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I needed a head shave... by Shamit

It was summer vacations….May 22nd….SATURDAY…..I & Sonia {my girlfriend} had gone to see a movie…after the movie got over when we were having our dinner Sonia saw a lot of dandruff on the choler of my shirt & shoulders…she said I must do something to reduce my dandruff…I felt a little embarrassed….

When I returned home my room-mates told me the same…they said it has been over 3-4 weeks that my dandruff is increasing day by day…I tried with shampoos & conditioners but all proved in vain….I fixed an appointment with a skin specialist…after examining me the doctor said that no tablets would work for my case…he said I would have to apply a lotion on my scalp for almost 4 months regularly as I really had a lot of dandruff…but to apply the lotion for 4 months regularly I will have to maintain a bald head for at least 4-5 months…. He said that's the only solution I had…I went back to my hostel room…called up Sonia & my room-mates…told them everything …..

Sonia was ok of me having a head shave but my room-mates told me to think over it…they thought 4 months were a bit long period for a anti-dandruff treatment…but looking at the level of dandruff in my head I said:"DUDE I REALLY HAVE NO OPTION LEFT RATHER THAN A HEAD SHAVE"…I had made my mind..Sonia's support boosted me….I decided, before going to a hang-out with my room-mates on Sunday evening, I will get my head shaved…..

It was Sunday…morning…afternoon….as the evening approached I went to have a head wash at 4:30 pm….around 5 we all had decided to leave….it was 5….we left….we were 5 room-mates..I asked them to stop before any barbershop where there were any vacancies….since it was Sunday evening there were hardly any vacancies……we almost visited 10 shops….at last I got a seat in a shop…I was a very old barbershop with very old chairs in it…it hardly mattered me….The barber asked me was if it a hair cut or a massage…I said a haircut…

I sat on the chair…since he was a old Indian barber he asked me to remove my shirt & sit as the hair might fall on my shirt…according I removed it & sat ….he again asked me to remove my ganji & sit bear chest as the hair might stick to my ganji as well….I sat bear chest…he did not warp a cloth around my neck…he just put a towel on my chest covering the shoulders….he then asked me what it should be….

I said in Hindi,"bhaiya ekdam takla kardo muje…ek bhi bal nahi bachana chahiye…sidha blade se hi bal nikal do...Dandruff sir me bahut hai… " ENGLISH TRANSLATION :-BRO JUST SHAVE IT SMOOTH WITH A STRAIGHT RAZOR NOT EVEN A SINGLE HAIR SHOULD REMAIN ON MY HEAD AS THERE IS A LOT OF DANDRUFF….

Accordingly he started giving me a good head massage after putting a lot of water on my head…he made sure that each & every hair on my head was wet…he removed his straight razor & changed the blade in it… Before starting he said that it would be over in 2 without cuts provided I must bend my head properly. I replied yes by nodding my head. My head now was totally wet with water and water droplets were falling on my shoulders, back, neck. He was ready. He kept the razor on my scalp…with no delay he just looked at me in the mirror at once & started with my head shave….It was a weird feeling…small tuffs of hair started falling on the ground…I could feel the cool air touching my shaven scalp…. With his fingers he was removing the hair, shaven off from my scalp. He proceeded to the right first from front to back accumulating all the hair on right half near my right ear. He then held my ear & bent it down and gently shaved all the hair crowded there. All of a sudden a big bunch of hair fell on the ground….I had my head half shaved….he took a small break to drink water…meanwhile I just lifted my head a little to see my shaven head. I could see friends laughing at my half tonsured head. I felt uneasy and embarrassed seeing this…… the barber returned to his work & bent my head to the left side and started sliding his razor in small strokes on my left scalp from the middle-top. He then asked me to bend down completely to shave hair in the front. He then crowded the remaining hair my sliding them near left ear. By bending my left ear he shaved gently in that area. All of a sudden again a bunch of hair fell on the left side of the ground. He turned my head all the sides to check if any tuff of hair is left on my scalp. He then rubbed his hand once all over the scalp to feel any hair. He felt something I guess; he again opened the razor and went for another round of shave to ensure everything is smooth and perfect.

I asked him to make a soap lather & apply it on my head & shave it at least for 3 times to make it look shinier…he did it accordingly…. He told me now that my head shave was over…. I was anxious to see my face and when I saw it I was shocked. I couldn't to recognize myself. I was looking totally different in new bald look. I felt really nice……. I gave the barber his fees for shaving me smooth. He then put some talcum powder over my head it was an awesome experience… my friend initially laughed at me….my doctor asked me to avoid wearing a cap…I roamed around sporting my bald head….I felt a bit shy in the initial days but now it is almost 3 months that I am maintain my bald look…I shave my head myself…I have now decided to sport a bald look life time…its really awesome!!!!!!!!

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