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The Competitor by Paul

As usual Dylan had spent hours and hours on his precious mane. Fondling and pampering it. Washing it, drying it, brushing it, admiring it….
Everyone could tell the boy had a serious hair fetish. He was completely obsessed by the beauty, length and volume of his crowning glory: The magnificent mane flowing all the way down around him to below his chest.
He caressed his thick golden locks over and over again naked in front of the huge bathroom mirror wanking his rock hard dick.
“My God you are beautiful” he told the golden haired boy in the mirror. “If I could I would be your lover and boyfriend all my life. You are so f***ing hot and lovely with that exceptional long and beautiful hair. I want to get my hands of that impressive mane”.
The boy kept speaking to the longhaired blonde in the mirror admiring the length and thickness of the hair from all angles turning around, throwing the mane around, turning his head upside down and up again watching the waterfall of golden locks streaming all around his body.
He couldn’t hold back anymore and came in the bathroom sink in front of the mirror.
He quickly took a bath, dressed and brushed his mane into a high ponytail which swung back and forth with every movement he made – and soon he had a very big boner again from the feeling of the enormous blond tale swinging around him.
Dylan went to the party and as usual he immediately attracted a lot of attention – positive and negative alike – from both girls and boys.
Dylan enjoyed the attention immensely. Swinging his giant blond ponytail around him and bragging: “I know I have the best looking mane in the whole college. Remember dudes I was voted by best hair of the year here last year. And I’m certain to win again this year. And all the years to come while I’m still in college. My amazing mane of blonde hair is so awesome that no one can compete with it. I have grown it for five years, and it’s so thick and long and so well groomed that I could easily make advertisements for shampoo. I’m a f***ing hot hair model homies”.
The hair boy walked around the party showing of his ridiculously long blonde ponytail and bragging about it all the time: “Hey dudes my hair is the most gorgeous and beautiful sight you’ve ever seen. It’s invincible. Ain’t never gonna cut this wonderful head of long thick blonde hair. No one’s coming any near my mane with scissors or clippers”.
Many of the guys and girls present at the party just laughed of this ridiculously looking and behaving boy with over over long blonde hair in a girly high ponytail. Others got aggressive and hissed at him: “Go get a haircut faggot. Get a real man’s haircut sweetie. Look like a princes with that hair – disgusting, awful, filthy mop….”.
But there were also those who admired his gigantic mane: “That mane of hair alone makes you hot dude. Wow your hair is beautiful. Wish I had hair like that. Want to bury my hands and my …. in that mane. Aint ´never seen hair so long and thick and beautiful as yours”.
For each compliment Dylan’s cock grew in his pants and his head blushed of pride. And he made an extra big swing with his enormous tail.
Just then a group of guys from another college joined the party.
There were four of them. And they immediately attracted ALL attention (which Dylan of course noticed right away with anger and envy).
And the four guys really stuck out. All dressed in black leather boots above their knees like musketeers, black leather pants, black T-shirts and black leather jackets their appearance alone merited the attention.
But the clothes alone didn’t count for the attention they attracted. Their hair did!
All of them wearing manes beyond description and belief!
The first a blonde with curls all over his head streaming down his shoulders and back ending in beautiful ringlets just above his very well formed ass.
The next straight thick all black hair parted in the middle and hanging all around him to his ass.
The third the most beautiful red color of overwhelming beautiful long hair in enormous curls flowing all around him to his ass.
But then there were the fourth guy. Unimaginable beautiful. A glory of blond hair shining around him. Extremely short straight thick cut bangs well above his eyebrows. And extremely thick straight blond hair flowing around him past his shoulders and chest. Past his waist and crotch. Below his ass and all the way down to his knees! Completely covered in extremely thick well groomed blond hair shining with extra glory on the back ground of his black leather jacket and pants.
His face rivaled that of a prince. Unbelievably beautiful.
The four longhaired guys pawed their way to the bar and made their orders. Everybody in the room stared at them and whispered about them. And it was more than visible how much they LOVED the attention they attracted.
Poor Dylan looked at them as well. And threw his ponytail around – but nobody really cared and looked. Everybody was watching the four super longhaired guys at the bar.
Dylan could feel anger and envy grow within him. “I have the most beautiful awesome hair of all dudes. I will show them how f***ing awesome my mane is” he thought to himself and started to move towards the bar.
As he approached the bar he once again threw his enormous ponytail around and made sure that it hit some of the four guys. “Hey dudes look who has the most awesome long beautiful hair here tonight” he bragged and made another swing with his enormous tail.
The four longhairs turned their heads to the bragging ponytail. They didn’t even bother to comment his glorious long tail!
Dylan filled with anger and envy deliberately targeted the guy with the knee long blond mane and hit him with his gigantic ponytail. “Hey you – you think your hair is so special. But this awesome mane – that’s special” the poor lad bragged. “I was voted best hair in my college last year dude and no one but no one can beat me this year”.
The guy with the extraordinary long blond hair smiled indulgently to Dylan and turned away form him and continued his conversation with the other super longhaired guys.
It was the last straw to float over for Dylan. He approached the knee length blonde and pulled his mane! “Hey dude. I’m talking to you. You listen and don’t turn away from me” the high ponytail said aggressively.
But this time his bragging and provocation just went too far….
The wonder boy with the knee length hair turned around quickly and slapped Dylan´s hand so he dropped the hair he held in it. He grabbed both of Dylan’s hands and held the skinny boy very tight.
“Nobody – and I mean NOBODY – touches my hair boy! You understand that boy?” He stared Dylan – who was suddenly caught by fear – right into his eyes.
