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Andrew's Haircut Adventures by Andrew Smith

This is a series of some of my real-life adventures. A few names, not all, have been changed. A few incidents have been modified slightly but most of them are real. This story contains strong language and adult references.
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"How short?," asked the barber with a thick Russian accent. Andrew was wondering what to say. He loved his long hair but knew he had to cut it.

Andrew had moved to New York after finishing up college in the Midwest. A closeted gay man in his early twenties, he was enjoying life in the big city. It had been a wonderful two years for him: he had found a nice walk-up apartment in a gay-friendly neighborhood and a well-paying job at an accounting firm.

He had a great head of hair which complimented his looks. His dark brown hair had grown to his collar. He loved playing with it. He had a sexual fantasy for haircuts, especially short and drastic ones. Shaved heads were a delight to him.

New York City had many beautiful men. It was the spring of 2014 and undercuts were still popular. Undercuts were his new favorite. Seeing the extremely short sides and back contrast with the longer floppier top was a feeling he enjoyed. He fantasized imagining how that man must have gotten his hair cut initially. The clippers must have been set to a #1 or #2 attachment and must have plowed through the thick dense mane of hair, removing all the long hair to reveal the short sides and back that are characteristic of an undercut. Being a non-radical haircut, many young men were sporting it, as opposed to a mohawk or a horseshoe flattop. He loved those as well but the number of men wearing those was far lower.

"How short?," repeated the barber. For all that Andrew could think, he did not want his lovely locks to be shorn, especially his bangs. He loved them. But he knew he had to cut his hair. His hair was growing long and Mr.Rusakov had had enough. He would be pissed if Andrew did not show up to work with a shorter haircut.

David Rusakov was a senior manager at the small accounting firm that Andrew worked at. A military veteran, Mr.Rusakov was always well-dressed. He wore a three-piece suit to work, usually in dull shades of brown or gray with his suspenders and bow tie. He wore his hair in a medium buzzcut and rarely let his hair grow longer than that. That was one of the things Andrew was somewhat turned on from during his job interview with Mr.Rusakov. Andrew fantasized working for Mr.Rusakov hoping to see him get a shorter buzzcut. And that would happen. Every other Monday morning, Mr.Rusakov would come in to work, make an appointment over the phone with his barber and get his buzzcut tightened to a #2 or a #3 during lunch. A strict disciplinarian, Mr.Rusakov was particular about his employees' appearances.

For the last three months, David Rusakov had not been in at work. After his car accident, he had been in rehabilitation at home. This is when things got relaxed at his workplace. People in Andrew's team started showing up late to work, himself included. They dressed a bit casually on certain days. Mr.Rusakov's rules were pretty much relaxed in his absence. That's when Andrew let his hair grow longer.

Back from his rehabilitation, Mr.Rusakov was indeed very pissed on his first day back at work to see things in such a disarray. Not much progress was done on some of the projects and the pile of work had increased. Andrew sat right outside Mr.Rusakov's office and seeing his long hair from his desk chair, Mr.Rusakov had yelled at Andrew to "get a proper haircut, for God's sake. We have to meet clients. Your hair is covering your ears and has reached your shoulders! That is against our employee policies: a neat groomed appearance must be maintained."

And now here he was in the barber chair. He knew what he wanted: a undercut with the top very long, tied up in a small bun just above the crown. The 'undercut bun' as he knew it. He had already tied the top of his hair in a bun. All the barber would have to do would be to use a #1 clipper and take out the hair on the back and sides. Not much skill required. He could have done it at home himself. Two things had stopped him from doing that: the mess that would be on his bathroom floor and the possibility of watching other men get their haircuts at the barbershop. He was unsure he would have been able to cut his beloved hair by himself in any case.

It was a bright Friday morning of a long weekend. Almost all people had this Friday off, followed by the usual Saturday-Sunday weekend. The streets weren't very busy. Andrew was walking up and down the street passing by the barbershop hoping for it to get busy. It was a three chair traditional barbershop with three Russian barbers. He saw from the window that the last chair was occupied. The guy was getting a tight butch. Another guy with a short buzzcut was being seated in the first chair. His haircut was just going to begin. Guessing by the length of his hair currently, Andrew realized that he would go for a closely cropped haircut. A flamboyant man was sitting in the waiting area speaking with the guy in the last chair, most likely his boyfriend. Andrew seized this opportunity to enter the barbershop. This way, he would maximize his chances of watching two good-looking men get really short haircuts.

