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Always by Artesian

I'd never wanted to shave my head. I'd honestly never considered it. Head shaving was something that happened if you lost a bet or if you got drunk with a practical joker. It was something humiliating that your buddies could tease you about, something you were stuck with until your hair grew back. That anyone would WANT to lose his hair seemed strange to me, especially if it was an otherwise really good looking guy. Such was my attitude until my third year at third university when I hooked up with a really sweet guy in my philosophy class. His name was Joe, and from the moment we met I knew there would be something between us. Cross-classroom glances and study sessions over lunch quickly led to late night sessions of another kind entirely. As immediate as our connection was, we were still getting to know each other. Each discovering the other's likes and dislikes, learning to live with little quirks, and puzzling out just what put the other in that certain mood. What I loved was just touching him. I loved how he'd let me lay on top of him while we watched TV and how he'd always respond so willingly when I ran a hand inside his shirt as a signal that I was read for more stimulating activity.
Joe's major turn-on seemed to be showering together. It something we always did when I stayed over at his place. He was never so eager as he was after he'd washed my back and shaved off my night's growth. I began to take it for granted that such activity would to lead sex of some kind right then and there. It was usually a warm and gentle lovemaking to start the day by, but one morning was different. "Would you mind," he began as finished off my stubble and wiped a fleck of shaving cream from my cheek, "if I shaved off your sideburns?" I gave him a questioning glance; there was an odd quality to his voice that I couldn't quite place. "Never mind," he dismissed the idea. "Forget I mentioned it." "Well, if you really want to" I offered tentatively, not sure were this was coming from. "Really?" he asked with that same odd note to his voice. "It's no big deal." I shrugged. "Alright then, just hold still for a second." He reached for the shaving cream, shot a little into his hand, and applied a liberal amount to each sideburn. A few quick scrapes of his razor took care of first one and then the other, and he ran his fingers over the exposed skin in appreciation of his work. It was then that I noticed how turned on he was. "You wanna?" I offered with a gesture to my posterior. He nodded affirmatively, and I moved to exit the shower, but he caught my hand. "I know you like to use the bed for this, but I gotta have you right now." The odd note to his voice had become a tone of desperately desire. "Just brace yourself against the wall and hold on to the towel rack if you have to." I was a little surprised, but willing to go along if this was what he wanted. I braced myself as best I could, and he moved into position behind me. Spreading my cheeks with one hand, he aimed his can of shaving cream right up my hole. A quick press of the button shot warm lather deep inside me and I gasped at the sensation. Joe chuckled at my reaction as he lubed himself up with another shot from the can. "Alright, you better hold on tight now," he warned me, "Because I'm gonna have trouble holding back." He plunged straight into me then and I cried out at the incredible feel of it. Slow pumping of his hips quickly developed into a furious thrusting that left me gasping for breath. He hadn't been joking about the need for me to brace myself. I had to clench every muscle to stay on my feet, which left me acutely sensitive to his every thrust. I was pretty sore afterwards; he'd kept going for quite some time after I'd shot my load against the shower wall. But I never complained. It was probably the most intense sex I'd ever had.
