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Walter Waves his Waves Goodbye by Manny

Chapter 1 - Bye-bye, Beard

There was the usual crowd clustered around the bar for the big World Cup game, save for one "interesting" fellow Frank did not recognize. Frank's interest in the newcomer was peaked by the overgrown thatch of lovely dark brown wavy hair that was paired with an enormously large beard of the same color. In the midst of this mass of shimmering hair was a handsome, albeit somewhat beefy face, with a pair of almost turquoise-colored eyes that commanded attention. Fortunately for Frank, one of the few empty bar stools was right next to wavy-topped stranger, and he quickly claimed it.

Throughout the first half of the match, the group dynamics ebbed and peaked with the game -- a quick goal in the opening five minutes by the home team sent everyone in the bar into euphorics, which Frank quickly used to establish rapport with the newcomer who sported the magnificent mane of hair.

"You're bringing us luck!" Frank exclaimed as the two spontaneously high-fived in the goal's aftermath. "Frank's my name, by the way."

"I'm Walter," the newcomer with wavy locks replied as they both returned to the game.

Throughout the match, they exchanged several more quick comments. At half time, Frank made it his priority to find out more about Walter. "New in town or just passing through?"

"No, I live here -- but the wife and kids are at the in-laws, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to watch the game with a more rowdy crowd than I could muster in my lonely living room," he explained.

The response about the wife and kids surprised Frank, who generally had a sixth sense about people, but his real focus was the mane of hair and beard that looked quite ready to be introduced to set of fast-feed electric hair clippers.

The two chatted on about the game and favorite players until Frank got a break to bring the conversation around to his object of interest, Walter's shiny locks.

It was Walter who raised the issue of hair by commenting on the team captain, "I read somewhere that when his professional team, Real Madrid, won their pennant he had to make good on a promise to shave off his long hair. It's hard to recognize him out on the field without those shoulder-length locks flailing about."

"I'm sure it's a lot cooler without all that hair -- imagine how hot they are right now in those humid tropics playing...total sweaty messes." Then Frank eyed Walter's locks and overgrown beard. "I imagine even you would want the lot of that shaved off if you were playing in the match -- that's quite some beard you have!"

Walter's eyes lit up at the mention of his hair and beard. "Yep, when it gets long like this, people start referring to me as the lumberjack!" He stroked his brown, coarse beard playfully. "It's almost at that point, though, when it all comes off."

"All?" stammered Frank.

"Yep, set of clippers and it all ends up in the trash bin!" said Walter, matter of fact.

"And you end up a shorn cueball like our star player out there?!" Frank said, stifling disbelief.

"Oh, no!!" gasped Walter. "I was just referring to my beard. This all comes off," he said, tugging at his coarse overgrowth. "Not my hair!!" Walter quickly ran his fingers through his dense waves of lovely mahogany as if to reassure himself that his pride and joy was still firmly in place. "I mean, it gets cropped at the same time....the waves are tamed, but not shaved off...."

"Well, ha, uh....yeah, I guess it would be a little too shocking is someone clippered all of that off. Forgive me if I'm being a little bold, Walter, but you have fantastic hair!" said Frank with a smile.

Walter blushed a bit and averted his eyes, which re-set off Frank's initial impression of Walter. Then he looked up and mopped back the heavy forelock away from his pools of blue. "Thank you. It's something I hear from time to time, but usually not from guys....that is, except my barber."

"You use a barber?" Frank said, a bit startled.

"Yep, just twice a year. Get the big beard shaved off and the waves whacked way back....end up with a huge mess on the cape and floor....and leave looking cleancut with a tidy professional look."

"I'm a barber....how about letting me perform the honors this year?" Frank asked, gently touching the lovely locks.

Walter did not recoil from the discrete touch, which affirmed Frank's hunch and emboldened him. He continued to press his proposal, "You buy the next round of beers and after the game, I'll open up my shop and we'll take care of your makeover."

"I'd like that," Walter whispered under his breath.

Frank smiled and briefly stroked the waves of chocolate brown hair before calling out, "Bartender -- another round of beers here!"

The game resumed, but with a fair amount of tension that had nothing to do with what was happening on the screen. Both Walter and Frank sat their biding time for the 1-0 match to come to an end. Out of the corner of his eye, Frank could see Walter periodically touching his beard or fondling his wavy mane. The game seemed interminable. Frank could not wait to fire up his clippers! Walter would have a big surprise, for sure, but Frank couldn't tell how his new friend would feel about it. Plus, he was inwardly torn between inflicting maximum damage for this enjoyment and having the event be a one off situation....or being more reserved and cultivating a longer-term relationship with Walter.

