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Why? by Recruit

Back in my college days my roomate Greg was always being kidded about his long hair.Greg wore his hair long and was forever grooming and preening it. His thick red hair fell to his shoulders.Most of us myself included wore our hair much shorter. We suggested Greg try a shorter hairstyle.

It was on his 21st birthday that things changed for him. A group of us went out to celebrate his birthday.After returning back to the dorm Greg fell asleep. While he was sleeping we got a pair of clippers and shaved a swath from his forehead to the nape of his neck. Right down the very center of his head. Next, we shaved it clean with a razor. Greg slept through the whole thing.

When he awoke the next morninghe was furious.He screamed "What have you done to my hair!"

We all laughed and said "It was the only way toget you to cut your hair." He was not not pleased at all with us. Asking "WHY? WHY?"

He could not believe we had done such a thing to him. He only saw the shaved strip.Greg said "Now I am going to have to shave it all off."

Greg took the clippers buzzed off the rest of his hair and shaved his bald.

We apologized for our deed. Greg wanted nothing to do with our action.

As time went on Greg started to grow his hair back. But then much to our surprise he decided he liked the look of his head shaved. And from then on he maintained the look and shaved his head on a daily basis. We had to admit Greg looked cool with his head shaved.

Even his girlfriend admitted she liked him with the bald head. Myself and a couple of others decided to shave ours as well. I let mine growin but ended up shaving it again a few years later and keeping it shaved.

I saw Greg awhile ago and he still has the great looking shaved head. We both admit we like the look and intend to keep our bald heads.

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