"What brought that on?" I asked when we finally separated. "Well" he began, charmingly embarrassed for some reason. "Shaving just really does it for me." I stroked the bare skin where my sideburns had been. "Just shaving my sideburns did all that for you?" I asked, a little confused. "Actually," he blushed, "I was just thinking of how great it would feel to shave your whole head." "You'd like me better bald?" I tried to imagine what I'd look like minus my shaggy, sandy-colored mop, but couldn't make the image fit. "I'm quite happy with you as you are, thank you," he replied with a smile and a kiss. "But I'd relish the experience of shaving your head and I hope you'll want me to do it for you some day." He kissed me again, more passionately this time, and ran his hand through my hair. I wasn't sure what to think. I didn't like the idea of shaving my head, but I'd loved what the idea of shaving me had brought out in Joe. I'd have to give the matter some serious thought. Joe never brought the subject up again, but I knew it was still on his mind. I liked Joe a lot. I loved him. But I wasn't ready to go bald for him. I felt a little guilty about that, but guilt wasn't enough to make me want to go bald. As a sort of compromised, we'd role play. I'd be the barbershop customer looking for a head shave, among other things, from sexy barber Joe. He lather up my head, coating it so completely with shaving cream that not a single hair showed through, then make as if to shave me bald. There were a few intense moments now and then when I though he was actually going to go through with it. He'd go so far as to press the bare razor right up against my hairline before giving it up to ravish me with the desperate desire that the idea of shaving me brought out in him. Eventually I had to admit; thinking Joe was really going to hold me down and shave me bald was kind of exhilarating. I was beginning to appreciate Joe's fetish, even if I didn't completely understand it. I tried to think of other compromises I could make. "Would getting my hair cut shorter do anything for you?" I asked as we passed a barber on the way to lunch one day. I could live with a short haircut, even a really military style one, just so long as I wasn't actually bald. As long as it excited Joe, the sacrifice would be worth it. Joe stopped in his tracks at my words, cleared his throat, and untucked his sweater to cover the area beneath his waist. "That would be great," he replied hoarsely, though he need not have spoken at all. So for a special present, I gave him a home haircutting kit and the go ahead to do his best or his worst for me in terms of a shorter cut. We set up shop in the bathroom at his place. I sat on a stool in font of the mirror, naked except for the makeshift barber's cape tied around my neck. We'd just showered together, shampooing my hair in preparation, so Joe was naked as well and quite obviously aroused. "You're sure this is OK?" he asked repeatedly, occasionally running a hand through my damp, soon-to-be-shorn mop. "It's OK, I'm sure," I replied. "If you botch the job I can always wear a baseball cap for a few weeks." The words were spoken jokingly, but I was half serious. Anticipating the worst, I'd actually gone out a bought a cap the day before and I fully intended to use it should the need arise. "You're really sure?" Joe asked again. "Positive," I reassured him one last time. With a determined nod of his head, he reached into the kit and pulled out a comb and scissors. He took a step back then, and simply stared, as if unsure where to begin. His indecision was short lived however. After only a moment's hesitation he set to work, hacking off hair like there'd be no tomorrow. Since he'd chosen the comb and scissors instead of the clippers that had also come in the kit, I had assumed the Joe hadn't meant to go too short. I was subsequently more than a little startled when his first few snips took off all but about a centimeter of my bangs and left my forehead completely bare. The surprised arc of my eyebrows stood out vividly on my brow as my severed forelocks slid down my cape to the tile floor below. Had Joe noticed my shock, he probably would have put an end to things right then and there, but so absorbed was he in his work that the incident passed without notice. He was working from front to back, harvesting my hair in a way that suggested the cutting itself to be more far important than the end result. That didn't bode well for my hair by the time he'd finished, but the sacrifice seemed to be achieving the desired results. Joe's erection looked almost painfully stiff, and I'd developed one of my own, hidden though it was by my barber's cape, of the same desperate intensity. I couldn't tell if I was simply responding to Joe's enthusiasm or if there was just something inherently exhilarating about being shorn like a sheep, but