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Taking my haircut into my own hands... by Brad

Taking my haircut into my own hands...and all the way down

I was way overdue for a haircut, and for someone with wavy hair like mine, it gets nasty. The first thing I did was to consider how I wanted it cut by looking at prople around me; since I had just gone to the movies, I decided to have it cut like the guy from that 70's show in his new movie, with clipped sides and over an inch and a half on top. It looked pretty nice, but still sour with my previous overgrown hair, I decided to go for something shorter to be safe. This time I found a picture of a guy who had clipped back and sides and finger length hair on the top. At this point I was getting into a new style altogether, but it was still pretty long, and since short hair should be uniform, I went for my first buzzcut. The buzzcut was a cool experience, but the number four was still too long! I would have kept cutting, but at this point I had exhausted the poor lady cutting my hair.

It didn't take long, thanks to online beauty supply and Buzztown pictures, before I was using my first pair of clippers to halve my hair. I thought I was done, so I took off the attachment and went to check it out... a little uneven...blindly, I reached for the zero and slammed it into my head.

The zero is different than all the others for a number of reasons. On Buzztown's picture site it is the only cut that looks a little odd, not too odd on the dark-haired kid, but perhaps a little freakish on this blondie. The number zero also cuts differently; scraping and making high pitched cutting sounds, it is definitely sharp. To my surprise, once I had evened it out, I decided that I definitely like the number zero buzzcut! My reccomendation: go all the way, and in the spirit of the Army induction cuts which so interested me, you might end up being all that you can be!

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