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One Friday Night by NavyBuzzer

Once upon a midnight dreary Ok, so it wasn t midnight and it wasn t very dreary. After all it was Hawaii. Several Friends from my ship had gathered for a little Friday evening jubilation at another shipmate s military housing unit. There were five of us. Me, Kevin, Eric, Ken and Steve who was the occupant of said housing unit. Steve s wife had made a trip back to the mainland to visit relatives so it was pretty much a guy s night in.

We occupied ourselves with various drinking games including a heated game of Quarters. Eric and Steve were having a loud discussion that finally caught my very inebriated ears as I was preparing to bounce my coin.

I ll shave my head if you shave yours, Eric said. Your just lucky that I don t have any hair clippers, replied Steve.

I was always the helpful type and I would be damned if I was going to miss out on an opportunity like this. I have a battery operated set in my car., I chimed in. You want me to get them?

Steve eagerly agreed. Eric just kind of looked like a trapped animal by not wanting to look week also nodded so I went to my car to get the clippers. On my way in I discovered that the batteries were pretty week. I asked Steve if he had any in the house. He said no but their was a MiniMart down the road. I volunteered to go get some and borrowed Steve s bike so I wouldn t get pulled over.

The trip took about twenty minutes. When I returned I discovered the action had already begun. Eric was sitting in a chair in the backyard and Steve was shaving the shorter hair on the sides of his head with a razor. Eric was very Irish and therefore very pale. His hair was jet black. The contrast of the paler than pale skin and the black hair on top of his head was astounding.

About that time I noticed Ken and Kevin had gotten in on the action, kind of anyway. Kevin had another razor and for some unknown reason was shaving Kens very hairy legs. That kind of thing often happened at these parties but usually the shavee was passed out and unaware that it was happening.

I loaded the batteries in the clippers and tried to give them to Steve. Steve and Eric, however, had switched places and Eric was lathering up the sides of Steve s head. Ken asked for the clippers so I passed them on to him. Ken then proceeded to cut Kevin s thick blonde hair into a bowl cut of all things. The sides were almost shaved to the bone. These clippers were closer to edgers than regular standard home clippers. I just giggled because I knew when he returned to the ship in the morning he would be sent for another haircut.

As luck would have it, by the time Ken was done with Kevin, Eric had finished Steve s sides. He retrieved the hair clippers and proceeded to run them straight across the top of his victim s head. Curly brown hair flew everywhere. I could tell by the look on Steve s face that he was thoroughly enjoying himself. His drunken barber also had a look of glee in his eyes. Again and again the clippers ate through Steve s hair until it all lay on the grass. You could barely see the difference between the shorn top and shaved sides.

Steve brushed himself off and told Eric to sit. He was, however having second thoughts about the whole endeavor. A brief wrestling match broke out. Eric finally relented and took his place in the chair. The clippers again jumped to life and Steve eagerly but much more slowly ran them down the middle of Eric s dome. Eric wasn t enjoying this part as much as he did when he was the barber.

Steve took this opportunity to announce his intention to go and take a piss. Eric was a little agitated and somewhat resembled a crazed monk at this point. I grabbed the clippers and told him to sit back down. I relieved him of the rest of his hair before Steve returned from the John. The whole night turned out o be thoroughly enjoyable. I was the only one not to get a haircut though. I had used the clipper s on my own head two nights before. Too bad. I think I would have enjoyed having my cut.

The best part of the whole thing was that I got to fix Kevin s hair the next day when I was completely sober. He refused to let me shave his head or even touch the top. He ended up with a very high fade and about three inches of hair on top.

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