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The Urge Revisited by New Recruit

Type your story hereTwo weeks ago, I had my first real Med Reg haircut that was straight razor shaved - kept fairly low but damn it was a very enjoyable experience. For the last week or so I have been been fantasizing about going back to get another cut from the same barber. What would he do? Would he cut it the same? Would he cut it shorter?

I have been so hot and horny for the last few days / nights I could barely contain myself.

Finally the day arrived. I planned to stop by my new barbershop right after work.

I got there just before they closed - Thankfully nobody was there and when I walked in the other barber was clearly packing up for the night; but the barber I had last time recognized me. He motioned me to come and sit down in his chair. As I was walking towards the chair he asked me if I wanted the same thing as last time. All I said was yes.

I sat down and he looked at my hair and asked me if I wanted to keep the top the same I said yes.

Next thing I know I was caped up with a tight neck strip and the clippers roared to life. I wasn't really paying attention as I closed my eyes and simply enjoy the sensation of the metal clippers again the sides and back of my head. I heard the clippers go off and I opened my eyes and I noticed - HOLY S**T he made the shave line a LOT HIGHER than last time - at least an inch higher.

Not a lot I can do at this point; so I simply embraced what was going to happen and closed my eyes again.

Different clippers were used on me and each pass of the metal clippers and the vibration drove me hot and hard. I could barely contain what was happening to me. Finally the last clippers come out and he starts shaving me bald and smooth.

The last step which is the shaving cream to me is like the crescendo before a massive boner that is about to peak and you simply have that moment where it just FEELS so good. Remember guys, this is only the 2nd time in my life that I have ever had shaving cream put on the back and sides of my head.

I can safely sat that I got my first high reg tonight. Two weeks ago was my first med reg. I can only imagine what the next weeks ahead will have in store for me.

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