As the game ended, Frank took the lead. "Well, Mr. Shaggy Lumberjack, ready for the cape and clippers?" he chirped in an upbeat tone.

"The big chop always makes me a bit nervous," Walter admitted. "Sometimes I'd like to just let it keep growing....down to my waist even! Imagine how it would feel to have the whole lot scraped off! I mean, I love the light-headed feeling I get after I've been shorn, but it would be more intense if the makeover were more radical with more hair coming off."

"Well, there are two ways to accomplish that....either let it grow longer between haircuts, or....have the barber take it down tighter," suggested Frank.

Walter tensed up visibly. "Tighter?"

"Yes, 'tighter' is a barber's term for 'shorter'. Hell, I could take you down all the way! Come on, I'll show you what I mean...." offered Frank, eager to leave the bar.

"All the way?" Walter sputtered. He cast an eye in the mirror behind the bar. He'd often fantasized of an extreme makeover, but had never had the nerve to go through with it. Now, Frank was surely intent and shaving off the whole lot. Bald as a cuebal!! The thought sent a jolt of fear and excitement through him. "Yes, let's go," he replied nervously.

As the two men walked quickly through the dark streets, Walter began to fret. "You know, Frank, what will I say to my wife? I mean, she might get freaked out if I end up with a drastic haircut."

Frank was unmoved. "Do you tell her how to wear her hair?"

"No," admitted Walter.

"Then she should not get involved in your grooming," snapped Frank.

"But, she loves to run her fingers through my hair....the way you did back at the bar during half time....and if it's as nice as you say, why should it all be cut off?" Walter protested.

Frank stopped in his tracks and stared Walter squarely in the face. "I want to strip you clean, understand? Cueball! Got it?" Then after an awkward pause, he added, "And you want it too. I can just feel it!"

Walter hung his head, knowing what Frank intended, but afraid to go along with it. Clean?! The shortest he'd ever considered going was to stubble, but he'd never done it.... And now Frank was pressing for a total chromedome?!

Frank eased up the pressure, "Hey big guy, the hair will look awesome on the cape. And imagine your scalp lather shaved down to a shiny, smooth surface. Just skin and those two big blue eyes looking at me!"

Drew smiled nervously and ran his fingers through his hair. "Will you let me grow it back if I don't like the cueball?"

"Maybe," Frank said matter of fact.

"Then I'm not going through with it!" stammered Walter, suddenly defiant.

Frank quickly jerked him around and in the darkness delivered a strong smack to Walter's ass. The sound of the swat broke the silence and was quickly followed by Walter's yelp -- of surprise more than of pain. "If you keep giving me lip, it'll be the belt next time. Understand? There, my barbershop is right around the corner. We'll enter through the service door that opens to the alley. Now, snap to and let's get on with this!"

"Yes, Frank," murmured Walter, still stunned that Frank had just spanked him. He wasn't used to accepting that kind of treatment, but he strangely enjoyed the humiliation.

As the two walk, Walter thought to himself about the irony of being nearly twice the size of Frank with the ability to pound him to a pulp, yet meekly submitting to his demand to shave away his treasured hair. To be spanked and then clipped bald....Walter couldn't believe the way things were developing...and, to be lather-shaved...ah, that would be totally terrifying and awesome!

As Frank was unlocking the side door to the barbershop, Walter eyed the thick leather belt and remembered Frank's threat. Yes, he would make it happen!

"Frank, uh, I've changed my mind," stammered Walter in the door's threshold.

In a flash, Frank grabbed the beard and dragged him in. "You've done nothing of the kind!"

Walter "helplessly" went along and Frank forcefully leaned him over the arm of the large barber's chair. He could hear Frank struggling to get the belt unfastened. Drew waited patiently, bowed over the arm of the chair and helplessly prostrate. Then the leather hit him squarely on the butt. "Ouch!" Walter yelled.

"Quiet! Or I'll give you a reason to yelp!" snapped Frank.

The belt thundered against Walter's cowed body again, and he took the whipping silently. Three, four, five smacks pounded away the tightness of his non-compliant ass.

