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Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 2 by Andrew Smith

This story contains strong language and adult references. This is in continuation of the earlier story with the same title.

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Andrew left the coffee shop. His haircut was stylish and sexy. He loved the feeling of the buzzed sides and back and the long top tied into a bun. When he walked back home, many guys were checking him out. Women didn't seem to appreciate such a haircut, although there were very few women in this predominantly gay neighborhood. He opened the door to his walk-up studio apartment and then ran to the bathroom.

He saw himself in the mirror and took off his clothes. He got an instant boner looking at the short sides and back. He rubbed the short sides and then his dick. He came almost immediately. This was the shortest his hair had ever been. He wanted to try different things to get other men with hair fetishes turned on. He contemplated wearing a cap loosely to show the short sides and back and make other men think he has all his hair cut short. He would do something similar. Whenever he saw a guy wearing a cap with buzzed sides, he would pray for the guy to take his cap off with hopes to see a bald head or short top. He loved his bangs and that's why, seeing someone with short bangs or with a shaved head excited him. Not knowing what is under the cap was a mystery for him. Knowing that most likely it will be something short, guessing from the short sides revealed from under the cap, built up some excitement for him.

But he had such a sexy haircut that he definitely wanted to show it off. It was mid-afternoon. A lazy one at that. Not much was happening around the city on this long weekend, it seemed. He expected his gym to be somewhat busy.

His gym was a gay man's paradise. Beautiful sexy men with huge bulging muscles. Most men would crowd the weight area and strut their nice asses around. They would lift heavy weights and bulge their muscles. The majority of them had short haircuts, some with shaved heads even. Being in a gay neighborhood, a sizeable proportion of the gym clientele were openly homosexual. Andrew would love spending time in the locker room as well, where he dressed and undressed slowly to lengthen his time there. Some men chose to walk around naked, while some would wrap themselves with a towel around their waists. When it came to changing into their new clothes, or even taking off them before heading to the showers, they had to drop the towel and reveal their dicks and butts. Being a closeted gay man, Andrew rarely had sex. He was hungry for it. Just seeing a naked man in the gym turned him on. To be fair, it would turn on most gay men given that the nude bodies were almost perfect with well-sculpted muscles.

So today, he went to the gym. Being a long weekend, it was going to close earlier than usual. Owing to this, sadly, the gym was almost empty. Most gym members probably knew this and had planned their workouts accordingly. There were a couple of guys in the weight area, but most seemed to be on the verge of leaving. There was a guy with a short crewcut running on the treadmill. A high and tight was doing bench presses. A shaved head with a couple days of growth was walking around wondering what workout to do next. An undercut was chatting with his floppy-haired buddy. Oh yeah, and there was a woman in her late seventies working out on the stepper. Andrew jumped on to a stationary bike. From there, he could see the entire area of the second floor. Instead of seeing a surge in the number of hot men with hot haircuts, people were actually leaving. He must have worked out about 10 minutes at the most. Working out there was not his agenda in any case. He decided to go to the locker room and lurk around there.

As he entered the locker room, he was greeted by a perfect flattop entering right before him. The guy had a nice landing strip. Even after working out, his flattop had maintained its shape. That must have been some strong pomade. Andrew thought of talking to the man about his haircut. He contemplated remarking how he was surprised that the flattop maintained its shape despite working out and sweating in the gym. He was going to ask what products he used and how he maintained his haircut. Then, he was going to lie to the man that he wanted to get one too, ask him for his barbershop and do random hair talk. He was thinking about saying all this. The man just opened his locker, took his bag out and left in an instant - before Andrew could say anything. Andrew was hoping the guy would take off his clothes, shower and then put on fresh clothes, thereby giving him enough time to initiate a conversation. Sadly, that didn't happen so.