Just as he entered the barbershop, the barber for the first chair had turned on the Andis T Outliners and was running them up the side of the customer's head removing all the blonde hair in its path. It fell in chunks on to the white cape. He was getting a tight butch too. The only available chair was the middle chair and the barber had motioned him to sit there. The barbers weren't the usual chatty kind owing to their poor English. They always asked blunt abrupt questions to get instructions from their customers and then they would get on to their business. Andrew liked that. He got to focus on his haircut and those of the other men around. This was like some dream for him. Surrounded by two good-looking men getting their heads shorn while getting his own haircut.

Oh yes, what was he going to tell his barber! He was confused between getting a #1 and a #2 on the sides and back. "A number 1 on the sides and back please. Take off all this long hair," he said while grabbing his untied hair. "Do not touch the hair on the top. I want it to be tied in a bun like this. Just trim the sides and back to a number 1." Listening to him give the instructions, the guy in the first chair turned his attention to Andrew in the mirror and gave a small smile. Andrew returned the favor by flashing a small grin. He was nervous. The barber switched the blade on the clippers and in a very non-chalant manner, fired them up. He had no concern or affection for Andrew's long locks. Soon they would be on the cape. But this was one haircut that Andrew wanted. He loved the contrast between the long hair on the top and the buzzed sides. When tied back into a bun, it would look professional enough at work as well. No hair would cover his ears or reach his collar. He would still be able to maintain his long bangs. He loved playing with his bangs. He knew it would look modern and stylish. Damn, he would look sexy.

The barber combed the hair on his right side and with his clippers aimed at the base of his sideburns and quickly ran them on his right side. Long black straight hair fell onto his shoulders and some on to his lap. He gasped slightly. He wasn't so focused on the other customers now as much as he was on his own haircut. The barber continued working through the rest of his right side. His hair cascaded down and fell on the white cape. He was getting restless but knew that the barber was doing a good job.

By the time the barber had moved to his left side, he saw that the customer in the last chair had gotten his haircut, was putting on a baseball cap and paying the barber. He left with his boyfriend. The customer in the first chair was staring at Andrew in the mirror transfixed on the haircut that Andrew was getting. 'Who wouldn't like to see such beautiful hair being shorn,' Andrew thought. Indeed he was correct. It looked amazing: the stark contrast between the hair tied up in the bun and the sides and back buzzed to a #1. It was also amazing to see a guy go through such a radical transformation - buzzing off all the long hair.

The first barber was done with giving his client a haircut and showed him the back of his head with a hand-held mirror. "Looks good. Thank you. It was so relaxing to get my hair buzzed, I need to refresh. I will be sitting at the coffee shop next door getting some nice coffee," said the now almost bald customer in the first chair. The T Outliners had done a great job of removing whatever little hair had grown on his head. He looked nice when he smiled. Andrew knew what his statement about the coffee shop meant: it was an invitation for Andrew to join him at the cafe next door. The customer paid his barber, smiled again at Andrew in the mirror and left.

Andrew's barber was busy going up and down the buzzed sides again. He asked in broken English with a heavy accent, "The top is too long. You want me to cut it down to a #3 or leave spiky with scissors?" 'What an idiot! He doesn't understand style,' thought Andrew. He soon realized that this is a traditional barbershop and the other two barbers had given fresh tight butch cuts to their customers. This was not a place for stylish hair. "No, don't touch it," Andrew snapped. He should probably get the split ends cut. Surely, the barber wouldn't mess that up and still leave his hair long enough to tie up in a small bun just above his crown. "Actually, just remove the split ends. Don't cut it any shorter," warned Andrew. With this, he removed the black hair tie he had used to tie his hair. The hair all fell down over his buzzed sides and back. It looked exciting, to say the least. Through the long dark hair, you could see the buzzed sides. Andrew knew how hot that looked.

The barber dampened his hair with a water spray bottle and started snipping off the split ends with a pair of scissors. Tiny bits of wet hair fell onto the cape and contrasted with the long dry strands of his hair already sitting them. He combed through Andrew's hair, ensured he had cut it evenly and then brushed off the loose hair. Andrew promptly tied up his hair in the bun and secured it with the hair tie. He looked at himself in the mirror. He looked just as he had imagined he would with the haircut. Actually, he looked much better. He thanked the barber, paid him and left. Before leaving, he took a look at all the hair on the barbershop floor. It was his hair. A lot of his beautiful tresses were gone. The barber was sweeping it away and stepping on it. Stepping on his beautiful hair which he had cared for so long for so many months! Oh well, he still loved the end-result. He had dreamed of this haircut for a long time and had been growing out his hair for a few months, in Mr.Rusakov's absence, just to be able to tie his hair in the bun. He ran his hand through his short sides and back and tried to control his dick from getting harder. He loved the feeling. It was a stylish and sexy look for him and he knew he looked hot.

