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The roommates force me by yash

.....ever since during my vacation I shaved subbu ...and had sex with him ..I used to fantasize over his headshave ...but now our holiday days were going to end and we had a new journey in our life ..that Saturday was the last time we met ..we spent the most memorable times...I shaved his head for the last time ..gave him a good blowjob ..and then he excused me as he had to go .. His college was going to start on Monday .. And he had to depart to his hostel ..I had my schedules too ..but my colg was going to open next Monday ..I had one full week to board my train ..to go to my college hostel...

The whole week I spent time seeing headshave videos .reading stories and quite often getting a trim ..I still kept my long hair as it was ..I just spent money to see my barber do his work ..some men got hnt some got a fade ..and others got a total shave ... I just saw these men with great short hairstyle and felt that if I could touch it m.. Ouchhh those prickly feeling would turn me on.. Nevertheless I resisted .... And then there was the Saturday .. I had to board my train ..I packed my luggage .. Put my magazines onto my. Bag as I don't want my mom to get a shock by seeing those gay magazines ... Though I don't admit that i was gay I got turned on seeing men's who had short buzzcuts or shaves ...

It was 12pm and i boarded my train ..all along the way I thought how my room mates would be like ... I reached and saw 4 of them had already been there they gave their intro and I told my name was yash ...we hugged each other ...ssoon within months or so we all became Very close ... We shared everything with each other .... One fine day I saw samir and addu kissing each other ..they both were gays though the other two were straight ... Samir told me to keep my mouth shut and not let anyone know about their sexuality ..I was staring at his shaved chest and erect nipples .. I got so horny that I told him he looked good bare chest rubbing his shaved sides ..he has a dark brown hair ..which was only half an inch on top and almost buzzed on sides
He thanked me ..and started off with addu .. I thought if we could have a threesome.. He told me that the other two have gone out and they'll return only tomm afternoon .. I asked him if we could play truth or dare as I was getting bored ..they both agreed ..we pulled out a bottle and started to play ..it was my turn to say ..I told them I wanted a dare .at first they both whispered something into each others ears and then told me its a tough one . n I can change my decision .. I said it was OK I will do it .. They told me that addu will shave me bbald and samir will shave my body ..I got a bit frightened ..I had 7inches of long locks and now they are telling me to shave it .. I refused ..they said it was my option to get it shaved.. They caught me ..tied my hands .. And made me naked ..they got startled as I had a 12inches penis ....addu quickly brought one pair of scissors clippers a razor and a foam ... Addu .. Started to pour water on me .the smiled as if he likes it ..as I was when I shaved subbu he massaged my head then he started of with my back samir was taking a video shoot of it ..I told him not to but he refused ..addu started with the clipper set it on #0000 and started ssoon as the clippers started to run on my head I felt the cold breeze on the head the noise of the clippers made me feel so sexual .. Samir saw my erect penis and took the razor to shave off the hairs over there .. He did it fast and started to grab it and licked it .. I enjoyed .. Now addu slowly went on my sides and said ull enjoy this baby ..he slowly moved the clippers and I was done with my sides .. He came forward ..told samir to move and did my front .. Soon he removed my 7inches of hair and made me look like a shaved pig ... He removed the foam applied on me and moved the razor over it .. ..he did it within minutes .... Then he applied the lemon fresh after shave lotion on my head and saw if he left any patch .. He rubbed my head so hard and enjoyed it samir even shaved my chest .. I had grown my chest hair for months .. After I saw subus ..I kept mine growing too ... He shaved my chest clean .. And he felt the smooth bare chest ..I saw him enjoying playing with my nipples .. He untied me .. Addu brought some oil .. Applied it all over my head and my ass and started with my back ..I don't know what they were doing .. We were actually having a threesome .. I pulled samir closer ..and gave him my nipples he licked it so hard .. As I had smooth chest now he licked every part of my chest too as I was roaring in pain that addu was giving me .. He was done and now it was samirs turn .. Addu sucked my penis vigoursly .. Grabbed my penis and pushed the foreskin back .. He sucked my shaved armpits and my nipples .. Addu started to cum over me and I and he inserted his cum on my mouth .. I spat some on his dick and drank some .. Now samir pushed me down and cummed on my head ... It was so sexy they rubbed the cum over my head and I pulled them by their penis .I revealed my sexuality to them and I f***ed both of them one by one I enjoyed it so much ..I cummed in both of their asses ... After I was done I pulled their nipples and rubbed both their heads ... And I said I loved it ... We had spent that night together with great feelings..

The next day both of the room mates came and saw me and asked what happened to my hair .. I told them that i was getting dandruff and I decided to shave it off ... Samir called me and showed me the video that he recorded .. I told him to shave my head again ... Daily .. And the whole year I have been doing this .. And no one else other than samir &addu know about my sexuality... It was so very horny they shave my head so nicely and smoothly ...mmmuuuaahhhh

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