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The south Indian orthodox ritual by abhishek

When I was in 10th grade my family had arranged a family function at my house .. I belong to a typical orthodox Indian family where all the rituals are taken very seriously ... .I asked my mom what for this ritual was .. She don't say anything ..I got a bit wonderous that why has my dad called up my relatives ..then one of my aunt came and told me whether I was ready for the headshave ..I was shocked.I asked my dad why was he doing this to me .he made me shut up and told me to do as I was instructed .. I was in total shock. I was helpless . as my dad is very strict ..soon all relatives arrived ..and then atlast the barber came .he had a box in his hand with the equips ..my dad told him to remove every bit of hair from the body (he meant it ..even the public hair ) he told me its a part of custom for the south Indian brahmin boys to do this ritual .the barber took me to the bathroom and told my dad that this will take long time the barber closed the door and told me to get naked I was very shy but he told me he was a boy too n there was no shame so I agreed he saw my penis and got awestruck. I had a 10inch erect penis
At that age .. He made me sit and massaged my hair and slowly put the razor on my head ..with the curr curr sound it started he did my front smoothly and then he did my sides and back he did the reverse shave too so to ensure that the head looks like a cue ball .. He told me to lift my hands n he saw my bushy hair and told me (ye kya itna ghaas jaisa ugaya hai isko har hafte me mundwana chaiye yehi nahi apne jhaat k Baal bhi kaato sehat k liye accha nai hai itna saaara Baal )eng translation "what sort of bushy hair do u have pls shave it off every week .. Cause its not good for the hygiene to keep so much hair " he. Did my underarms smoothly ... My chest .. And even my pubic region ..I told him to shave my ass too he did so as I instructed ... He felt all my shaved regions and applied lot of oil and yeah he bathed me up .. When. I got out my dad told the barber that he would be needed mostly everyday as this is a part of south culture to keep smooth heads ... My cousins my dad all felt my bald head.. That night I cried a lot as I had lost my long locks of love ..the next day when I went to school my friends teased me and rubeed my head vigoursly .. One of them even broke an egg on the head.. Nowadays almost every week I have to undergo through this process known as headshave .. But now I enjoy this barber quite a lot .. After my headshave he rides on my cock every time .. And I enjoy that too ...

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