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the true me finally comes out by Adam Stefanacci

One Saturday I decided I needed a new electric razor despite breaking all other ones I owned So I went to target and was looking only at ones that were foil shavers I had finally decided to shave my head completely again. I see a cheap electric razor that comes with various attachments including a foil shaver so I put it on a credit card and walked back "home" razor in tow.
As I do with all electric razors I tested it once I got home to get the feel of it. So I started shaving my head did not care for how much it left normally. So I decided to try the foil shaver attachment I stop turn it of and looked at what it did and said this is a keeper. I then went on and shaved what I could off however it ran out of battery life I Had to endure having a few stray hairs leftover. Someone else looks for nicks and okays it.

A week later I see my hair growing at a really fast rate I decide to shave again. This this time I went back and forth over every spot afterward I run my head under water for that awesome feeling of a fluid running over a bald head. I was then look at myself in the mirror and on other reflective surfaces. My first reaction was Wow I'm really Bald. Then for a moment I felt glum and disappointed I had no hair on my head.I finally come to the realization You've wanted this for a couple of months just love it for what is. After about 3 minutes of just staring at my reflection. i decide it looks good and I should do it a thrice a week. It might be bold but if I look like this for the rest of my life I'd be okay it

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