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First Med REG by Birth of a recruit

Type your story hereIt's so easy to sit here and say I don't have a barbershop fetish but I do. I have always liked getting and watching short haircuts. I have never actually had anything done in terms of skin fades or shaves but I have done long flattops and long crewcuts and fades before. I always would chicken out at a number 1 or maybe have the nape tapered tight to a little skin but that is it.

Today I decided after work I needed to change that. I got into my car and drove to a barbershop called the Barbers Grind. I figured wow with a name like that they would do a good job. Before I chickened out, I walked right in and there was an open chair. The shop was a two man shop and looked pretty cool. The free barber offered me his and chair and caped me up. He asked what I wanted and I said clean up the fade keep it low and tight but keep the length on top. He asked me if I wanted a number 1. Here we go again. I sighed but chickened out and said can u go a little short than that? He said yes.

He cut for what seemed like an eternity. When the cut finished I knew it wasn't what I wanted. It looked good. it was the same old tight tapered/fade haircut that I have ALWAYS had. He didn't even show me the back of it; but I didn't need it. He asked me if I liked it. I lied and said yes.

As I left the shop I felt disheartened. I finally thought I had the courage to do this.

I started driving home and made a wrong turn. Before I knew it I saw one of the barber wind/flags hanging from the street. There was a new barbershop that I had never seen called El Moises Barbershop. I quickly pulled over and almost ran to the front door as my heart was racing. I knew if I didn't seize the moment I would just chicken out again.

There was only one barber in the shop and his chair was free. Pretty sure he was the owner. He took one look at me and said why are u here? U don't need a cut. I stumbled around and said yeah but the sides aren't tight like I like them. He asked me if I wanted a bald fade. I was like wow - I have never answered that question before. I said yes; but I don't like the line to high and I pointed to literally one finger length above my ear and said I don't want it any higher then that. He looked puzzled but asked but u do want it shaved right? I knew now I either would do this or not. I said yes.

He sat me in the chair and then said let's shampoo your hair first. So we went to a shampoo chair - it felt great. After towel drying my hair we went back to his chair. He caped me up and put a neck wrap around my neck. He took out a blow dryer and started blowing dry my head - WOW I THOUGHT THIS FEELS Great.

Without any warning, the blow dryer stopped. Before I knew what happened I could feel the raw metal against the back of my neck. He went around my neck and ears and clearly was making a line. I sort of panicked; but he kept going. The clippers kept running over my hair and neck over and over. He kept switching blades. Finally, I heard a new sound. These were electric clippers. He was actually shaving the lower part of head.

I felt a little excited and warm when that started happening. That literally went on for five minutes.

A few minutes later and the cut was done. He turned the chair around and handed me the mirror - I proudly looked at my FIRST MED REG haircut or low bald fade - depending on what terms u like to use.

This is me. This is my Real Life Story. I posted pics so you can see the cut.

I am going back next weekend to have him clean it up again. Maybe have him razor in a side part? Who knows - I may keep this cut - I love it so far.

It's now been two weeks since my haircut. A little nervous about going back to quickly. I mean what if he cuts it shorter than last time? The urge to go back has been so great. I have driven by the shop several times since that first cut. How often can you go and get cut? I mean is weekly too much?

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