Just when he thought he could take no more, Walter was spared by Frank, who stopped the spanking and began to tenderly caress the lovely hair that had tumbled about during the thrashing. "Oh, this is all so lovely," Frank murmured as he stroked the unruly waves. "Thick, yet silken....wonderfully inviting like....a virgin head waiting to be deflowered. Up in the chair, now, Wally boy! If you're good, I'll give you a big sucker to lick when your head is smooth as a cueball!"

Walter watched nervously as Frank withdrew an immense white cape and shook it open. Then he looked at his prey quizzically, "Are you going to be cooperative, or do you think I might need to use these?" he asked, taking some short belts out from a small bottom drawer. "Better safe than sorry," Frank laughed, answering himself, as he fastened the belts tightly about Walter's wrists, so that the beefy, bearded client was firmly blocked from bolting at the last minute. "I don't think I need to fasten any belts around your torso or legs, do I?"

In his nervousness, all Walter could muster was to shake his head no. The cape was soon flung into place, and Walter looked like a normal, shaggy customer in a barber's chair.

Frank began a long session of brushing Walter's glorious mane of mahogany-colored waves. "To think, every morning you have the privilege of brushing your beautiful hair, Walter, and admiring it in the mirror," the barber murmured. Then, he ran his fingers through the dense hair and massaged Drew's scalp. "Like the way that feels, Wally boy?"

In his nervousness, Walter could just shake his head yes. He felt very uneasy that he'd been strapped into the chair.

"We'll, then, just wait till you feel these, vibrating tightly against your skin!" he said, reaching for a small set of clippers.

Instinctively, Walter tried to raise his hands to defend his hair, but he found them firmly bound at the wrist to the arm of the barber chair.

"No squirming," Frank snickered as he snapped on the machine. Then he grabbed Walter by the beard and yanked his head to look toward the ceiling. With the other hand he adroitly brought the clippers up the neck and along the bottom of the chin peeling off a huge wad of coarse hair that looked like a bird's nest as it came to rest in Walter's lad. "Say goodbye to your macho lumberjack look, Wally boy!" the barber said as he continued to clip away the massive beard.

The beard-ectomy was not that terrifying since Walter had gone through the procedure many time. Of course, his normal barber didn't man-handle him the way Frank did like yanking his head around by the beard. Oh, and the fact that his wrists were bound tightly to the chair..... Seeing himself without his huge, bushy beard was like seeing a different person. With his soft waves of big hair and pinkish skin, Walter almost looked effeminate without his beard.

As he stared at the detached beard spilled across his chest and lap in the mirror, Walter's heartbeat picked up as Frank began to slowly swivel the chair so that it face away from the mirror.

"We want the big hairless new you to be a big surprise, don't we Wally boy?!" Frank laughed, again plunging his hands into Walter's hair watching them totally disappear in the masses of billowing waves of silk. "If I had a trophy mane like this, I would NEVER let anyone shave it off!"

Walter looked at Frank's clipped pate -- a nice tight #2 butch. "What is your hair like, Frank?" he asked.

But the barber did not reply. Instead, he pumped up the chair quickly and then slowly reclined it so that Walter suddenly found himself in an almost horizontal position.

Frank could not keep his hands out of Walter's beautiful hair. "Are you really ready for this, Wally boy? Having all of this taken off with balding clippers and then lying still while I lather shave your head until it's totally smooth? It will really be such a shame when all this beautiful hair is on the floor....."

"I want it, but I'm afraid," replied Walter candidly.

"I'll start with the beard, then, " said Frank as he reached for the lather dispenser. Then he began working the warm foam into Walter's cheeks and chin. Slowly, he expertly shaved away the beard's stubble.

Walter began breathing deeply, lulled by the glorious feeling of a trained barber administering a professional shave. The procedure went on almost interminably long. Finally, it ended with the soothing comfort of warm, damp towels applied to the face followed by the sharp sting of witch hazel. Frank patted Walter's baby cheeks gently. "You look so sweet and innocent lying there, with your clean shaven face."

After finishing the facial cape, Frank returned the chair to its upright position and swiveled it around again to the mirror. Frank brushed Walter's beautiful hair into place. Then, surprisingly, he withdrew the cape!

Walter stammered, "What about my hair? Aren't you going to take the clippers to me?"