I felt more of a sexual being then than I had at any over point in my life I bowed my head as Joe finished off the back and stared in amazement at my severed locks, scattered across the bathroom floor. I'd never realized what a hairy guy I'd been. I began to wonder how much of my looks had been dependent on my shaggy mane and what I would look like without it. Without meaning to, I found myself lifting my head to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. "Hold still," Joe almost ordered, and pushed my head back down. My erection poked up at me through the cloth of the cape. It trembled visibly and leaked as Joe hacked of the last few inches of my hair. "There, I'm done," he announced at last and set the comb and scissors aside. "Take a look," he prompted. I lifted my head. "Oh, my god," I gasped as I met my reflection. I could barely recognize myself. Joe had given me the shortest, most incredibly thorough haircut he could possibly have given me. A rough, all-over buzz performed with comb and scissors. There wasn't slightest chance that it would pass for anything except a complete hack job. "Touch it," Joe suggested removing my barber's cape and setting it aside. I was almost afraid to. It was so severe. I looked like it might bite my hand off if I wasn't careful. Joe however felt no such hesitation. He stroked the prickly mess on my head and actually moaned in pleasure. I rose at his prompting and he sidled up behind me. A second hand joined the first, running again and again over the bristly remains of my mane, and I felt his erection leaking against my skin as he ground it against my back. He was in such a state of bliss that he once again failed to notice my utter shock. I was frozen, transfixed by my own image. I was transformed. I was trapped. My hair was so short. It couldn't be combed or gelled or styled in anyway. It was stuck just the way it was, a ridiculous remnant of what my hair used to be. Even a cap wouldn't help; I'd still KNOW what lay underneath. I began to wonder if it wouldn't be better to be rid of my hair entirely, and without meaning to, found myself speaking my mind. "Shave it off." Joe froze, his entire body tensed as rigidly as his erection. "Say that again," he whispered hoarsely. "Shave," I stuttered. I couldn't believe what I was saying. "Shave my head, Joe." His body became lithe again at my words. He turned me to face him and pressed his mouth to mine. Joe's kiss was powerful enough to leave me breathless and weak in the knees. He had to support with one arm while he plugged in the clippers with the other. Our erections touched, and the pre-cum coating them mingled together in a wonderfully warm sensation. I felt like I was dreaming. But I was about to wake up. The harsh buzz of the clippers hit me like a bucket of cold water as I abruptly realized the full depth of what I was getting myself into. If I let Joe shave me bald tonight, he'd want to shave me again in the shower in the morning and again every morning thereafter. And I knew, with dread certainty, that I would want him to. Sex and shaving were becoming one in my mind, the way they were in his. With this last step, the changes that had been occurring within me since Joe had first confessed his fetish would be cemented. I'd never be the same. Neither would my hair. "Wait!" I gasped and pushed away. But I was too late. Joe flipped the clippers off as I spun to the mirror. I shook my head in fevered denial at the broad streak of exposed skin down the center of my forehead. "It's too late," Joe whispered apologetically and turned me back toward him. He pulled me close and rubbed his erection against mine, but tears welled in my eyes. "We have to follow through," he whispered, pressing his lips against the stubbly strip on my head. I choked a little as he flipped the clippers back on but I knew he was right. There was no choice now; I had become a bald man with that first stroke. He flipped the clippers off again when he had shorn me to his satisfaction and began stroking my scalp with his hand. "It's alright," he whispered. "It's alright. Just hold in there and you'll see." "I'm, I'm BALD!" was all I could choke out. "Yes. Yes, you are," he whispered hoarsely. I felt his erection tremble as another stream of pre-cum leaked out. "You're bald, and I love you," he declared all at once. "And I want you to shave my head too." I started to protest but he silenced me with a finger over my mouth. He'd come to a decision and would not be dissuaded. He flipped the clippers back on again and--as I just about choked--shaved a broad streak down the center of his forehead. He flipped the clippers of again and smiled at me. "You've gotta follow through now. You can't be so cruel as to make me go out in public like this." He smiled again and I couldn't help but smile back. "I guess I have no choice," I replied shakily, and