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A fair deal by yash

..i am a tall fair handsome guy with a very big hair who had a friend named subbu who was darker and had short hair like basically a sort of shaved sides and the fronts trimmed to an 1/2inch ... I always used to fantasize about subbus hairstyle and quite often jerked off at this thought .. I was fantasized seeing subbu shaved to the bone .. When ever they met he used to talk about subbus hairstlye
One fine day subbu asked him if he was free in the afternoon as he wanted to meet him .. As i was alone at home i told him to come at my place .. It was 2 in the afternoon when the bell rang .. And there was ssubbu.. But he wasn't looking normal i new him and pictorised as a shaved man ..subbu had grown his hair for 6 long months and sported a new look .. I welcomed him in and asked him what was so urgent ..he told me that he's worried about his future as he can't satisfy his gf on bed ..he told he could cum over her ... All of a sudden subbu asked me if I masturbate or no ... I was confused ... He asked me if we could masturbate now ... He felt that I know about sexual matters and I could help him out ... He quickly opened up a porn site and told me to teach him some techniques... I agreed but on one condition I told him that I would shave off his head ...so smooth ..and then I can tech him .needlesss to say he agreed ..as he wanted a haircut badly .. I told him to wait at the terrace and I would catch him up in some time I soon brought a pair a scissors a blade a comb a razor and the gillete foam ... He told me that if he did the headshave I should help him out ... I told him yes ... I got on my underwear and told him to get naked too as we the only ones at home and anyway I was gonna tech him how to f*** a person ... I really din't understand what I was doing ... I'm a gay and how could I teach how to f*** a girl
I still agreed ... He got naked ..I stared at him for minutes as I saw his chest hair ...he was like a bear ... I poured some water on his head and massaged it nicely ...I asked him why had he changed up his hairstyle .. He told me that he wanted girls around him so he thought of it ... I told him Neva mind u look great shaved he smiled ... I removed the razor inserted a new blade and started ..he was very nervous .. All these years he used to shave his head due to his mom .. She forced him to do it ... Now he was quite young and he could manage himself... I started with his back ..the cool breeze hit his head ..he was so sensual .. He got shaved from the back slowly I moved the razor to the front ..I could visualise him bald ..I was so exited to shave him .. I comforted him and shaved the front ..slowly slowly he got big and bigger patches of shaved head and finally he was shaved .. I told him to lift his arms... His dark skin had bushy hair ... I did his underarms slowly .. I applied the after shave lotion on his head ... .he was very handsome though he was dark in colour ...I. Rubbed his head vigoursly .. .. It was hurting him and I was enjoying ..I massaged his bald head with oil ... ..now he told me to teach him how to f*** ... I brought him closer and closer ..so that his chest hair rubs my chest. And his penis touches my underwear ... I pinched his nipples felt his chest hair .. Licked his underarms and his nipples ..... He got the shock of his life .. He asked me if I was gay ... ..I went on my knees and licked his penis ... I liked his underarms and nipples ... He got very erotic slowly he started to enjoy ..he told me to go on ..I felt his bald head rubbed it kissed it ..he came closer and touched my ass and rubbed my penis with his ....I understood his feelings ...pulled him near me caught him by his chest ..applied oil on his ass and told him that I'll hurt badly I stroked him from back and made him enjoy he masturbated ..I rubbed his bald head spit on it cummed over it and made him ride on my cock ..never had I enjoyed so very much .. He told me that he felt so nice with me and asked me if I could date him ..I was on cloud nine ..I converted a straight guy to a gay man ... I told yes I love him too .. And so far we have been dating each other .. Where I shave his head almost every day and rubbed it hard and he f***es me up ... I love his company so very much ... Love u my dark boyfriend ...

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