"And put an end to all this lovely hair?" The barber smoothed the waves into place and let his hands linger atop the silken locks. "See how nice this looks, hanging down past the base of your collar in back and falling past your blue eyes. No, I need to be at my prime to do this justice....and I'm feeling a little tired after all the excitement." Frank unbuckled the wrist fasteners and released the disbeliefing Walter from his bondage. "I want you to go home and think about this -- because once I scrape you down to the skin, once your beautiful waves have been tossed into that dustbin over there, none of this will ever be coming back....not even to stubble! In fact, I will scrape you smooth from the top of your head, down through your rugged beard, through the dense mat on your chest....well, all the way down to the tip of your toe. Each day!"

"Oh!" gasped Walter, jumping out of the chair. "How would I explain that to my wife?"

"There would be no need to...." said Frank, with a wink. "You know where I am," he continued, suddenly smacking Walter's ass with his hand so that the thwack rang out. "If you want to give your life a makeover, just come in through that door, any day at closing and announce that your want a head shave, accompanied by all the trimmings. I'll close up shop and give you a treat that will last a lifetime....."

Walter eyed his lovely hair in the mirror and suddenly bolted for the door. He ran as fast as he could into the night, shocked by what had almost happened to him. His long wavy hair flew in all directions as he found his car and drove to safety.

Yet, in the rearview mirror, he thought he spotted a shining chromedome -- tender pink skin surrounding his distinctive blue eyes. The vision would surely haunt him....for a long time! Would his physical freedom free him from the desire he supressed, to return and submit to Frank's razor? Walter could not stop thinking about it....

Chapter 2 - Hello, Head shave

Three weeks later, Walter still could not shake off his evening experience at Frank's Barber Shop. He had driven by the place several times, catching a glimpse of the barber doing his routine business. Once he had even stopped and considered entering. Walter was certain of one thing -- he wanted his long wavy hair whacked off, brutally short. He wanted the clippers applied to his plush mane. He even wanted the razor scraped across his virgin scalp. What he didn't want was to say goodbye to his beautiful hair forever, the way Frank had insisted.

"Honey, I think I'll be getting a haircut today," Walter said over breakfast.

"I was surprised that you shaved off your beard, but left your hair long," she replied. "That's not your normal pattern."

"Well, I just wanted to experiment with something different, but now I think the hair needs to follow the beard," Walter said, hoping to share with her his decision to get it all clipped off.

"You'll feel cooler with your hair tidied up again," she noted, missing the point.

"Well, I was actually thinking of going much shorter this time....you know how I said I was wanting to try something different....I mean really different," replied Walter, stroking the stubbled beard.

His wife looked up at him, "Oh, your wavy hair is so lovely. But, I suppose it'll grow back if you don't like it so very short," she said nonchalantly. Then she looked up again, "If you want a butch cut, perhaps I should ask Judy if we can borrow her clippers. She gives her husband and sons butch cuts every Saturday in the kitchen. Wouldn't that be fun?" She reached over and grasped Walter's wavy hair. "It might be fun clipping this down to stubble to match the length of your beard!"

Walter quickly back-pedaled. "Oh, I wasn't thinking about cutting it all off!" he blurted out, surprising himself at how convincing the lie sounded. "Actually, I was thinking about getting a flattop! Now that's a haircut only a trained barber is able to give, agreed?" Walter secretly congratulated himself at coming up with a reason he needed to visit a real barber.

"Yep, guess so. But isn't a flattop a little radical? I thought those went out in the 1950s?" continued his wife.

"I met this barber watching the World Cup while you were away who told me that flattops are the latest thing with men my age. He tried to talk me into one when he was shaving my beard. Actually, the other thing he suggested was a chromedome!"

"Oh, Walter! With your whole head lather shaved, bald?! Why would you?! Most men would kill to have your hair....and most women too!" his wife protested, gently.

"I don't know, it's just something I want to do, at least once in my life! Would you mind terribly?" Walter asked. "It gets kind of annoying hearing everyone say, 'oh you have such beautiful hair'...so much so that I feel like shaving it all off, just for once. It's hard to explain."

"Oh, Honey! I can't imagine you without your trademark wavy locks. What if you look like a freak?" she pouted.

"Then you'll console me and do everything you can to cheer me up; we'll get a good laugh...and pray that it grows back quickly," said Walter playfully.

"Hmmmmmm.....the lather shaved head is starting to appeal to me!" his wife laughed. "But that's something I could do myself. I'll borrow Judy's clippers, and then...."

