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The Grind by The Grind

Type your story hereOnly been a week since I had my last haircut. You can read about it my blog post titled the Urge Revisited. I decided to try a new shop today. After all this was going to be my 3rd haircut in about 3 weeks. Apparently, I am getting addicted to showing some skin ; and the minute I see some hair I need to get it cut again.

I found a shop close to the other shop I went to. It is called The Barber's Grind. The name intrigued me so I figured I would go in. It is a two chair shop and I got there early enough that I didn't have to wait - always a huge plus for me.

After I got settled into the chair and caped up the barber asked me what I wanted = I think I sort of chickened out today bc I told him I wanted skin on the sides but not as high as last time and blend it into what was shaved higher last time. I told him the length on top was fine but I wanted it texturized.

He spent about 30 minutes doing the cut - very detailed work. Actually a lot more detailed than the other shop I went too. The gradual skin fade and blend was VERY GOOD. I looked more military from the other shop but I liked this cut too.

I am still trying to find a good shop in Tampa where I can go and get a real military High N Tight. I need to ensure they are going to use warm lather and skin shave me good. I will keep checking out some shops till I find the right for this cut. I only get one chance for my first HNT so I need to ensure its going to be the best one yet.

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