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Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 3 by Andrew Smith

This story contains strong language and adult references. This is in continuation of the earlier story with the same title.

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The next evening was a dull Saturday evening of a long weekend. Many men were out partying, but a lot more had left the city for the weekend. Andrew was visiting his friend and took the subway to get back home. It was past 11 pm. The trains ran on a weekend night schedule which meant that missing a train means waiting for up to half an hour. When entering the station, he heard a train pull in. He rushed in and managed to get into the last subway car. The car was almost empty, except for about eight to ten people. He sat down near a door. The people in the train were uninteresting. The usual late night travelers; some returning from work, some back from their shopping and others from dinners with friends. No men with hot haircuts or shaved heads.

The train was getting emptier with each approaching stop. Hardly were any people getting in. At every stop, Andrew was looking around on the station hoping to see men with good haircuts. He was getting disappointed with each and every station. At one of the stations, Andrew was looking at the people hoping someone with a hot haircut would enter the subway car. He saw a big heavyset man with a giant body frame, waiting outside for the doors to open and enter. Andrew kept on staring at the guy. He was a Hispanic male, most likely, Dominican, in his late twenties or early thirties. He was wearing a tape up fade haircut. The top was about a #1 or #2. He kept on looking at the guy. The doors to the train car opened and the man entered. He was going to go in the other direction to take a seat, but when he saw Andrew staring at him, he approached his side of the train car and sat on a seat next to him.

This piqued Andrew's interest. The train was almost deserted. He could have chosen to sit anywhere. But the man chose to sit next to him, to his left. Andrew did have a very hot haircut and his bun was tied up very well. It was just one day since his haircut and the sides and back were still looking tight. 'Why did he choose to sit next to me?,' thought Andrew. 'Plus, he was going to sit on the other side of the train but something made him change his mind...'

The man seemed exhausted. Andrew smelled alcohol in his breath. The man leaned forward putting his elbows on his knees. Andrew was able to observe the man's haircut up close. The blending was perfect. The sides and back were shaved. The tape up was very sharp. Unlike many barbers who take the hairline too high ruining the natural look, this man's tape up seemed very natural. Andrew tried hard to see lines of blending but failed to find any. This man must have visited a very skilled barber. Also, the shaved sides and back suggested that his haircut was fresh. Personally, Andrew was never interested in tape up haircuts. He did not like to see men wearing those either. If you are going to cut it that short and fade it, why not just shave it bald with a razor, is what he always wondered.

His train stop approached. Three people got off the train. There were two others still left, besides himself and the man whose haircut he was admiring. Andrew decided to stay on the train and not get off. Two stops later, the other two people got off the train. Now there was no one in the train car besides the two of them. The next subway car seemed almost empty as well. Andrew's heart started beating faster. After the train had left the station, almost immediately, the man turned towards Andrew and smiled. Andrew gave him a wide smile. The man spoke first. "I am very pumped up tonight. Yeah! Had great fun at this party." Andrew quickly matched his excitement, "That's awesome!" but he suddenly changed the topic saying, "I like your haircut, man." The man looked back at him, smiled and just said, "Thanks." Andrew really meant it. The haircut looked brilliant. The barber must be a master of his craft for sure. He asked, "Do you mind if I feel your hair?" The man was taken aback. He sounded depressed, almost tired, saying, "I have a boyfriend, dude." 'Boyfriend'. The word he was looking for. Not exactly, but yes. Boyfriend meant that this man was gay. But in a relationship. But 'gay'. That was one thing about New York that Andrew loved. Gay men were proud and openly admitting and accepting their sexuality. Something he was still shy about. Andrew quickly shot back, "Umm, I was just going to touch your head..." The man's response was swift. Pointing with his eyes towards Andrew's crotch he said, "Well, then I will have to touch your head." Clearly, the man was not interested in Andrew's haircut or the hair on his head. Unlike Andrew, he wasn't a hair fetisher. He meant Andrew's dick. Amazingly, Andrew was taken aback now. He had not expected the man to reply like this.

Some sudden strange courage got into him and Andrew grabbed the man's hand with his right hand. He placed it on his own dick. And then, he took his left hand and started rubbing the man's head. Ah, the feeling was heavenly! The shaved bald sides and back and the bristly hair on the top was two different amazing feelings. The man was not gentle. He was rubbing Andrew's dick very roughly. Andrew had never met anyone who was so rough on him. But he didn't care much. The man had a beautiful round head and he was rubbing the shaved back and sides. It was a sensual feeling he always longed for. Most likely, the man had just recently gotten a haircut. The man unbuttoned Andrew's shorts and unzipped his pants. He pulled out Andrew's dick from the opening in his underwear. The dick was hard and big. The man stood in front of Andrew and went down on his knees. He started shaking Andrew's dick vigorously. Andrew was rubbing the man's bristly top.

Just then, the train pulled into a station. Andrew was uncomfortable with having sex on the subway train. What if someone got into the car? What if it was a police officer, or a subway employee? What if it was a family with kids? He didn't want the kids to be traumatized. He told the man to get off at the train station. Andrew zipped up his pants and got out of the train as well. The station was deserted. Another man just got out from the other side of the train and exited the station immediately. Ensuring no one was present, they began kissing. Andrew was a great kisser. The man kept on touching the buzzed back and sides of Andrew's undercut bun. He undid Andrew's bun. His hair covered the sides and back completely. Some hair fell on his face covering his face. Pushing his hair behind his away, the man told Andrew, "Cortar el pelo." Andrew understood little Spanish. He figured out what the man was saying. "Cut your hair." "No!" was his firm reply. He loved his beautiful hair, he wasn't going to cut it. Never. He tied his bun again.

