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Justin's BIG transformation by Christopher

Justin was 19 years old and was a nice young man. He was very clean and his body was thin and not very strong. He had wonderful long brown hair that flowed down to his shoulders. Justin wasnt quite gay in the scenes that he would get in bed with a guy and do it but wanted to hold a relationship with a girl. There was one thing he was sure of and that was his haircut fetish. He loved guys with super short haircuts. High and tights, bald fades, sexy mohawks and even dudes who had the balls to shave their heads bald. Justin being so conservative would never have been able to get a haircut like that, so he just admired everyone else who had short hair.

That all changed when Justin went away to college. His roommate was named mike and he was Justin's ultimate fantasy. He had huge muscles, large arms and rock solid chest with a pack of rock sold abbs below his massive pecs. Mike was lean and had a sexy body, but then there was his hair. He always maintained an incredibly short high and tight where the sides and back we're shaved down to stubble and the neck and sides faded out to skin. Mike also had one of his ears pierced with a large diamond stud and had a tribal tattoo wrapping around one of his biceps. It was such a turn on for justin but him and Mike weren't that close until the end of the year.

Towards the end of the year Mike talked about how he wanted to go to Miami in the summer and rent an apartment for 3 months. The only trouble was that he couldn't find a roommate to split the rent with, so a Mike got desperate and decides to ask Justin who he didn't really mind that much sharing a room with and all if he would like to join him for the summer. Justin was in shock, spending the summer with his ultimate fantasy?! He was absolutely interested but didn't want to reveal his excitement to Mike so he said that it sounded good and he was in.

Then Mike offered something that would change Justin forever, he said "since we will be spending a lot of time together hitting the beach and hanging out a lot maybe I should help change you a little. You know more like me, gain some muscles, get a little tan on and who knows maybe even a haircut." "The babes will be all over 2 beach studs and I think a little visible body change would be good for you and benefit us both, what do you say?" Justin showed a little smile and said "you know what I think I will do it. It sounds great." He was so ecstatic he could hardly breath. 'Maybe even a haircut' just maybe and he could hardly wait for school to get out. Then Mike said "alright later bro we got about a month and a half before we hit Florida so I'm gonna start your training tomorrow" as mike walked trough the door. Justin called back "see you then!"

Over the next month and a half Justing trained everyday with Mike at the dorm gym. Mike gave him plenty of protein drinks and his testosterone was through the roof. Facial hair was growing more rapid and so was his hair. Justin's muscles were getting huge and he could feel his cloths tightening on him as his muscles bulged out. His arms were almost the size of mikes and his pecs were looking nice. He gained a 6 pack of abbs and they looked carefully chiseled. Mike and Justin were becoming good friends especially since they were hitting the gym every day and eating together.

While at the gym Justin began to tie his hair back as it kept getting in his face and it would always get all sweaty. He now understood why jocks like Mike had such short hair. His hair was getting increasingly longer due to his testosterone and justin knew that he would be under the cape sometime soon so he let it grow and grow and thought he would let mike deal with it and make the decision. Meanwhile Justin just kept his face shaved clean and kept the mane tied back some days in a bun that's how long it got. It really showed his face tied back and he often flashed his nice smile that was fixed when he was young.

The day finally came and it was time to travel to their new apartment in Miami. Mike was wearing a tank top, showing off his arms ad a pair of shorts while justin just had on a track suit and kept his hair down. They got on the plane and flew to Florida. Justin was ecstatic and was hoping he would be told by Mike that he needed to get a haircut as soon as they got there. They arrived in Miami and walked to their new place and unpacked some of their things. As soon as they were done Mike came in and said he was going to get a good nights rest and said justin should too because they had a big day ahead of them. And justin did, he looked out their beach view apartment and then hit the sack with nothing but briefs suctioned to his bum and enlarged penis.