accepted the clippers from his outstretched hand. When I hesitated to flip them on again he kneeled down before me and took my erection into his mouth. I gasped and pushed him off. "Stop; I'll cum!" I exclaimed in a rush. "Then hurry up and buzz me down," Joe chuckled. "I'll never forgive you if you cum so soon." He inhaled me again then, and I moaned at the ministrations of his tongue. I wouldn't last five minutes at this rate. I set to work and my fastest and Joe was shortly reduced to sandpapery perfection. He released me only second before I would have lost it and chuckled when I sighed in relief. "Alright, now it's my turn," he began, shifting to a camp style position that left his erection jutting straight up. "Sit down on my lap so I'm inside you," he instructed. "Like this?" I asked, squatting to position my hole over his erection. "Almost," he said, then clapped his hands on my shoulders and pulled down onto him. I cried out as I was basically impaled by his erection with nothing but his pre-cum to act as lube. "I'm a lot of man, eh?" he teased and flexed his erection inside of me. I bit my lip, stubbornly holding back a moan of pleasure, then flexed the muscles in my butt in as much of a milking action as I could manage. He moaned, unable to contain himself, then grabbed onto my erection and gave it a hard jerk in retaliation. We went back and forth like that, me milking and Joe jerking in a sort of competition, until Joe abruptly released me. "I surrender, I surrender," he declared, his chest heaving. "If we don't stop now one of us is going to cum and I don't want that to happen until AFTER we've shaved each other smooth." He was right. The transition from shaving to sex had come so naturally that I'd forgotten that we'd buzzed each other only a few minutes ago. "Turn on the water in the tub, will you?" Joe asked, reaching for his shaving cream. "And grab a couple razors out of the drawer too." I got the water running with a minimal of fuss, but reaching the razors was more difficult. The drawer was just about out of my reach, and Joe was dead set again letting me pull off him. I had to really stretch, but I managed to snag a disposable for each of us. "Give your scalp a coupled splashes of warm water," Joe instructed, shaking up the shaving cream. I did as he asked, then bent my head down so Joe could lather me up. I felt him leaking within me while he coated my head to excess, obviously relishing the experience. He smiled serenely as he gave my creamy head one final stroke. "I've wanted you just like this for so long," he sighed. "You're a beautiful sight." I couldn't help blush. I picked up and shook the can of shaving cream while he rinsed his hands in the tub and gave his own head a few splashes. "Be sure to use a lot," he told me, wiping a drop of water away from his eye. "I want the whole experience. Lots of lather and a thorough shave." "Alright," I replied, pressing down on the button and adding to the mound in my hand until Joe was satisfied that I had enough. I set the can aside - then it was almost empty - and plopped the heap of lather onto Joe's head. He squeezed his eyes shut and stroked his head against my hands as I massage the shaving cream into his scalp. He reminded me of a cat, luxuriating under its master's hand. He even seemed to purr. I rinsed my hands when only when I'd completely coated every inch of Joe's scalp, then picked up a razor. "Should I shave you first?" I asked. "Yeah, go for it," he replied, panting a little. "Shave me smooth. I wanna be completely bald." I needed no further prompting. I pressed the blade up against his hairline and stroked it straight back through. "Oh god, yes," he moaned as the first patch of smooth pink skin was exposed. I couldn't resist the urge to feel it with my free hand while I rinsed the blade with the other. I was amazed by how completely smooth it was. There wasn't the slightest bit of friction between my skin and his. "God, it feels so good," he moaned again, and strained to thrust his hips. His attempted thrusting continued as I shaved him, and I slowed my pace so as not to nick his scalp. "No, faster," he panted, thrusting again. "But -" I began and gasped as he grabbed onto my erection and gave it a hard jerk. "Hurry!" he pleaded and continued to jerk me off. Now I was on the verge of cumming as well. I picked up my pace out of sheer necessity as I began to leak profusely. "Good, good," he panted and began feeding me the droplets that landed on his hand as a reward. I licked his fingers clean as I scraped the last few inches of stubble from his head. "Done!" I announced in a rush. The next instant I was on my back with a very bald and very desperate looking Joe looming over me. He'd managed to stay inside while we shifted and stayed that way while he rolled me into a doggy-style position. His chest heaving and erection