Walter grimaced. Again, he needed to de-rail his wife's idea quickly! "But I haven't decided yet, for sure. I'm still leaning toward the flattop," he stammered nervously. "I'll only decide for sure once the cape is around my neck. Just thinking about going for a chromedome makes me woozy! I'll probably chicken out at the last minute and opt for the flattop."

"Oh, my, your waves...." his wife pouted.

"Tell you what, if I opt for the head shave at the barbershop, and we both like it, you'll be in charge of continued maintenance. I can't wait to have all this long, wavy hair shaved off tight!" Walter exclaimed as he got up from the breakfast table. "Well, I'm off to the barber...."

All the way to the barbershop, Walter felt like he was on pins and needles. He wanted a chromedome desperately. He wanted to submit to Frank's razor. But his chest hair, legs....and everything else below the belt...no! He could not! His plan was to convince Frank to change his directive. Certainly in broad daylight, while the shop was open, he couldn't bring out the wrist straps or take off his belt. Then there was the issue of the spanking! Walter thought back on how Frank had forceably leaned him over the arm of the chair and taken the belt to him. That was such an unexpected surprise -- enjoying the humiliation. And to think, he was on the verge of walking back into that shop, where the domineering Frank had man-handled him...grabbed him by his beard and pulled him in from the alley. Walter's heart beat wildly as the twirling red and white pole came into view....

Walter summoned up his courage and pushed the front door to the barbershop open. It felt very different walking in as a normal client. Nevertheless, Walter felt very on edge. Once inside, he was surprised to see two barbers working! The times he'd driven by, he'd only seen Frank cutting hair. The barbers looked up simultaneously, but only the unknown barber greeted Walter. Frank fixed a seering gaze on him, sending a chill through Walter. Frank was just finishing off his client, a handsome businessman, and there was no one in the waiting area. Walter knew he would be next.

Frank held up the mirror and the businessman studied the carefully groomed hair in back, left rather full and blocked. "I hope you don't mind, Frank, but I was hoping to get it cut a little shorter than normal today," the businessman explained. "I'll be on an extended travel and will have to miss one or two of my next bi-weekly trims."

"What do you say, then, that I taper it? A nice short taper in the back and around the ears....and take another half inch off the top? Or, if you want it a lot shorter, why not opt for an ivy league cut?" the barber suggested.

"Aren't I too old for an Ivy League, Frank. I mean, I'm not enrolled at Princeton, you know!" the man chuckled, as he reached out from under the cape and felt how long his hair was in back.

"Let's ask Walter here, what he thinks," the barber suggested. Frank's eyes smiled as he looked at Walter's wavy thatch and deep turquoise-blue eyes.

"I think the barber knows best!" Walter chirped. "And don't be afraid of a change. Actually, I'm here for a big change myself," Walter said. "All of this is going to be on the chopping block!" he said, running his fingers through his wavy tresses.

"That's just the nudge I needed. Change can be good," the businessman exclaimed. "Give me an ivy!"

"And I'm going to take you down extra tight!" Frank added, reaching for the pair of shears that were in his breast pocket. He quickly combed the rather longish bangs that the businessman wore swept back straight down so the that tips dangled in front of the client's eyes. "The first thing that goes is this," he said as he quickly snipped the fringe off almost to the hairline, unveiling virtually the whole forehead.

The businessman's eyes bulged open, "Oh, my! I guess there's no changing my mind now...."

"No, and you wouldn't want to either," Frank laughed, reaching for the clippers and firmly pressing the man's head forward so that his chin almost touched his chest. "You'll love the ivy once you get used to it."

Frank showed the fussy businesscut NO mercy. The first swipe with the huge set of Wahl clippers made Walter wince. Oh, that poor man! He was going to come out looking like a recruit!! It reminded Walter how forcefully Frank could be. Frank stripped the sides and back to just a bit longer than stubble and then began a clipper-over-comb session on top. Shorter and shorter his haircut became until in the end all that the man had left was a very small tuft that passed for "bangs".

"There, now....short enough for you?" Frank asked, holding the mirror up again, in a thinly veiled gloating tone.

The caped man gulped, "I'll say! Can't get much shorter, can it?"

"Walter? What do you say, can it get much shorter? Frank asked.

"It certainly can, but I think the ivy is perfect for him," Walter replied.

"Agreed," said Frank, uncaping the dazed businessman.