Justin awoke and rolled out of bed and went out to see if Mike was up. And he was crowing down on some cereal and he was naked except for his briefs that looked really good on him. Justin refrained from checking him out as he knew a bonner would show. Mike said "Bro your lookin good. Muscles are huge and you look almost ready to hit the beach. Just one thing though. Your hair. It's a mess and doesn't go with your new body. I've been looking pretty scruffy myself. What do you say we get to the barbershop and I can get freshened up and you can get a real haircut." Justin's heart heated so fast he nearly passed out, but held his composure. He was so excited to have the clippers to his head. "Yea I think we should go to the barbers my hair has been a real problem lately and I'm ready. I will leave the talking up to you I don't really know how to speak barber if you haven't noticed." "No problem man you got it, let me throw some clothes on and we can go."

The two were off together and got to the closest barbershop. The place was empty as it was only a Wednesday morning. Mike was first up as the barber called "next!" Mike was capped up and told the barber he wanted a high and tight with the sides and back shaved. Justin sat and watched as the barber fired up the clippers and ran them up the side of mikes head and continued shaving the back and then did the other side. Justin was in awe. Then the barber put a #1 guard and buzzed the top down. Finally the barber lathered up the edges of mikes head and shaved them clean with a strait razor. Justin was so horny. Mike looked so sexy as the barber removed the cape and mike emerged wearing his cut-off t-shirt and his haircut was so fresh and hot. It really emphasized his pierced ear and tattoo.

Then the barber called "next" and it was Justin's turn. He hid his boner best he could, but no one even noticed and he sat in the chair and was capped up. Then mike told the barber "my friend here is ready to get rid of his mop. Give him something like mine with the back and sides shaved the same way and the same length on top as mine as well. Don't be afraid to cut it off he is ready" "alrighty" said the barber as he spun Justin away from the mirror. He fired up his balding clippers and put them at the base of Justin's neck and moved the clippers up to the crown and then repeated around Justin's whole head. "Lookin super fresh J he is doing a real good job your gonna love it. Your a new man." Said Mike. Justin sat there watching his tresses fall to the floor and was so excited to see them go. He couldn't wait to see the new him. Next the barber snapped the guard on and clipped the top down and then razored the edges down to the skin like mikes. Finally his short beard that grew overnight was shaved smooth.

Finally the clippers stopped and the barber removed the cape. Before looking in the mirror justin felt his head. To him it felt bald but he could feel the hair remaining up top. Then in a flash he turned around and was in awe as the new him stared back. "This is amazing. I love it" then justin paid for both their haircuts and they went outside. The warm air hit Justin's newly shorn head and it felt so good. He thanked mike for making him do it. Just then Mike saw a sign next to the barbershop that said 'tattoos and body piercings' and mike said" hey J if you want to go all the way we could get one of those ears of yours pierced and who knows maybe a tattoo." Justin liked those words and happily agreed. A few hours later justin had a huge diamond stud in his ear and peeping out of his sleeve on his t-shirt was a half sleeve black tribal tattoo wrapping around his bicep. He felt so good about himself. Then the two studs headed home to their new apartment.

When they got home justin went to the mirror in his room and stripped down to just boxer briefs to check the new him out. He couldn't believe it was him. The muscles, the hair, and earring and even the tattoo. He loved himself and was thankful for Mike who had done this to him. Then in the doorway appeared mike and he too was just in his white boxer briefs. He walked in and stood next to justin " dude you look really good. I'm glad you did this transformation. You look like a rock solid stud." He said softly. Then mike felt the back of Justin's fresh haircut and rubbed it and said "oh yes this is nice, really nice. And your muscles are a real turn on for me." Then he felt Justin's biceps and leaned in and kissed him. He pulled away and said "I'm gay and I'm attracted to you. I saw your boner at the barbershop. I too have a haircut fetish and your new haircut is really really sexy." Then justin spoke and said "I'm gay for you too man. Your my fantasy. Your body and haircut is just so hot." Mike then said" how about he go kiss and admire each others short hair in the bed.....?" Justin replied" sounds good".

The end. Mike and justin continued to live together growing their hair and then cutting it and then growing it agin changing styles. They even both had their heads shaved bald. All the way. They loved the way it felt. They got Mohawks and then shaved them and then grew their hair to the high and tight that they both loved best and kept those and maintained them every two weeks. They constantly worked on their muscles and maintained their hotness.

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