throbbing inside me, he snatched up his razor, pressed it against my hairline, and hesitated. "Tell me you want this," he whispered hoarsely. "I need to hear you say you want this." "I want this! I do!" was my instant reply. He thrust into me then and I practically choked on the raw sexual pleasure of it. The razor, however, hung perfectly still above my head. "Say the words," he begged. "Tell me what you want." "I want you to shave my head, Joe!" I cried out, still reeling with pleasure. "Make me bald! Shave me smooth like I shaved you! Please!" He thrust into me again and so powerful was the feeling that surged through my body that I actually began to cry. "Tell me," he swallowed against a lump in his throat, "tell me I can keep you this way from now on!" I choked. I couldn't form the words. This was it. The critical point. I had to make my choice. Either be Joe's eternally bald boyfriend or normal. "Please!" Joe pleaded, thrusting into me for a third time, then a fourth and a fifth when I continued to choke. Sensation beyond anything I'd every imagined myself capable of experiencing racked my body and I knew as certainly as I'd ever known anything that this was what I wanted. "I want to stay bald!" I cried out, tears streaming down my cheeks. "I want you to take my hair and keep me completely smooth from now on! Please, Joe! PLEASE! Shave me now!" "Thank you," Joe whispered hoarsely and pulled the razor straight back across my scalp. I came right then and there. It was an orgasm like none I'd ever experienced. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see, all I could do was feel, and what I felt was nothing sort of the ecstasy of complete and absolute fulfillment. My juices spurted forth again and again as Joe scraped my head clean, creating a growing puddle beneath me. I collapsed into that warm puddle with the final stroke of the razor and immediately fell into a deep semi-sleep from which I was only vaguely aware of Joe's glorious thrusting and the wonderful sensation of his juices filling me. My mind was elsewhere, absorbed by a single perfect truth. I was bald. Some time later, I awoke to a wonderful sensation. Joe was stroking my head, softly, sweetly. He was still on top of me and, surprisingly, still inside me. "Awake?" he asked as I stirred. "Yeah," I murmured sleepily. "This is a nice way to wake up." "I hope I'm not crushing you, but I couldn't pull out. You seized up on me when I came and I've been sorta stuck since then. Not that I mind." He chuckled. I hadn't realized until he mentioned it just how tightly my butt was clenched. "Sorry," said, relaxing the muscles. "No problem," he replied, though he sighed in relief as pulled out of me. He got the shower running as he rose to his feet. "We'd better wash up before bed." "Yeah," I agreed as I rose and found tufts of my hair glued to my chest with my cum. "Whoa!" Joe exclaimed when he caught a glimpse. "Your cum is better than Rogaine! I gotta get some!" "Sorry," I replied, "but our supplies are completely exhausted at the present." "Can I get a rain check?" "Sure," I laughed and stepped into the shower. Joe joined me a moment later and set to work scrubbing me down. Only now there was a lot more skin to scrub. "Can I really keep you bald forever?" he asked hesitantly as I rinsed off. "It's alright if you've changed your mind." He seemed to have already decided that I had and looked pretty disheartened. "Joe, I don't ever want to have hair again." I declared as forcefully as I could. "I want to stay bald and I want you to be the one to keep me that way. OK?" "OK," he replied, practically beaming, then something seemed to occur to him. "Have you seen your head yet?" he asked excitedly. "Not yet," was all I got out as Joe scooped me up, carried me out of the shower, and planted me in front of the mirror. I gasped at the sight of my reflection. I'd seen myself with Joe's severe haircut and with a streak buzzed down my head, but I hadn't seen myself since I'd been shaved. It was remarkable. "Just try and tell me that you're not the hottest guy you've ever seen," Joe dared proudly. I couldn't. My scalp was flawless and so smooth you'd have thought I'd never had hair at all. Fresh from the shower, it glistened slightly and, without hair, the previously obscured contours of my face stood out prominently. My jaw was square, my neck thick, and the top of my head perfectly round. Joe looked sexy bald, but his hair had always been pretty short. I'd been walking around with a regular mop on my head so my transformation was far more incredible. "I look like...like...," I uttered in amazement, unable to express what I saw. "You look like sex," Joe finished for me, wrapping his arms around me possessively. "And you're all mine." "Always," I pledged, stroking my head against Joe's chest. "Always."

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