A little disheartened, he took off his clothes, wrapped a towel and decided to take a shower, hoping to see someone there. He went to the shower area. There was a series of shower stalls next to each other. Across from them, there were multiple sinks for use. Next to this, was the steam room. The shower stalls seemed empty. There was no sound of water and no towels hanging outside. He spotted someone's razor and a can of shaving foam next to one of the sinks. This was quite common during the weekdays. Many men would go early to the gym, workout, shower, shave and then go to work. Many would go to the steam room, help open the pores and then shave. Then jump into the shower, change and go to work.

Since there was no sound coming from the showers, the person must have been in the steam room. He entered the steam room. His heart started beating faster. There was a beautiful man in his late twenties with a well-trimmed beard and a shaved head sitting in the steam room with just a towel placed loosely on his lap to cover his genitals. There was no one else. He was muscular, well-sculpted and had huge pecs covered with a thin growth of hair and a nice six pack of abs. His nipples were pierced and there were small tiny rings in them. His shaved head had slight stubble, like a day's growth. What excited him was the association he made between this guy and the shaving kit outside. He had a proper beard and a mustache. He definitely was not going to shave it. That meant the shaving kit was for his head. The guy acknowledged Andrew as he took a seat across the baldie. Andrew tried to be cool but was looking at the guy through the corner of his eye. The guy got up, leaving his towel on the wooden bench. He had a massive dick that was hanging down. Despite being somewhat hairy, his dick, balls and crotch were shaved clean. The man pushed his hands against a wall and stretched his body out. He was completely naked. Andrew kept on staring at his perfect tight butt. After a minute of stretching exercises, the man went back to his seat, grabbed the towel, held it in front of his dick and left, without wrapping it around himself. He proceeded to go to the sink. Andrew changed his seat inside the steam room so that he could get a view through the glass door of the man at the sink. The steam was low and the glass door had little condensation on it. He could see outside clearly. The man grabbed a small towel and proceeded to wash his head with water. He then shook his shaving foam can and sprayed it on to his palm. He applied the shaving foam to his bald head and then began massaging his head with his fingers. No wedding band, he noticed. 'Well, at least the guy is not married.,' he thought. He could be single and maybe, gay. How many straight men get their nipples pierced compared to gay men? Andrew wasn't sure he knew the statistics. He felt the scales tipped more in his favor and that most likely, this man was gay. Andrew's heart started beating faster. The guy was standing naked, with no towel or anything. Andrew saw the man take his razor, place it on to his head and shave from his crown to his forehead in clean neat strokes. The shaving foam was cleared, removing any stubble in its path. He shifted his attention to the sides of his head. He shaved them clean with clean strokes down from the crown to his hairline. Andrew wanted to go out there and observe it up close. But he didn't know what to do and how to just hang out by the sink without any real intention.

