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A New Look for a Special Day by A Recruit

I had not seen my cousin Jeff for almost three years since he went to college. The last time I saw him he was almost 6'3" and had curly red hair. When I received an invitation to his graduation I was not surprised. When he called and asked me to come early because he wanted me to attend a pre-graduation party he was having with some friends, I said yes.

I got on a plane and arrived two days before his Big Day. Jeff met me. He had grown some and was more muscular, he even had his familiar red curly hair. But I would find out soon enough a change was coming for graduation. We caught up on the news we had to share at his parents. The next day he and four of his friends whom I met Josh, Brian, Greg, and Kurt had their pre-grad party.

I would find it to be more fun than I had expected. We went to a small cafe that was owned by Kurt's brother and a friend. They had given us a small room in the back to use and provided the food and drinks for us. During the time we all were eating and enjoying the brews', Josh made a comment in reference to my choice of hairstyle. You see I shave my head and have been doing so for the past five years. I told him I have come to prefer the look .Everyone started to chuckle.

Then Kurt responded "Jeff you should get your head shaved like your cousin. It would look awesome on graduation day. I was not aware of what they had in mind until later. Jeff seemed irritated and said "Oh sure me go for a baldy!" Then in a very serious tone he asked me "How would you like to see me bald?" I answered truthfully "I have always seen you with hair. I just could not see you bald. "

You can imagine my shock when his friends began to chant "We are going to shave you bald Jeff. " And then Jeff responded: "Okay if you all do it too. " I did not realize at the time but the five of them already had every intention of shaving their heads for their graduation. But none of their parents or even fellow classmates were of their plans.

Then before my very eyes Josh produced a bag with clippers, razors, and shaving cream. Josh took up the challenge and had Kurt buzz him down. The rest of us watched. I was especially in awe over it. In talking to my cousin I could not believe he was actually considering doing it.

Amazingly Josh was lathered and shaven as smooth as me. Kurt followed suit as Josh removed his golden locks and made him smooth. Next Brian and Greg followed suit. Then it was my cousin who asked me to give him his baldy.

I took up the clippers. He said "Yea shave me like you" I made short work of his red locks. Then lathered him up and shaved him bald like me. He really seemed to enjoy the whole thing as did his friends. However, their parents were not pleased to see their sons bald as cueballs for graduation.

My cousin really surprised me when he told me he might keep the look. He had never thought much of my own shaven head and now here he was admitting he liked it. Well, time will tell. I sure he will make the right choice.

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