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Survey 3! by Mark McKarty

By request here's another survey!

1.What mens haircut is the trendiest in your mind.
A.The very long front and super short sides and back
B. The taper
C. Completely shaven.

2. You have been dreaming to cut someones hair forever, and you friend finally asks you too. He has very long hair, and says you can do anything to i as long as he leaves bald. You want to take it in as much as possible so you do...
A. A layered cut, then a business cut, then play with clippers, then shave him
B. Go crazy with clippers and scissors and have fun!
C. Just shave it all right off.

3. Have you ever cut your own hair.
A. Yes it went great!
B. No, im too scared!
C. Yes, i failed and the barber had to redo it. (If this happened leave in the comments what the barber had to do!)

4. You wake up in the morning, and want to do something impromptu but small to your hair, so you..
A. Shave your sideburns
B. give yourself a square hairline
C. cut your bangs 2 inches shorter

5. your a 15 year old boy. your known for long hair and everyone loves it but all you want is to get a clipper cut! you...
A. Wait till college and get it done
B. Do it over the summer
C. Chicken Out
D. Do it yourself that day

Let me know if you want more!

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