One thing he knew: he just had to go out there and do something instead of just wasting time. He had already missed an opportunity with the flattop. This was a shaved head actually shaving his. He couldn't let this opportunity go to waste. He got out of the steam room with his towel tightly wrapped around his waist and greeted the man. He went to a sink next to the guy and splashed some water on to his face. He thought of some way to talk to him. He lied, "You seem to have missed a spot on the back of your head." "Did I? Geez, thanks man!," replied the guy. He moved his razor over the back of the head and added, "You see, I just recently started shaving my head. I am still learning. I am even scared to shave against my hair growth direction." "Oh, why don't I help you out and point to where the spot is," replied Andrew. Andrew swiftly stood behind the man and touched his bald head from behind and pointed to a spot on his head. The man was a bit startled when Andrew touched him. "Here, you need to shave here," he pointed out. There was no missed spot there,but Andrew then proceeded to rub the back of his head. He felt it. The guy was a bit taken aback. He asked haltingly, "Um, uh, um... what are you doing, man?" Andrew quickly replied, "Oh, sorry, I was just seeing if there were any other missed spots. You see, until last year, I used to shave my head everyday. I thought I could give you a couple of tips about head shaving since you are a novice." Another lie. The guy seemed to believe him. "Oh, sure. Thanks, man," came the reply. "You see, I had really nice hair. But then, I got hooked on to the beard craze that everyone seems to have gotten over the winter. I liked it, looked very manly. But it just seemed to be too much hair on my face and head. I looked like a bear. Hahaha. I wasn't going to shave my beard. I have been growing this for some time now. I never thought I could grow a full beard, but here it is. There is no way I am going to shave this baby so easily. It took a long time for the patches in the beard to fill in. So, last week, when I went for my usual haircut, I told my barber to shave my head completely bald. I have been trying to maintain it by myself, but it is difficult on the back of the head." Andrew asked, "Wow, that's a pretty radical change. How long was your hair at that time?" "You know, the standard business man's look. Not too long, not too short," he replied. "Oh, I am Pete," he added extending his hand for a handshake. Andrew introduced himself. "How did it feel to get your head shaved the very first time?," asked Andrew. Pete replied, "Phew! I was very nervous, to be honest. I did not know what to expect. I had never shaved my head before. Buzzcuts, yes, but not bald with a razor. But I had made up my mind to shave it bald, so I just did it. I couldn't believe that I had the courage to tell my barber to shave me bald. My stomach was in knots. The barber took his clippers and all the hair was gone in less than 2-3 minutes." Andrew was getting hornier listening to the description. Pete was already naked. Andrew asked, "What does your girlfriend think about your headshave?" This was a trick question. He was hoping to hear the answer he wanted. And he got it. Pete quickly replied, "Umm, I don't have a girlfriend, man. I am gay. But no boyfriend, either. I must say that my gay friends were surprised. Most of them appreciated the look." He blabbered on for some more time about what his co-workers said. Andrew was not paying attention. He was deciding what to do next. His doubts had been confirmed that Pete was gay and single. Andrew interrupted him saying, "To maintain the look, you should wear your bald head proudly outside to get some sun. No hats. Use sunscreen on your bald head." He rubbed Pete's bald head when saying the last sentence. His dick got even harder. The bulge was visible through the tightly wrapped towel. Pete noticed the bulge. It was too obvious. Andrew added, "And to get a great shine, I used to use baby oil on my head. Believe me, that s**t works amazing. Then get a dry cloth and buff your head like a car's body." Again extending his hand and moving it over Pete's bald head, he added, "This will be shining brighter than Times Square." While saying this, he removed the towel with his other hand, one hand still rubbing Pete's bald head.

In the moment, Pete grabbed Andrew's dick. It was rock hard. So was his own. He leaned in and kissed Andrew. Andrew grabbed Pete's nice tight butt with his left hand and kept on stroking his bald head with his right hand. They kissed like this for a good 2-3 minutes. Andrew said, "This still seems a bit rough to me. Not perfectly smooth and bald. Some stubble. Since you don't shave against the grain, let me do that for you. Let's also clean you up a bit down here," he said while rubbing his crotch.

