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The Worst Home Haircut Ever! True Story! by Recruit

It had been a while since I last went to a barber for a haircut. My mother was firm believer in home haircuts, she loved to cut hair. Actually she wasn't all that bad. Once in while though, my father would do the honors and cut our hair when my Mom wasn't available. I am the only one of three sons that actually likes getting haircut. I believe that my personal appearance is very important but I never want to go too short. During the summer months, my dad would always buzz us to the skin seeing how it was going to be hot. I hated it. I loved my hair and I couldn't stand to loose it. I would find myself putting a hat on in the morning before I could even look at myself, and not take it off unless I was taking a shower. I did this religiously since I was eleven and I made a point never to see the actual buzz cut. It worked, I never saw it except for the first time that I was buzzed, this when I first discovered I hated it. From that moment on, I never looked at myself in the mirror unless I had hair or a hat on. One summer, my dad went away on a fishing trip. My brothers asked my Mom on the last day of school if they were going to get their normal summer buzzes.

"NO WAY, as long as I am cutting your hair, its nice and long, how I like it." Said Mom

This usually meant a crewcut, I liked the crewcuts. I went out with some friends one day and while I was gone, my Mom gave my brothers their haircuts. When I got home, I asked her if she would cut mine and she said no. I am going out the door, you can do it, the clippers are in the top of the closet. I am only 14 years old, I didn't even know how to turn them on. So everyone left the house and I got the clippers out. I couldn't find any of the attachments. I called my brothers cell phone to see if he knew where they were, he is only 16, he said he didn't know, just buzz it like we did. I said no way!

"Mom didn't buzz your heads, you are lying!"

"no, when she was cutting our hair, dad called and said we were to be buzzed when he got home so Mom buzzed us." Said my brother

"OK, if you say so"

I have always been afraid of my dad. He wasn't home very much but when he was, he was very stern! So I got the clippers and took them up into my bathroom. I plugged them in and turned them on. The buzzing scared me so I immediately turned them off. I went into the closet and got out a towel that I put around my neck. I went into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. This is one time I wished my dad was home. I pinned the towel around my neck and picked up the clippers. I then turned them on. How could I do this to myself? I have to otherwise my dad will get mad at my Mom when he gets home. So I decided to do it. There I stood in front of the mirror with my clippers in hand ready to do something to myself that I hated more then anything. I started with the sides, I pushed the clippers up the side of my head and all I saw was skin. I was terrified. I rubbed it and all i felt was sandpaper. I almost cried. I continued around my head, the sides and the back, leaving no hair what so ever. I started at myself in the mirror, I looked so pathetic. Then, I knew what I had to do now. I picked up the clippers and set them at the bass of my forehead. I was trembling with fear when pushed the clippers right down the middle of my head revealing only my scalp. It was then that I started to cry. I continued around head until there was not one hair left anywhere. When I finished, I took the towel off and swept up the hair. The strangest thing is I didn't even put my hat on. I sat in my chair rubbing my hairless head, sobbing because of the torture I just put myself through. Then I heard the door open up. My Mom walked in. She was sooooo mad at me. She yelled and yelled wanting to know what I had done to myself. When I told her what my brother had said, she got even more mad. He was lying! My dad never called and they had their regular crewcuts.

When they got home my mother called them into the bathroom were I was sitting. She told them to explain themselves and wondered why the hell they would do something like that?

"Well, we didn't actually think that he would do it, we were just joking."

"Well, he did do it and now you guys are going to have to pay the price," said my Mom "Sit down now" she directed my first brother.

She then handed me the clippers and told me to do to them what I did to myself. I had no problem with that. I put the towel around my first brothers neck and seeing how his sides were already nicely buzzed, I took the clippers and glided them right over the top. I continued until there was no hair left. I repeated the same on my other brother.

The next day, my dad came home and complimented us on our haircuts, he was very proud until my Mom told him what had happened. He then called all three boys into the kitchen. He directed me to come over to him as he pulled a cloth off the counter top. SHAVING CREAM and RAZORS! Oh no, he was going shave my head. Just then he directed one of my brothers to sit on the stool he had sitting there. He told me it was time I had learned how to shave. He instructed me what to do as applied the lather to my brothers head. I then took a fresh razor and glided it over the top of his head. Nice and smooth for both of my brothers. My dad said that they had to let me do this to them every other day until further notice. He didn't give further notice until we had went back to school, i had a fresh new head of hair, and the boys got teased all the way home from school.

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