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Survey 4 by Mark McKarty

Hi, I have a friend who needs some advice/help for future stories so please help by answering in the comments

1. What age do you think you are mature and skilled enough to give yourself a self haircut?

2. What guard # do you think is socially acceptable for a 14 year old?

3. What are your favorite types of haircut videos? (e.g. buzzes, flattops, shaves?)

4. Am I the only one who gets somewhat disturbed by woman extreme haircut videos? just wondering...

5. If you want the sensation of baldness or using clippers without actually doing it on your head, what should you do? (eg shaving legs, dolls?)

6. Does anyone else know about your haircut obsession?

7. Your son turns 5, and he says you can do his haircut. What do you give him?

8. Preffered babrber age? (20-30, 31-49, 50+)

9. In what other way do you fix your haircutting obsession? (not videos or stories)

10. Am I the only one whole cringes at the word fetish?

please answer. very important! thanks!

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