Andrew grabbed Pete's razor and can of shaving cream and said, "We don't have a chair here, do we?" Pete went on to his knees saying, "No problemo señor!" Worried in case someone stops by, Andrew went into a large shower stall. Pete crawled there, still on his knees. He was upright, but on his knees. Once inside, Andrew turned the shower on to cold so that the cold water fell on to Pete's body. Pete shrieked. Andrew made the water warmer and made it hot. "Aaahhhh! This is much better," expressed Pete. Andrew instructed him to shut up and Pete followed his instructions and started sucking Andrew's hard dick. He was sucking it hungrily. Andrew was enjoying every moment of this. He started shaking the can of shaving foam and sprayed some foam onto Pete's bald head. He then grabbed the razor and told Pete to just hold on to his dick and not move a lot. This was the part with the razor and Andrew was concerned about the sharp razor possibly giving a cut or two on Pete's beautiful head. To be honest, he had never shaved his own head or anyone else's. He used to shave his beard and had seen lots of headshave videos online. That wasn't exactly the same and that's why he felt comfortable now that Pete was slowly sucking his dick. He applied the shaving cream to Pete's entire head covering all parts. He placed the razor at the top of Pete's forehead. In slow and steady movements, he moved the razor back over Pete's head exposing the skin under the blanket of the shaving foam. He gave a big mouthful to Pete at this moment. Just the feeling that he had shaved someone's head, even if a single stroke of a razor, was something he had dreamt of and imagined since high school. Now it was happening. He then placed the razor on Pete's nape and while stretching Pete's skin tight, he slowly moved the razor up to the crown. He took the razor on to Pete' right side. He placed it just above the top of his beard. He shaved the right side and then the left side of Pete's head. All the while, he was holding the razor at the correct angle and stretching his skin taut. All the years of watching head shaving videos had clearly made him an 'expert'. After finishing the head shaving, he inspected and felt Pete's bald head. It was smooth. Smoother than before. "This is going to hurt a bit, baby!" he expressed, while turning on the shower water to cold and directing the shower on to Pete's head. Pete shrieked again. The water was quite cold but Andrew knew that he had to do that to close the pores after shaving. Changing his tone, Andrew asked in a stern voice, "Why did you stop sucking! Continue." Pete enthusiastically sucked Andrew's dick. Switching the shower to hot water, Andrew lifted him up and said, "Just stand back against the wall and relax. Let me return the favor now." Pete followed the instructions. Andrew took some shaving foam on to his palm, grabbed the razor and went down on his knees. He applied the shaving foam to Pete's crotch while moving his dick all around. "The flexibility of this rod makes it easy. It is a great handle," he laughed. Pete was very still, in a relaxed position with his eyes closed, head slightly back against the wall but with a hard dick. He was in no mood for conversation. Taking the razor, he slowly shaved the area around Pete's dick in an upward motion. He kept on feeling the area he had just shaved and Pete started coming. "Hold on... I am not done yet!" suggested Andrew, but Pete could hardly control it now especially with Andrew's soft touch. Andrew finished shaving Pete down there and then gave him a good blow job. Pete went into a trance mode. Andrew was good, he knew that.

After sucking him dry, Andrew got up and kissed him briefly. He switched off the water. The shower stall had shampoo, conditioner and body wash. He took some shampoo into his hands and then rubbed it into Pete's beard and mustache. He shampooed his beard. Then he took some body wash and giggled, "You don't need shampoo on your head anymore!" He took a huge amount and rubbed it onto Pete's bald pate. He scrubbed his bald head very thoroughly. "Exfoliate your scalp every other day. It helps," he added. The feeling of soft soap suds on Pete's bald head was amazing. He turned on the shower and gently scrubbed his bald head. They hugged and kissed.

Andrew gently bit Pete's ear and whispered, "I will be back, don't you dare move." He ran out naked to the lockers. No one was there. The whole place was empty. He fidgeted with the number lock to his locker but managed to get it open. He reached into his pants hanging from a hook and located his wallet. Opening it, he grabbed a condom and rushed back to the shower stall where Pete was waiting for him. He was in the same position. His eyes were closed and head tilted slightly back as if he was meditating. He looked so beautiful. The shower water was falling onto his bald head and splashing all over. His soft beard was wet and streaks of water ran down his muscular body. Andrew noticed that he had great pecs, bulging biceps, flat abs - the kind where you can actually see and count the muscles, great thighs and a huge dick! The dick was clean shaven and it looked good. 'He will look much more beautiful without the beard and with long stylized hair. Thor!,' thought Andrew, 'but how lucky am I that he is here with a shaved head! He is fulfilling a lot of my fantasies. How come Pete is agreeing to all this? He is sexy as hell and has a great body. He is much more bigger and ripped than I am. If anything, he should be the one f***ing me instead of the other way around. So submissive! Maybe this is one of his fantasies as well!'

He entered the stall. He turned Pete around. 'What a nice ass,' he thought. He opened the condom and slid it on to his own dick. "I have just one of these," he added. More lies. Andrew always kept two condoms in his wallet, just in case. He grabbed some conditioner for lube and slowly inserted his dick into Pete's butthole. Pete groaned. So did Andrew. Andrew was being hard and firm. He was rubbing Pete's bald head with one hand and grabbing him at his freshly shaved crotch with the other hand, pulling him closer to himself. He f***ed him hard and long. A bit ruthlessly, actually. The whole episode was borderline sadist. He had shaved his slave's head and dick and had asked him to give a blow job. Now, he was f***ing him hard.