That's when an idea came into Andrew's mind. The man had no care or concern for his own hair. Or his boyfriend, it seemed. He led the man outside the train station. He spotted a pharmacy right across the train station. Like most pharmacies in New York, this was a 24-hour pharmacy. Andrew told the man he needed some stuff. "Condoms?," the man asked. Andrew nodded. They went in. Andrew grabbed a couple of condoms for them. But that wasn't all that he was getting. He went to the aisle where there were men's grooming supplies. He grabbed a razor and a travel-size can of shaving foam. At the checkout, he also got a large bottle of drinking water. The man was a bit puzzled. Andrew was smiling. He kissed the man on his cheek and whispered, "I am shaving you bald. And then you can f*** me." The man replied, "No! I must go. I have a boyfriend." "Oh! F*** your boyfriend! Actually... don't. Don't f*** him. F*** me! If you really loved your boyfriend or if he was hotter than me, you wouldn't be here with me. Regardless, it is okay as adults to have some fun at times." He winked. "Stay," he added. The man said nothing, but did not leave when Andrew was paying at the counter.

They left the pharmacy together. Andrew found a location under the elevated subway track bridge. There was no one nearby. Regardless, this late, no one cared about anyone in this city. They kissed again. Andrew took off the man's t-shirt. He told the man to sit on a block over there. Andrew opened the bottle of water and poured some of it over the man's head. The water was cold and the man shivered. Andrew told the man to fondle his dick to keep him busy. The man agreed. He grabbed Andrew's dick and started rubbing it vigorously. They kissed. Andrew took some shaving foam from the can and applied it generously to the man's head. He was going to shave the man bald. Although the man had a short #1 buzzed top, he knew a sharp razor would be able to work through it and take off all the short hair. The man's head looked so sexy with the white lather over it.

Andrew took out the razor from its packaging and started with the top first. The man squeezed Andrew's dick much harder. He started with the razor at his crown and moved the razor down the front. The razor slid smoothly, revealing his beautiful wheatish skin. Andrew came at that moment. The guy started sucking Andrew's dick. He interrupted the man saying, "Wait, I am not done yet." To this, the man groaned. He continued shaving the rest of his head. The razor was revealing more smooth skin with every stroke of the razor. Meanwhile, the man continued fondling with Andrew's dick. Andrew rubbed the man's freshly shaved bald head. There were a couple of spots that he didn't feel it was smooth. He continued shaving the man's head and checking.

Once done, he cleaned the razor with the water from the bottle and poured some more over the man's head. He took the man's t-shirt and wiped his head dry and clean. He cleaned his head well with the t-shirt to remove some remaining shaving cream from behind his ears. He rubbed his head hard. They both smiled and kissed. The man took out the condoms from the bag and took off his own pants. Andrew was not ready for this. But he knew he had to. This was an unsaid "deal" between them. Andrew shaves the man bald, who in turn f***s him hard. Andrew could have easily gotten someone more sexier than this man, but Andrew was so desperate for shaving this man's head that he agreed for sex.

The man f***ed him really hard. He was ruthless. He pulled on to Andrew's bun. That man wanted Andrew to give him a blow job. Andrew agreed. He sucked the man's dick briefly. He negotiated, "Let me suck your bald head dry." The man bent his head forward. Andrew moved his tongue over the man's freshly shaved bald head. The feeling was crazy. He loved the scent of the shaving foam coming from his head. He caressed his head many times and kissed it. His saliva was dripping on this man's bald head and the man was enjoying it. He continued licking for a good ten minutes. "I gotta run. Your boyfriend must be waiting for you as well. How will you explain your shaved head to him?," asked Andrew. The man smiled, "I have no boyfriend, dude. I just lied. I wanted you. It worked. If anything, I will probably have to explain my barber why I let his efforts on the fade and shape up go to waste." He laughed. Andrew was startled. He hadn't expected someone to 'use' him. Was he so weak? He remarked, "Your barber is very talented. When had you gotten your haircut? Was it this week?" The man nodded, "Two days back. Julio, my barber, spent half an hour on my haircut. And you ruined it in just a few minutes." He laughed. Laughing was good. Andrew knew that the man was not mad at him. "You look much better like this. Actually, I am lying. I prefer all men like this, with shaved heads. But your fade was indeed very beautiful."

"What's your name?," asked the man. Andrew did not want to reveal his identity. "Just call me, 'El Barber'." He wasn't sure if that was a Spanish word. That was borderline racist. He winked. Not revealing his name implied that Andrew was most likely not interested further in the man. Or so he thought. Regardless, the man did not question him further or say anything.

Andrew kissed the man's bald head once again. He excused himself and left.

He went home and wondered if it was really worth it. Was he becoming a 'whore'? Performing sexual favors in exchange of opportunities for shaving men. Not exactly. He enjoyed this and wanted it. He wasn't sure. He didn't know. He didn't care at that moment. All he cared was that he was having fun. His sexy haircut was giving him a lot of attention. This weekend was turning out to be great. Two men shaved bald, in two days. He was on a roll, unstoppable. He loved it.

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