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Dylan's haircut by Paul

Brandon entered the gate to his new Chicago college. It was his fifth new job in less than a year as a college teacher. His belonging to the “Keep America Clean” made it necessary for him to be on a constant move.
He was greeted by the headmaster who led him to his new class. The students waited his arrival with great anticipation.
Brandon greeted the students and presented himself and asked the students to do the same. Already at that point his experienced eyes had caught one of the students in particular….
The students rose from their places in turn and told their names. A shappy looking crowd not at all to the liking of Brandon. Hippies and skaters many of them wearing saggin jeans. Nothing at all like a “Nice and clean American youth” – a shame to their country he thought – while the students got ever closer to the one, who has caught his particular attention.
Now it was his turn. “What a disgrace to America” Brandon thought as the very skinny young man rose from his seat. “Dylan” he said. Brandon took a good long look at him. The boy looked disgusting - blond hair all over the place. Parted in the middle flowing down to his shoulders and beyond halfway down his back and to his breast in front. If ever a guy looked like a girl …..
Brandon couldn’t resist the temptation: “How come you have such long hair Dylan?” he asked.
The boy turned red all over his face of shame. “I like it that way Sir” he answered.
“I don’t but that will soon come to an end” Brandon thought to himself but he didn’t say anything and the presentation continued.
During the rest of the lesson Brandon watched Dylan – the boy all so proud of his awesome mane. Reaching for it all the time, throwing it around and getting hair into his face all the time. “Disgusting” Brandon thought to himself. “Early action is really need here”.
In the evening Brandon went for a meeting at the local branch of his nationwide club “Keep America Clean”. This club gathered good solid Americans all over the country who were ready to stand up for good old American values: Respect for law and order, fight for your country, be proud of your country and keep America clean.
Brandon had already been to meeting in several other American cities. He was proud to be one of those who stood up for America. The meeting started. Around 100 people participated. Men and women alike. Good decent Americans of all ages – honest hardworking men and women who wanted to keep Good own country clean. Among them were several military men in particular marines.
After the meeting Brandon approached three marines. “I have a subject” he said. “A really really bad one. A complete disgrace to his country”.
Brandon arranged for the marines to come to his college the next day.
Next day the three marines waited outside the college as agreed.
Brandon had asked Dylan to come with him for a private lesson, which the boy had agreed to.
As they walked out the gate of the college, the three marines approached them.
“Good afternoon Sir” they greeted Brandon.
“Good afternoon gentlemen” Brandon answered - while Brandon stood behind him looking as if he didn’t feel comfortable at all in the company of the three marines!
“Sir your son’s hair is far too long. He needs a haircut” one of the marines said.
“Well this aint my son. Dylan is a student of mine. But I do agree. He needs a serious haircut”.
Dylan looked as if would faint right on the spot. He felt dizzy and couldn’t believe his own ears.
“Son – you come with us now” another of the marines said and grabbed Dylan by the arm before he had the time to react.
“You will get a haircut son. You are a disgrace to your country with that mess”.
Dylan was so chocked that at first he couldn’t say a word. Him so light and skinny was no match for the big, tall strong marines. They each grabbed him by the arms and dragged him away.
Dylan finally managed to protest: “No way I’m gonna get a haircut dudes. NO stop let go of me”.
But his skinny arms were so weak that the marines hardly noticed his struggle. And they all just laughed at him.
“Easy son. Everything will be all right. One we have that ugly mess cleaned up you will feel so much better and proud of yourself”.
“Dudes stop this pls. I’m proud of my long blond hair. It’s so beautiful. I love my long mane. Don’t cut it dudes pls”.
The men laughed at the boy’s begging and dragged on with him.
They stopped before an oldfashioned barbershop with a barber poster and a big sign: “Keep America Clean – get a haircut today”.
Dylan’s blood froze to ice as they opened the door to the barbershop and pushed him inside.
It was a one chair only barbershop – a chair with red leather seat and leather straps attached to the armrests and footrest. The barber – a man around 55 years old - was dressed in a white uniform.
“Hello Bill” the marines greeted him. “We have a customer for you”.
The barber looked at Dylan and all of his wonderful extra long blonde hair.
Boys you know I don’t cut ladies hair” he said.
The marines and Brandon all laughed.
“Bill whether you believe it or nor this is not a girl – behind all that dirty s**t hides a boy. It’s your job now to cut your way through that jungle and find that young boy”.
“Are you boys serious! You mean to tell me that that disgusting mop actually belongs to a boy!!!”
They laughed again. “Yeah hard to believe we know. But let the clippers do their job and you will see”.
Dylan tried to protest: “Dudes come on pls. I don’t want no haircut. It has taken me five years to grow my awesome mane this long. I don’t want to part from it. I love it so long”.
“Shut up hippie” one of the marines said and they pushed him towards the chair.
Dylan tried to put down his heels to the floor to stop them but they just lifted him up and carried him to the chair. The skinny boy felt so humiliated.
They placed Dylan in the chair and quickly strapped him to the armrests and footrests. Now he was tied down to the barber’s chair.
He felt so helpless and humiliated that tears started to stream from his eyes.
“Ohhh look sissy boy is crying now. Don’t cry boy. It’s only hair. It will soon be over. And you will feel proud and free of all that disgusting mess”.
The barber went behind Dylan and gathered all the lovely long blonde hair in a tight ponytail which he twisted around and festened on top of the boy’s head with two big hairclips.
He applied the neckstrip and caped the longhaired boy with an enormous white cape that covered the skinny boy completely. Then he let down his overlong blonde mane.
While the barber started to brush out the magnificent mane Brandon explained to Dylan why he had to have his long girly hair cut.
“Son America needs to be strong, proud, self confident, believe in her values if we are to survive in this world. We can’t alove America and good solid American traditions to go down. America must be kept clean and sharp. Therefore boys like you can’t be allowed to mock the good name and reputation of America by running around with long hair. Long hair are for girls and girls only. A real American boy has a HignnTight recon.
“Bill proceed with the haircut pls”.
Dylan sat in the chair helpless and chocked. His legs trembled. His stomach was in pain. He was at the point of fainting of fear. And his mouth was all dry. He couldn’t say a word!
Then the shop filled with the horrible metallic sound of clippers! The barber had turned on his Oster 76 with a 000 blade.
He went behind Dylan – took a last look at the magnificent blond mane that flowed all the way down the back of the barber chair. And then he dicked in the clippers to the fantastic mane.
Dylan coundn’t control himself anymore. He sobbed and cry as his beautiful long blonde hair started to fall to the barber’s floor. The barber pushed his head down to his chest with a firm grib and let the clippers work their way all the way up from the base of the nape to the top of his head sending TONS of blond hair to the floor.
The barber worked fast and with great experience. The amount of long blonde hair on the floor kept growing completely covering the floor all around the chair.
Finally the barber turned of the clippers and the only sound heard was Dylan sobbing in the chair.
The floor was completely blond! And in the chair was a skinny boy with a HnT recon.
The marines let him out of the chair.
Brandon said” Son now you look sharp and clean. Keep it that way for you and America”.
Dylan left the shop sobbing while Brandon started to think which city he should move to next.

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