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Shaving my friends head by abhishek

As my monthly visit to the barbershop I was going to get myself a smooth headshave but it had been months that I got rid of it ... I thought ill ask my friends out to shave my head but then I thought no...but then while leaving my room my friend asked me that if I could give him a buzzcut ..I was hesitant as I hadn't given anyone a haircut but I was sure enough that I could do it .. I told him to come in the bathroom as hair might mess up the room .when he asked me where was I going I told him that I was planning to shave my head off as it has got longer than before ..he suggested that why not we do haircuts for one another ..I felt quite comfortable and told him to do mine too ... I told him to remove his T-shirt and pants n sit in his trunks ... he agreed and removed his shirt ..he had nice 6 pack abs n a built body ... I removed my clipper and told him to lean forward ...he did as I told him ...he was very excited about his buzz cut
As he hasn't experienced that before.. I slowly moved the #1 clippers on his head ...and there was a huge mop come down I did all of his sides the same way ..but suddenly he told why not shave it abhi !!!,I was stunned .all these years I wanted to shave someone's head and here I was with the opportunity I immediately removed the guard before he could say anything and started off.... his bald patches started to appear after the clipper was done I did it with the razor ..he was getting erect I applied oil on his head and rubbed it to ensure its smooth as an egg... He jumped from his chair saw the mirror and hugged me tight he told me that he had fantasised about me all these years when I shave my head so he wanted to get it like mine ..I was awestruck by his gesture.. He came forward and kissed my lips I was wondering why was I enjoying it .. He told me that now that he's done its my turn. He told me to get undressed and I sat he poured water on my head and massaged for about fifteen minutes he removed the razor and inserted a blade in it and started with my back ..as he did my back I felt the cold breeze touch my head he soon did all my back and my sides now he came forward touched my head kissed the bald area and did my front .. I wasn't sure what was he upto. Next he applied oil on my shaved head and my. Body too. ... He told me to have a shower with him I was shy now as he's getting intimate but I was enjoying I saw his penis hard and tight ploppling out of his undergarment... I don't what exactly happened to me I went near him n touch his penis... No sooner he got undressed and felt my bald head and made me undress and he got me hard on my ass and I still din't complain ... I told him if he could be better he started stroking me hard and made me sit again and spill his cum over my shiny head ..I thought the whole night about this incident ..and have I been becoming a gay ...as I enjoyed so very much ...

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