“You see boy this hair is special. VERY special. In fact there’s no such hair any other place in the whole wide world. You get that boy?”
Dylan looked in horror into the deadly serious eyes of the knee haired boy.
The knee length haired boy easily held both of Dylan’s hands, who was so weak and skinny, by one of his hands. With the other he grabbed Dylan’s enormous high ponytail – and pulled it hard.
Dylan with tears in his eyes of pain yelled: “Let go! Let go of my hair”.
But this just made the other guy pull the ridiculously long thick ponytail even harder pulling Dylan’s head close to his mouth.
“You see boy. You’ve just made a mistake – a very grave mistake. You’ve touched my mane without permission – and you challenge my hair rule with this pathetic little tail. I can’t forgive you neither. So you will be punished boy”.
Dylan still held by the very strong over longhaired blond guy and pulled by his colossal pony tail felt humbled and humiliated being absolutely helpless with the other guy in complete control.
“I will have to teach you a lesson boy” the knee length mane said with a menacing voice.
“It must be a lesson that you do not forget. Let’s see. Anybody has any suggestions?” he looked at the three other very very longhaired guys.
“How about you guys? What do you think we should do to teach this boy a lesson so he doesn’t walk around bragging about his ohh so precious unique mane and show it of and pretend to have the best hair”?
The guy with the incredible red hair spoke first: “Only one thing to do Rick. Relieve the guy of that filthy disgusting pathetic mop on top of his head”.
The black haired seconded: “Yeah looks awful – thin, short and not well groomed. Do the guy a favor and release him of that pain”.
Rick looked at the third guy with his awesome blond ringlets: “Mike – what do you suggest?”
The ringlets smiled: “I think the poor guy should be taught a lesson he will never forget. I think he should have that pathetic ugly tail hacked of and afterwards be shaven to the skin. That might keep him from bragging for a while ha ha”.
Rick now turned to poor Dylan still being kept in a tight vise and all red in his face.
“Now boy it seems we have come to a verdict. For your offences you will have your head cleaned”.
The other three guys rapidly grabbed Dylan and led him to a chair. Nobody among the spectators lifted a finger for Dylan. In fact quite a lot of them looked forward to the upcoming event! And the rest didn’t dare to utter a word.
Dylan himself tried to struggle the best he could – but alas in vain. The skinny weak boy was no match for the four strong fit longhairs.
They pushed him into the chair and tied him down with big ropes. Poor Dylan sat all helpless and without being able to move at all in the chair.
The high ponytail swayed from side to side as he tried to get free of the ropes – in vain.
“Let go of me dudes. Release me NOW!” the redheaded guy in the chair cried in desperation and anger.
“LET ME GO. This isn’t funny anymore. I’ve learned my lesson. I will not brag to you about my hair anymore. Now release me pls”.
They just laughed at the enormous pony tail helplessly awaiting his fate in the chair.
“Now boy you sit still. We don’t want you to be hurt now do we” and Rick showed an extremely sharp pair of silver scissors to Dylan.
“These scissors are very special boy. The can cut through anything – and I litteraly mean ANYTHING” he went behind the chair and grabbed Dylan’s huge blond thick ponytail.
“Now I will demonstrate how sharp they are boy” and by that he placed the blades right at the nape of the gigantic tail.
“STOP dude pls. Do not do it pls. Don’t cut my hair pls. It has taken me five years to grow it so long and beautiful” Dylan begged with tears in his eyes and panic in his voice.
“Well boy its kind of late you realize that bragging to the wrong people abut your hair can have serious consequences” and then Rick squeezed the blades of the ultra sharp scissors together.
All that was heard was Dylan sobbing and the snarling sound of the scissors as it cut its way through the enormous ponytail. All though extremely thick the scissors cut its way as a knife through butter.
And with the final cut the fabulous tail was released and Rick held it high in the air as a trophy. The crowd cheered and Rick let the fantastic tail dangle in front of Dylan so he could see his own cut of gigantic ponytail!
By the sight of his beloved mane in the air above him he busted into tears.
Rick threw the ponytail in Dylan’s lap – where it landed on the already hard rock cock.
Rick stepped aside and left the scene to the red haired wonder.
He stepped up to Dylan.
“Now boy I will clip you with these hand clippers!” he tried his hand clippers in front of Dylan.
Dylan who was now sobbing didn’t know what to say – paralyzed in horror.
The red haired started clipping Dylan’s still rather long mane of hair. He used the clippers skillfully and with great efficiency. TONS of blond thick hair fell down Dylan’s body into his lap and formed an enormous pile of cut hair on the gigantic tail.
Dylan sobbed while his former precious mane of long thick blond hair was reduced to stubbles.
When finished he sad amidst all his shorn blond hair with a head almost bald. Only blond stubbles remained.
Rick now asked the guy with extremely long black hair to step forward.
“Now he can’t walk around with a head full of stubbles like that. Do the poor boy a favor and release him of them”.
And then Dylan’s head was completely covered in white shaving foam and the razor went all over his head leaving him with no hair at all! The black haired guy polished Dylan’s head till it shone.
The fourth guy now went up to Dylan and released him from the ropes.
“Now boy we hope you’re finished bragging about your ugly mane. This is real long hair” he tossed his wonderful mane and pointed at the three other guys.
“We are the rulers of long hair here. And we don’t accept any pretenders or braggers. You understand that now boy?”
They left Dylan at the chair amidst all of his shorn blond hair and went back to the bar.
And poor Dylan gathered his shorn mane and pony tail and headed with tears in his eyes for home.

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