He looked at himself sheepishly in the mirror and mumbled, "How am I going to explain this to people?" Then he touched his shorn head and smiled weakly. "Feels great, I have to say. Since you cut it off ten times shorter than normal, do I have to pay you ten times as much?" he asked, chuckling. It seemed like Mr. Businessman was quickly getting used to his new look, and liking it!

"Nah, just pad the tip a bit!" laughed Frank. "Okay, Walter, in the chair! You're next!"

Walter took a seat and fidgeted anxiously. Last time he'd been in that very seat, his life had almost taken a drastic turn. He was glad the other barber was in the shop to provide some sense that things wouldn't spiral out of control.

Frank returned from the cash register and quickly caped Walter. He fastened the cloth incredibly tight around the neck and Walter struggled to breathe. He instantly knew it was a power play. Frank intended to exercise control....

The barber grabbed a comb and started yanking it through the wavy locks. Walter cringed in pain. Frank addressed his colleague, "What do you think of this hair, David? I don't believe Walter's ever been here on a Saturday when you're here."

"He's in desperate need of a haircut, that's what I think!" replied David.

"So you're in for a big change, Walter -- I mean that's what you told my last client if I'm not mistaken," Frank said, carefully playing with Walter's wavy locks out of David's line of sight.

Walter gripped the arms of the chair and gritted his teeth. "I'd like to try something really different. Just a one time thing to try it out. I want a total head shave -- lather and all!!" Walter felt euphoric, giving the instruction. He dreamed of feeling the razor and leaving the shop with nothing but fresh, virgin scalp exposed.

"Well, I'm sorry to inform you that we don't do total head shaves here," Frank said curtly. "Isn't that right David? Too many hygiene risks with the razor. I can clipper you bald. I can lather shave your beard, but not your head."

Walter stammered, "You don't do total head shaves? But, uh...."

"Look, Walter. Do you see head shaves on the price list above the cash register? No, you don't! That doesn't mean I can't give you a scalping and clear away this bothersome brush." The barber played for a bit with Walter's glimmering waves of mahogany. He plunged his fingers into the dense mane, "Don't I remember you telling Mr. Sanders that the barber knows best?" He reached for the clippers with the #3 attachment. "If you thought Mr. Sander's ivy was short....just wait till you discover what a radical high 'n tight I can carve out of this overgrown thatch!"

Walter's heart beat wildly, as his beautiful hair began to succumb to Frank's clippers. The barber took the set of screaming Wahl clippers up in front of Walter's turquoise-blue eyes and began firmly, steadily pushing the naked metal teeth through the plush locks. At first, the shorn hair remained largely in place, held atop his head through a web of intertwined waves. But, after the clippers cleared the cowlick, torrents and sheaves of the mahogany waves starting falling to the cape and floor at a furious rate. The first shaved swath gave Walter a comical skunk look with a whitish-pink stripe in the midst of deep brown. Frank picked up the tempo, as his clippers cleared away Walter's waves.

Walter stared down and watched the piles of shorn hair mount in his lap. His lap stirred with excitement at the long-await divestiture. His beautiful hair, heading to the trashbin. He felt euphoric....free! Oh how he wished Frank would lather shave his whole head! Perhaps he was ready to submit to Frank's non-negotiable terms.... Walter surprised himself that he was toying with the impossible idea!

Once Frank had clipped all the wavy hair off to a close pelt, the barber swiveled the chair around so that Walter could see himself shorn. "Oh! that butch looks perfect! Maybe I should keep it like this!" Walter said, as he studied the uniform length of the head and beard stubble.

"Oh, no, you're going much shorter than this!" Frank snapped. He was back in a flash with the balding clippers, peeling away the fuzz very high and very tight on the sides and back. It was so short, all that Walter could see was skin. Then Frank worked at crafting the skimpiest high 'n tight he could manage. Only a trace of hair and large swaths of exposed, pinkish-white scalp remained.

During the divestiture, Walter had been so busy watching his wild waves fall, he didn't noticed that David had finished off his client and taken off his barber's tunic.

Frank swiveled the chair away from the mirror and laid it down all the way, "Ready for your shave, Walter?" Frank pumped the chair up, and Walter felt like he was almost reclining in a type of hospital bed.

Then came the bomb shell!

"Well, I'm off now," said David. "The blinds are already down. Do you want me to turn the sign to closed as I leave?"

"Please," said Frank, who flashed a villainous smile as he stared down at his startled prey. The front door clicked shut

"Closed?!?!" exclaimed Walter.

