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Tony My Helper by John

I own a small contracting business. Tony is my helper. He is 70 years old, 5' 5" an is from the old county. I feel he sometimes has a hard time taking orders from me but I am the boss.

One day when I was picking him up for work, I notice his sons and grandsons all haved shaved heads.

I commented on it and he told me "I give all my boys hair cuts and I have been doing it since my sons were bone. Back in My county my Father would shave our heads every week because of lice, so I started to do it to my boys and now I do it to my Grandsons".

I have short hair but not that short I always wanted to cut it that short but could not get the nerve. All day I could not stop thinking about asking Tony to give me a haircut. I think he would make a great barber. Tony, were do you give your haircuts?

" In my garage".

If I knew you were a Barber I would of asked you to give me my haircuts.

" I will give you a haircut , I will give you the best haircut you have ever had. You come to my house tomorrow and I will fix you up."

What kind of haircut will you give me?

" I will give you the same haircut I give my oldest son."

What is that?

"A Horseshoe crewcut".

That's short.

"Naaa, That's a nice haircut, you look good with a short cut.You come tomorrow I will take good care of you."

I really wanted to do this , I was not sure about the haircut, I wanted to get a crewcut and felt this could be a good time to do it . I also some how look at Tony as the Father I never had. So what the hell it will grow back.

The next day I got up put on my jeans and a T-shirt and headed over to Tony's. When I got to his home he was in the garage.

Hey Tony ,

"Come in I was just getting setup."

He had a pair of clippers hanging from the ceiling, it remined me of the scene in the movie , Midnight Express. I was not to sure about this.

" Have a set on the stool and you need to take off that T shirt".

You have some setup here.

"Naaa , giving a haircut is no big deal, 123 it is all off and you feel, like a new man, you see."

With that I took a set on the stool and took off my T shirt. He put a big cape tight around my neck it coved me and the stool to the floor. I could feel the blood stopping in my neck. Next he grabbed the clippers that were hanging he then put one hand on the front top of my head and pushed my head down into my chest. He had a very firm grip. Tony not to short.

" You want a haircut right than that is what I will give you."

Next the clippers were turned on and I could feel him moving in closer to me. He put the clippers at the base of my neck and pushed them right up the back of my head he did not stop he pushed them over the crown and down the top of my head , stopping halfway. Apart of me was liking it and a part was not sure what I was doing or how was I going to look. He just keep shaving and shaving holding my head down tight, I could not move. Tony did not say mush as he was giving me my haircut he started humming and would just command me when he needed me to move my head and hold still.

After he skinned the back of my head , he started shaving the sides he shaved all the way up over the top. When he was down with the back and sides all I had left was just a patch of hair on the front part of my head.

He then took some grease and rubbed it all over my head he greased up the patch of hair left on the top of my head and with scissors started chopping off what hair I had left.

I could not see what he was doing but I know I was going to be bald .

" this is a nice haircut , you will like it my son likes this cut he has been getting it since he has been in the Marines. Now he is a cop". It will make you look like a real Man."

He just keep shaving and shaving , what hair could I have left , I could feel the heat of the clippers digging into my head and the hole time he was shaving he keep his hand tight on my head.

You like giving haircuts?

" I like to see a man with a nice clean cut looking haircut , I think it makes his look good and all boys should have a good short crewcut boys don't like to clean their hair so if you shave their head then all they have to do is wash it like the rest of their body.

When he was done I took my hands and started rubbing my shaved head I could not believe I had on more hair, Just for a buzzed patch of hair on the top of the front , my headwas bald. I looked liked a Drill Sergeant in the Marines. I liked it. I knew Tony looked like a good Barber and gives a good short haircut.

From that point on Tony has been shaving my head once a week and I am loving it. I some what feel like He is the Father I always need.

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