After the intercourse was over, he took off his condom. Andrew held on to the condom. His cum was all in it. He dragged Pete by his dick and led him to the sinks. "Let's shine and buff that bald head of yours," he said. Pete smiled. Andrew pointed to the floor with his eyes and Pete dropped down to his knees. Andrew placed the condom, carefully to not spill its contents, next to a sink. He turned on a blow dryer and first dried his own hair. The long hair flew with the air blasting from the dryer. It was so soft. He loved the feel of it. Pete was also looking at Andrew's hair. He was probably jealous of him. He loved the hair he once had. He had never grown it this long and if he wanted to do it now, it would take him many months. Before that, he would most likely give up. Once blow dried, Andrew tied up his hair in a bun. The hair looked perfect. The long hair on top contrasted well with the shorn sides and back. For a stylish look, he took out a thin forelock out from the bun and let it hang by the side of his face. The forelock framed his face well and ran down the side to his cheeks.

"Okay, time to shine your head," he addressed to Pete who was still on his knees while grabbing the used condom. He poured the cum from inside the condom onto Pete's bald head. Both their dicks got harder. Andrew came again. He couldn't believe it. He directed his discharge on Pete's bald head where there was more of it already. The cum fell down from his bald pate and Pete licked whatever his tongue could reach and lick. Andrew massaged his cum onto Pete's bald head. "My cum works better than any baby oil," he remarked. He then went to grab a small face towel and then turned on the blow dryer. He dried Pete's head with the blow dryer. The bald head looked great. Andrew admired at the work he had done. A first head shave he had given to anyone. He had done more than a decent job. He wound the towel around his fingers and then began to buff Pete's bald head. This was the first time he was doing this. Almost everything today was a first time for him. Surprisingly, the shine was working. From what he had read, he knew that the baby oil would have worked out much better. To get an even better shine, he grabbed some body lotion and applied it to Pete's bald head. The head was very smooth to touch. No hair anywhere. The lotion was gliding very well on his bald pate. He repeated the buffing part with the towel. While this was going on, some man came into the showers. Both ignored the man. The man left immediately, a bit disgusted by what he saw: Pete on his knees getting his head shined and Andrew doing the job, both naked and with hard-ons. They were a bit concerned if the man would complain, but he did not. Or at least, the complaint was ignored.

The light from the ceiling was reflecting well from Pete's bald pate. He was amazed at the job that Andrew had done. When he had his head shaved, the barber had not told him anything about shining his head, nor had he done anything special to it. The shiny bald head looked much better than the dull bald head that he was sporting earlier. It showed that the pate was well-moisturized and healthy.

"You are all set, my man. Take good care of your bald head," instructed Andrew. "I will, Sir," Pete agreed. 'Sir'. Andrew had treated him as his slave and was expecting more of a 'Master' epithet but was still satisfied with 'Sir'. They kissed again and Andrew rubbed his bald head. He grabbed Pete's bald dick and dragged him to where the towels were kept. They tried themselves off with towels.

Andrew looked at a wall clock and exclaimed, "S**t! I have an appointment soon. I have to leave." Pete was surprised at how Andrew suddenly changed his mood and left. No exchange of phone numbers, contact details, plans for more dates, nothing.

Andrew quickly put his clothes on, grabbed his gym bag and left. He did not want to leave. If he could, he would love shaving Pete bald every single day for the rest of his life. He did not care so much for Pete as long as it was some sexy muscular bald man whose head he was shaving. Andrew was confused. He was still hiding in the closet and was not ready to accept his sexuality. He cried on his way back home. Tears of joy for having fulfilled a lot of his fantasies. Tears of sorrow for not knowing how to deal with his sexuality.

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