"We only work half days on Saturday....." the barber said with a gleam in his eye. "Now that David is gone, you'll be getting what you came here for -- your head shave and a whole lot more!!"

"No! I didn't realize the shop closed early on Saturdays!" Walter protested as he tried to physically climb out of the chair.

Frank subdued him easily and quickly strapped on the wrist belts. "Please, Frank, I don't want the whole works," Walter pleaded.

Frank went about his business totally disregarding Walter's plea. As warm, moist towels conditioned Walter's scalp and face, Frank began playing with Walter's thick pelt of chest hair. "This is going to be rough on my razors. I wish I could have this waxed. Imagine yanking this out like you're the 40-year old virgin!"

Walter was almost numb with fear. He writhed to free himself, to no avail.

Then the towels came off and Frank worked the lather into the scalp and face. "I was beginning to give up on you, Wally boy. I thought for sure you'd be back for some spankings, if not the whole works! After two weeks passed, I started losing hope. But here you are now!" The barber began shaving Walter's head. The feel of the razor obliterating the high 'n tight felt sublime, even though he was scared s**tless. Walter fully cooperated with his head and beard shave and relished the feel of the warm water rinsing away the lather as his head remained cocked in the notch of the special sink built into the barber's counter.

"You look adorable. Everything is pink -- you head, face, lips -- everything, except your baby blue eyes!" cooed Frank. "Let me show you!"

Walter was not prepared for the shock! He was unrecognizable. His head looked like a big pink gumdrop with two pools of blue in the middle. "Frank! Look what you've done to me. I look....ridiculous!"

"Now, are you going to cooperate as I tackle the pelt on your chest?" the barber snapped.

"Please let me out," Walter begged.

"And I imagine your legs are covered more densely than virgin forests! But, I have my ways -- it'll all be baby smooth and hairless by the time you leave here!"

"No!" stammered Walter defiantly.

"You're just doing this so that I have a reason to take my belt to your prissy ass, aren't you?" laughed the barber as he stroked the silken smooth head.

Chapter 3 -- Walter salvages his pelt

Just then the barbershop door swung open. A police officer popped his head in, "Excuse me Frank, I know you have the closed sign up, but I'd wanted to ask you a favor as a long, loyal client who makes sure your shop isn't broken into every night." The officer step in.

Frank was very nervous, not knowing what Walter might do during this unexpected interruption. He should have locked the door!

"Of course, Lt. Perry. How can I help you?" the very nervous barber asked.

"Someone urgently needs a haircut. Come on in here, son!" the officer called out the front door.

During this moment of distraction, Frank surreptitiously unbuckled one of the wrist belts he'd fastened on Walter as he moved his hand under the cape expertly. Once the one hand was unfastened, Walter quickly unfastened the other.

A lad with heavy, shoulder-length hair shuffled in reluctantly. "This young man was caught last night trying to break the lock on your side door. When I apprehended him, he explained that he was very anxious to have his hair cut, that he couldn't stand it another minute. When I saw how long and heavy his hair was, I understand the reason instantly why he was trying to get into your shop. I promised him, I'd bring him back here today once he'd been released and personally pay for the haircut of my choice. So, Frank, if you could keep your shop open just a few minutes longer and attend to Trevor, I'd really appreciate that. I see the man in your chair is finished. Why there's nothing left to cut!" The officer walked over to Frank and whistled in admiration at the chrome dome. "This looks exactly the kind of haircut I think Trevor had on his mind last night when he tried to break into your shop!"

Frank quickly withdrew the cape from Walter's neck. "I was just finishing up here. Of course, I'd be glad to give Trevor the very same haircut! Have a seat here lad."

Walter's heart soared. He was free again. He looked at his chromedome....and then the piles of wavy hair on the floor. No telling what his wife would think! "So what do you this haircut, officer? Do you think the shaved head suits me?" Walter asked as he carefully rubbed the naked scalp.

"It's rather bold!" the officer said, side-stepping a direct opinion. "Practical, but manly. You know, Frank, I'd like to see you give one of these to my deputy. I'm tired of the way he preens over that deep pile flattop of his," the policeman said as he motioned for Trevor to take a seat in the barber's chair.

"Maybe the clippers can accidentally slip next time I have him in the chair!" Frank laughed. "He is quite vain and pompous about his hair -- especially for a policeman!"

Walter seized the moment, even though he desperately wanted to stay and watch Trevor's divestiture. "I left the money on the cash register, Frank," Walter said as he slipped by toward the front door.

