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Adam by burrlypup

After a long Monday, I came home and in my exhausted state, fell right to sleep. Around 4am I awoke with a dry throat, the room was very stuffy and hot being mid-August.. No AC in this studio. I opened the window by my bed and my blurred vision caught a vision of a silhouette, wiping the sleep from my eyes, through a parallel window another college student who I easily recognized. His name was Adam and we had taken many of the same classes, so I texted him "Look out your window."

Adam waved to me and then sent me a text.

"Hey neighbor :) Up early! I'm about to go for a run, wanna come?” I replied yes and 5 minutes later my chest was burning and I was covered in sweat as we ran around campus twice. 5 miles later, we collapsed on a park bench and took in the sunrise.

Once I caught my breath, I felt Adam fondling my neck and dark brown waves covering it.

"Getting shaggy there, bud.” Adam told me. I look up to him because he's like a big brother: very athletic and masculine. And very easy on the eyes.

"Yeah, I'll be hitting up SuperCuts this weekend.”

"Save your twenty five bucks and come over tonight, I'll buzz you down nice and tight. Just like me.” Adam said confidently, placing a firm arm around my shoulder, his grip very strong as if to convince me with his alpha male persuasiveness. I had just read about how strong, handsome men tend to have greater influence solely based on their looks and confidence.

"Just like yours?” I asked, glancing up at his barely there flattop.

"I can take you shorter, shave the back and sides and landing strip.”

"Landing strip?” I asked, confused. Adam leaned forward to give me an aerial view - the top of his had a line buzzed down the middle and connected over the crown to the buzzed back and sides. It took balls to wear something so macho. He pulled my hand up and let me rub the ‘landing strip' and it felt so amazing. I wanted the same cut, even as the idea of losing my shoulder length hair terrified me.

"Looks like my 7am class is cancelled, why don't we get you cleaned up now?” Adam suggested, after checking his phone. My thoughts raced, but in the end, I found myself caped up in the apartment 15 feet across the window from mine.

Under the cape I had ditched my running shorts, and Adam smiled as he proclaimed my new nickname "Commando.” Adam then began cutting off the length of my hair with scissors, going around my head until it was a uniform half inch all over. The clippers felt so good running up the sides of my head, I lost track of the time or how much hair was now on the floor. I was aroused, and to my surprise, so was Adam. He wasn't shy about it, playfully rubbing against my shoulder.

I shuddered as the clippers ran up my crown, seemingly all the way to the front of my head down the middle.”

"You're not shaving me bald, are you?” I gasped. A flattop would be manly. A baldie?! Most of the dudes on campus who shaved their heads looked sickly with their tanned faces and pasty white scalps.

"Don't worry, bro. Just like mine.” Adam comforted me as he slowly and edged the bare clippers over my crown several times. I could feel a few tufts of hair on top with about half an inch in front. Adam began placing something wet and warm on the back and sides of my head high up, and even dabbed some over the top of my head. He took a stroke with his Gillette Fusion razor from my nape and pulled it over the ‘landingstrip', stopping short of my forehead. A jolt of energy rushed through my body. I was a bit confused, how could I be straight, yet be enjoying such an intimate and arousing haircut? Was I misinterpreting Adams' friendliness for romantic interest?

Adam continued to shave the back and sides of my head, slowly, as he seemed to really enjoy the process. He wiped my head off with a towel and then two fists covered in aftershave stung my bare head, burning so intensely, but then turning cool in a burst of relief.

"You really thought I was going to shave you bald?” Adam asked playfully. I nodded yes.

"Been toying around with the idea, actually.” Adam handed me a smaller pair of clippers and took the seat I was just in, then asked "take off my flat.”

I clicked on the clippers and started on the back and sides, hoping he would change his mind. Then the moment of no return, I placed the clippers, which cut down to a barely visible stubble, at his hairline and pushed them through his erect butch, all the way through the fuzzy landing strip. Then I took another stroke, removing his left bevel, then the right. A few more strokes completely removed his former flattop, sending his blond tufts to mix in with my dark brown piles of 15 inch locks. I watched as Adam stood up and rubbed his head, smiling at me. We were both red in the face and taking advantage of our highly aroused state, Adam pulled me into the shower with him. I rubbed his stubbly head and he rubbed my smooth sides and crisp stubbly deck. Our 'straightness' was hanging by a thread.

After letting the hot stream soak his buzzed head, Adam rubbed a fistful of lather onto his scalp, grabbed his razor, and shaved his head smooth as I watched. He smiled at me, biting his lower lip. When all the shaving lather was removed, Adam ducked beneath the water to rinse his head. I pulled him to me and gave his head a long rub. He looked hot bald. I couldn't imagine him any other way now, his shiny smooth head just fit his personality perfectly.

"Yeah, that's different.” Adam said, examining his head, rubbing it while stroking his blond goatee.

"I like the new you, let's do this more often.” I reassured him, rubbing his tender, pink scalp. Then realized 90% of my head was just as smooth and pink, only much whiter in a stark contrast to my face.

Adam pulled me to him and we kissed. Then looked at each other, first with confusion as to where things would go. Then he pulled me onto his bed and stroked my flattop as I rested my head on his chest. After a few hours of cuddling, I left for an exam around noon and Adam to his personal training part time gig. After my class, I went straight home and pondered the reality of what had happened earlier. I wondered if it were a one time thing, or if Adam wanted more.

I gazed into my mirror and in that moment, I was sure I wanted more.

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