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Leo's by Seamus

6o'clock saw me in front of Leo's. I took out a cigerette and before I had finished Bob arrived. He looked at me smiled but said nothing. We went in and had a cheerie dinner as the glass and crome decor demanded. As we finished dessert, I took out a cigerette and relaxed into my content fullness. Bob ventured he was suprised I smoked. What being a college kid, I thought you'd have better judgement. I looked at him apparently a bit puzzled. He continued, with how bad those things are for you, why do you do it? I thought and said it just gives me pleasure. He frowned. I think your great but this is a mistake. His eyes lit up with a sparkle that spread into a mischievous grin. Tell ya what, if you agree to stop smoking right now, I have something in this envelope you might be interested in. I am a sucker for suprises so I agreed. I eagerly took the envelope and saw it was two tickets to Carnegie Hall and I grabbed his hand. She is one of my favorites. I had no idea she was even in town. Bob said he was lucky to get them for her very limited engagement. I also made a reservation for the Russian Tea Room afterwards. Since its right next door we can relax and take a walk afterwards. I had never been to either so I was happy to think he cared so much, not to mention a great night out. "Just one condition", he said softly. If I catch you smoking from now on, I get to cut your hair the same as mine." That was a tun of bricks in the face! I had never thought of stopping cold turkey let alone cutting my hair anywhere near that short.
No! I said not even aware I said it, I was so dumbfounded. He continued in a soft business tone. You said you would be in my life as much as I would allow. Well, you are in, it is up to you how much. A moment of truth for me I did not anticipate. Unsure I said ok, sure. I can do it. Great, deal? He held his hand out and we shook on it. I got a feeling I was in much deeper than I realized. Bob was a real caring human who was open to me and I must return the favor. I really do not want to get your haircut. I don't have your looks and great hair. You look good, I would be laughable. Feeling a bit the way I did? he was watching me closely. Yes, but you really do carry that haircut off. You will to, he replied a bit too sure for my comfort. We left and again were together for the night.
I was now seeing Bob regularily. I was looking foward to Carnegie Hall too. The night came and was wonderful. We ate at the Tea Room and while Bob went to the mens room after dinner, I lit a cigerette not thinking. I was smoking during the day while Bob was at work. As I enjoyed the smoke, I felt a hand go up the back of my neck and through my hair to the top of my head. "Looks like someone needs a haircut. " I shuddered. I was caught. Bob sat down. I know where we are going, come on. A bit confused, I followed him out to the street where he hailed a taxi. Get in he yelled from the far side of the car. We were off. Where are we going? I ventured. I know a place that is open all night. I did not know what to think. All, night what? I wondered aloud. Barbershop, he repied triumphantly. I was trapped. I was silent, a condemned man. Let us off here, bob told the driver. He paid and we were standing in front of a small brightly lit barbershop in a still busteling commercial street even at almost 1:30 in the morning. Bob put his arm around my back and slowly pushed me to the door. You really want me to do this?, I half pleaded. Yup, your judgement is not good. You smoke. I entered with him at my heels. There was only one barber and three chairs. He rose and said good timing, I can take my time and give you my full attention. Bob pointed at the middle chair and I slithered into it. As the barber flaired out the pin stripped cape in front of me before it floated down covering me, he asked Bob if I was the guy he had spoken about. Bob said right and the barber smiled, just saying nice.
So just as we agreed, he must be the same as me. I gulped. This was not good. The barber combed my hair down straight on all sides. I could not see and heard only the sound of the clippers spring to life. The barber was quick and was plowing up the back of my head before I realized Bob was still at my sholder. I could heard him breathing. The barber said he could do a very good beveled flattop, but Bob said no, it must be the same as his. I held my breath as the clippers went over the top of my crown. My head was hot and I had started to sweat but the fan breeze seemed stong and cool now. As my sides were stripped and he shortened and narrowed my bumper to a waxed forehead fringe, Bob asked if I minded a little difference from his clipper shave. I was relieved to say yes thinking it might be a bit longer. He then told the barber to be sure to make extra high arches around the ears and square back me at the ear lobes. I was stunned. Not only did my ears stick out they did not match, This would definitely exaggerate the effect. The barber then shaved my face removing my sideboards to the top of my ears and my mustache. Bob said now thats what I wanted to see. It was quite and I heard the barber say now you really look like a couple. I was spun around. My fine hair looked different from Bobs and his hair was darker, but the haircuts was identical except for my higher arches. Looking good guys, ventured the barber. Bob said, "No, looking great". I felt shamed at the hair but happy at my cloning to a young Bob. He wanted me to be more like him and that was ok. This was a start. I would be more sensible and conservative now. Bob was more experienced, I think he will look out for me.
As I got up out of the chair Bob said, come on Seamus time to go home. I said "not Seamus, it's Jim, just plain old Jim. Bob smiled the biggest smile ever.

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