"Come back soon, Walter, so we can finish our business. And remember, we close at noon on Saturdays," Frank called out as he watched his prey slip through his fingers.

Once in the car, Walter could not keep his hand off his naked head or stop staring at the chromedome in the mirror. His heart was still beating strongly about going through with the head shave and the near catastrophe (for the second time!) with Frank. One day his luck would run out..... Or, perhaps it already had. By the time he arrived home, Walter was in deep regret over the head shave. The pink skin looked horrible....and his head had the shape of a gum drop.

His wife's reaction pushed him over the edge. "Walter! You look HIDEOUS! Of my goodness, you look like some maniac, some deranged psychopath. Your beautiful hair....why did you shave it all off?"

"Well, uh, I was curious...." he said lamely.

"And curiosity kill the cat, as well as your beautiful hair. Go look at yourself in the mirror!" his wife shrieked.

Walter rushed up to his room and look at this denuded head in the mirror. The pit feeling in his stomach intensified as he climbed the stairs. Once he was in his bathroom in the full light, revealing the full extent of the change, Walter felt confused. In a way, he felt proud of himself for having the guts to put an end to the wavy mass. Then he saw the thick pelt popping up through the unbuttoned collar. Frank hadn't harvested his furry chest or points south! Walter quickly unbuttoned his shirt. The furry chest was a comfort to him -- it had such a lovely sheen to it, just like his hair. Yet, as he stared in the mirror, an alternate idea creep into his thinking. Perhaps....just perhaps....the pelt should be scraped off too!

Taking a second glance at himself in the mirror, Walter became more convinced that the chromedome wasn't so bad after all. Maybe it was just the shock of the makeover. And he loved the feel of his hand on the soft skin. His mind drifted back to Frank scraping the razor across his head as he lay strapped in the chair. Frank knew how to handle him....and the thought of the belt on his ass made Walter remember his barbershop experiences even more fondly.

He made up his mind -- the chromedome was a keeper! His wife would have to deal with the loss of his soft, girlish waves on her own! Even though his head was freshly shaved, Walter opened up the hot tap and warmed up a wash cloth. Then he rubbed shaving cream all over his head and razored everything off once again, for an ultra-close shave.

Walter brushed the pelt on his chest. Frank! Yes, he needed Frank to take it off as well. But nothing below the belt....how would he manage to get just a little more service out of Frank without being taken all the way to clean.

Walter ran downstairs with a bound and informed his wife, "I like the shaved head. It's a keeper!"

"Oh, Walter," she moaned. "I loved running my fingers through your hair."

"Here, stroke this soft skin," he offered, leaning his head over.

She touched in and giggled lightly. "Oh, you were so brave....."

Walter drove as quickly as he could back to the barbershop. Perhaps Trevor's makeover still had Frank engaged. As he drove up, he saw the bald lad walking out of the shop, gently touching his naked scalp, as if he were in shell shock. The officer followed, grinning from ear to ear. Frank could be seen inside.

Walter quickly parked and went to the front door. It was locked and the blinds were down. He thought of knocking, but then had a better idea. The side door was open and Walter burst through it, surprising Frank who was just sweeping up a huge mass of hair -- his and Trevor's.

"Walter!" Frank exclaimed. "You scared me! Are you back for me to finish the job?!"

In a flash, Walter grabbed the wrist belts that had been used on him and overpowered the surprised barber. With his size and brawn, Walter had no problem wrestling Frank to the floor and pinning him helpless, ass up. "No, I'm here to share the joy of being a chromedome with you!"

Frank's face was only inches away from the huge mound of shorn hair that he'd swept up. "Walter, please!" Frank begged. But, he was helpless.

"You unleashed a hidden strength, Frank," Walter laughed as he strapped one belt around Frank's ankles and one around his wrists. Then he removed his own thick belt from his waist. "I'm going to teach you to take instructions, Frank!"

Walter stared momentarily at the lovely locks of his shorn, wavy hair that comprised half the pile. He was thrilled to be a chromedome, but felt a small pang of remorse....it was such amazing hair, and he'd received so many compliments on it his whole life.

He looked at the frightened, subdued barber. He would strip him clean from head to foot!

THWACK! The loud snap of the belt on Frank's ass rang out in the shop. Then again and again. Spanked, then shaved....barber Frank would learn to accept and look forward to his Saturday post-closing routine.

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