Andrew debated whether to go into the coffee shop after his haircut. He did not need any coffee, that much he knew for sure. The thought of the handsome freshly-buzzed man waiting for him over there excited him. He had not had many gay adventures. He was still hiding in the closet. For strangers, he would accept his sexuality at times. He would visit bars frequented by gay men and had sexual encounters on a couple of occassions. He would openly give signals to other gay men. He still had hesitations about opening up to people he knew. But he had to satisfy his sexual needs. For that, he had to accept his sexuality to other gay strangers.

The coffee shop was a quaint small cafe he had been to a few times before. The coffee shop was gay-friendly indicated by a small gay pride flag sticker on its glass door. He mustered some courage and entered the coffee shop. It was dimly lit and almost empty, spare for a couple sitting at the entrance sipping their drinks. The city almost always emptied for long weekends. Most people preferred taking a vacation to take advantage of the three-day weekend and those who had family and friends near New York, visited them. Searching inside, he almost immediately spotted the freshly butched man sitting in a dark corner. He looked up and smiled at Andrew and then pouted his lips. Andrew ordered a small cup of iced coffee from the only barista in the coffee shop. He took his coffee and went to the corner where the almost-bald man was sitting. He stood in front of him. This was a corner of the shop where no one could see them.

"Nice haircut. I am Jake," introduced the man with the tight butch who was still sitting. "I like yours better. I am Andrew," and with this, he mustered more courage and raised his hand and rubbed Jake's buzzed head. A chill ran down his spine making his dick harder. "The Andis outliners have done a good job," he remarked. Jake was a bit surprised seeing Andrew touch his head. He liked the feeling of Andrew's palm on his head. "Have a seat," invited Jake pointing to the seat next to him. Andrew complied. "I like how your long hair contrasts with the short sides and back. The hair you have tied up looks so sexy." With this, Jake felt Andrew's buzzed sides. He undid Andrew's hairtie and loosened his hair. The beautiful hair covered the shorn sides and back. The tingling feeling of the hair against his own skin excited Andrew further. He again raised his hand to feel Jake's head. He leaned in and so did Jake. They kissed for a brief moment and looked into each others' eyes. Both smiled. Andrew's heart was beating very rapidly. It seemed like Jake was a pro at picking up men. Jake leaned in again and started kissing Andrew. Andrew was a bit hesitant but continued. He let Jake take the lead. He resumed rubbing Jake's head and started getting a hard on. The tight jeans that he was wearing weren't helping hide his boner. He loved the feeling of sandpaper of Jake's head. It felt amazing and made his dick harder. Jake pulled back Andrew's long hair and held it with a tight grip. He grabbed a couple of ice cubes from Andrew's iced coffee and rubbed them over Andrew's shorn sides. The cold ice rubbed on his shorn head further intensified his heartbeat and gave him an unbelievable feeling. He followed suit and took an ice cube from his drink and rubbed it on Jake's shorn head. Jake smiled. He had a wonderful smile. The 'sandpaper' head felt amazing. The ice melted fast from his head and streaks of water ran down his head. Andrew licked the water on his shorn head. The sandpaper felt amazing on his tongue.

He could continue this all day along. Alas, he knew that Jake was not looking for real love. He just wanted to have some fun. Andrew himself was not ready for coming out in the open and having a boyfriend. He was looking for some fun as well. A lot of thoughts flashed through his mind. He was trying so hard not to come. His tight jeans were actually bothering him. His dick was feeling trapped in there and he felt like he wouldn't be able to control it. He stopped abruptly. "I can't do this," he cried. "No, you can baby. You are doing fine. Stay on," pleaded Jake. But Andrew knew he would come and it would be awkward in a coffee shop if anyone else came in.

Just as he was thinking of it, a straight couple walked in to their part of the cafe and sat in a different corner across from them. Andrew stopped kissing and tried to gain his composure. His heart was still beating rapidly. He tied his bun with the hairtie while smiling at Jake. Jake wanted more, he could see. Andrew quickly kissed him and excused himself. Jake thought he was going to use the restroom. But Andrew headed straight for the main door. Jake saw the silhouette of the small bun walk out of the coffee shop. Andrew looked back once, smiled and left.

Andrew felt relieved. He had an amazing day so far. A great haircut with his sides and back buzzed down to a #1, watching two guys get butch cuts and then making out briefly with one of them. Yup, his day was going great and he somehow felt that it was just going to get better...

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