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unexpected headshave by Yash

Sunday night at around 10pm I was at my regular barbershop with a new barber ..not the one I always get a haircut from .....he was about to close but seeing me he managed to handle his last customer for the day ..he closed the shutter so as to ensure no one could come in next ... He was cleaning the mop on the chair....I asked him if he was new ...he told me his brother has gone to hajj so he has been handling the shop for few days ... He told me his name was rehan...a tough macho looking man with short and tidy hair probabaly shaved to the bone ....... And a recent one ...I was so fascinated to get my haircut like his ... while he was cleaning the chair I asked him if I can feel his shaved head ..he was amused ..but he agreed ..I rubbed his head with both my hands and I sat on the chair ... I had college the next day so I had to get a haircut sothat my teachers don't catch hold of me ... Rehan caped me up ... And asked me "trimmer chalega "? (You okay with clippers ) I told OK ... He dint ask me how shortt probably he understood the length ...
I thought He kept a #1balde and started ... He told me to keep my eyes closed when he buzzes it ... He started off with my back and came to my sides ...the buzz sound was ssoo good... ... I could feel cold breezes on my head ....He did all my sides and told me to open my eyes ... I stared on to the mirror for a while and screamed what had he done .... He actually used a #0000 in place of #1... I was shocked ... He told me that I felt his hair so he thought I'd probably like it ....
Nevertheless I liked it so much ... I hid my anxiousness and told to clean it up with the foam ... He put a towel on my back. And told me to remove my shirt ...I sat on my ganji and he applied the foam and carefully did my headshave like his ....I loved every sec of his touch on my shaved head ... He finally stocked my head with the razor to clean up the last part ... After this ..he rubbed my head even harder than I did his ... He told me to sit there ..and came back with a cream ..he applied it on my head ... It was very cooling ... I reluctantly asked him to do my underarms as no one was present ... His eyes were not stopping to see my shiny head ... I told him to rub my head again ... He did so ... He told me sorry for his gesture ... I told him it was okay ..n I like it ... He took the money and told me to come for a trim in a week when the hair grows out unevenly

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