able to return the favor and shave him.

And then the real fun began. We were both buzzed top and bottom. I don’t know what I looked like – as if I cared. But Mark looked great. He had come prepared. The baby oil he massaged into my crotch was perfect. He massaged me and then he pumped my slippery dick with his hand and rubbed the cum all over me.
The first time you get your dick and balls shaved it may itch a bit. But it’s totally worth it. For the next week I could practically cum just by thinking about how smooth I was and how hot it was when Mark shaved me again and again.
But I digress. It was his turn for a baby oil massage and all the trimmings. We came so many times that night that I thought my dick might shrivel up.

But it didn’t.

By the time we finished our showers we finished each other one more time.
As we were leaving the building, Mark said, “Next week?” “You can count on it,” I said. “Do you think we could get Jerry to join us,” he said.

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