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The Old Man by Jimmy

It has been six months that I have shaved my head good and tight. I was in need of a good short cut, so I want out to find a good old barber to do me right.

I have been traveling around upstate New York for sometime and have been taking notice of some of the Barber shops in the small towns. I found one that i felt was just right.

It had displayed in the window old time clippers and the shop dated back to the time when barber shops were just for men.

I walked inside and took notice it was a two chair shop but only one Barber was working now. The Barber was wearing a blue Barber jacket his hair was white and cropped short. He was working on a young man about my age and he was giving him a nice short crew cut. I said to my self "this was a good choice.

I took a seat and took in the sites. It was not long before I was next. The guy got up out of the chair, walked over to the register and paid the Barber."You have a good day Bill and I will see you in a month".So I now know the Barbers name is Bill.

"Okay young man your next". I love that command.So I headed up and took a set. I could still feel the heat in the chair from the last guy. I wanted him to know that I was ready for a good shearing and he was the man to do it.

" How are you today young man"? "Ok and you , I will feel a lot better once I get rid of this mop on my head. Take it off , I can't deal with it any longer".

"You want a crewcut"? " "sounds good to me"." It's good to see you young guys getting a good short crewcut". "For years men were looking like women"."Do you shave with a straight razor"? "Been doing it for years". Could you shave the back and sides for me"." How hight"? "As hight as you can go". Just leave a little on the top".

The next thing I felt was his hand On the top of my head holding it tight and he took the clippers up the side of my head. he went one pass after another. Hair was falling all over. All I could hear was the sound from the big clippers as he worked them around my head. It was very intense as I seat in the chair having this man holding my head tightly shaving off all my hair he did not stop he just keep shaving and shaving and the hair kepted falling and falling. He would move my head around so he could do his work." Can you shave it high over the top in the back". "I will, I first want it take off all the bulk". He kepted shaving and shaving.It felt so good, It was just him and I. "So how long have you been a Barber"? "47 years"."WOW", a long time".I have been giving short hair cuts like this for years, I feel men should have a good clean look". I could not of said it better.

Next came the top. He wet it down with a spray bottle and I cuold feel the water dripping down my newly shaved head, how cool.He took his hands and ran them over my head pulling the hair on the top of my head back wipping them down the sides and back of my head. next he stood to the side of me tilted my head up and told me not to move. I could feel him running the clippers over his comb and working from the front to the back.he did this about three times and each time I could feel him going closer and closer to the skin.

" Can you give me a landing strip". "I sure will. I am giving you what is called a Horseshoe crewcut. Have you ever had one"? I played stupid, NO." "This is a real Marine cut, I give it to all the cops.

Well, he kept shaving and I just seat and enjoyed his work he had a good firm grip and was not shy on cutting tight I made a good choice and found out that all the state troopers go to Bill. I left with a super tight Horseshoe crewcut . The side were skin and he even shaved the langing strip to the skin I just had a little hair left on top and from the back I looked bald. It was a real man experience.

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